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Cloth Labels India – What Do They Mean?


Meaning And Real Purpose

The Cloth Labels India ensures that the cloth piece fulfills all the Indian standards and even the standards of other countries. The labels are a shiny satin label that is durable and flexible. You will get labels that are of nylon, cotton, and polyester.

One will find the label in different shapes, sizes, but the size of the Cloth labels India depends on the final product sizes. The company or the brand must make the label viewable for the customers. It includes fabric maintenance and care.

Sometimes due to an external package, one cannot see the external packaging. Hence, one should add the external instructions on the outer packaging for the customer’s best knowledge of care instructions.


The Cloth Labels India must remain in the cloth for the entire shelf life of the fabric. It should not fade or wash away. The following are the purposes of the cloth labels:

  • It shows how you can maintain the product.
  • It even shows how one needs to maintain fabric, i.e., imported.
    The instruction of maintenance applies to the overall piece.
  • Cloth Labels India also mentions the temperature of the cleaning water.
  • It also says whether you can do machine cleaning or not.

For example- if a piece of cloth needs cold water or a bit that you could not wash in the washing machine, then the brand should mention that the fabric needs only dry cleaning. The person who is experienced in fabric maintenance should do fabric maintenance. But, if someone does not have the experience, then the person must wash the fabric on their own and understands which cleaning is method is perfect.

An owner and manufacturer of a clothing brand must take the Cloth labels India seriously. It is something that a manufacturer must remain transparent. It says about the loyalty of the brand towards the targeted customers.

The customers have the full right to know the details of the cloth piece so that they can make the right choice in the piece. Cloth labels India also increases the value of the product. The more the brand provides information, the more the customers will have trust in the brand.

Choose The Right Fabric For Clothing

You need to decide where you want to place the label. For outside choice, the label should be durable. If the label touches the skin, like, for example, children items, then go for certified material for fabric. Decide the best design for the name. The instruction should be clear and prominent.

The style of Cloth Labels India depends on the choice that you want to give to your customers. Soft fabric with cotton feel or satin feel is the best choice.

If the label needs to cut off from the cloth piece, then you should use taffeta fabric, which is lower in price yet provide great visualization. For a brand where the label is just for general work, then plain white or black polyester is the best choice. If you want text on both sides of the tags, then choose the transparent fabric.

What Is The Woven Label?

Woven labels are manufactured from the loom. The words and logo spun in the material piece. It is different from the printed labels because, in print level, the names and logo are printed on the top.

Source: http://craftyblossom.blogspot.com/2011/02/fabric-labels-tutorial.html

Types Of Cloth Labels

Care Labels

In this label, you will get information and instruction of ironing and washing. The instructions are in the form of icons where you will get the specification of treatment in relation to the product. It also includes the origin of the country and the content of fiber.

Source: https://www.etsy.com/listing/45463702/100-custom-care-label-black-printed-on

Brand Labels

In this level, you will see the brand’s name. It gives the customers a sense of confidence in wearing the brand. Hence, the quality should remain great both for the garment and labels. Therefore, the choice of design and material should be on par.

Source: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Custom-brand-clothing-labels-private-logo-woven-labels-and-tags-1000pcs-lot/200897_32417834840.html

Mixed Data Label

There are some brands that prefer to combine the label where there are different data. In the combined label, you will get information about the care and size of the product.

Size Label

In this type of label, the customer will get the details of the measurement. The most common area for this label is the backside on the garment’s top. One needs to choose the label in such a manner that it can last for a long time.


Flag Labels

It depends on the decision of the designer. This type of label is seen mostly on the outside of the cloth piece. Flag Cloth Labels India creates a unique style for the outfit.

Where To Order?

There are many online stores where you can place the order of Cloth labels in India in bulk. When you place the order to 3rd party providers, then you can save time and place the order in bulk at the best price.
You will get the labels in a ready-made stitch form. The tags are available in a smooth texture, and the edges are super soft. Hence, the customer will not cut off the tag in fear of any itchiness. The color of the label does not wash off. You can place the order of size, care, and brand labels.

Online stores make your work easy and fast. You can check the samples, then choose your favorite one, customize your requirement of the Cloth Labels India and then make the final payment.

Contents On The Label

You should provide the fabric percentage information. All the data must be there for customer transparency. Washing and cleaning instruction is mandatory. It helps the customers know how to take care of the fabric while washing and cleaning. You must mention the details with care icons. It is the primary purpose of the Cloth labels in India.

It is not just a label, but it has many things underneath that it a perfect cloth label. It is a symbol of a brand. It even comes in various cuts and styles like diagonal, trapezoid, end folds, fuse, miter fold, die-cut, central fold, and straight cut.


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