“Clothes: Branded or Unbranded.”

“Clothes: Branded or Unbranded.” 1


As without words, language doesn’t exist

Without clothes life doesn’t too.

Unfortunately, I am wondering wrong, in the real world, in various places, it does. Yes, In fact, we commonly see people roaming on roads barefoot, naked in search of ‘Roti’, ‘Kapda’, and ‘Makaan’. Keeping in the mind the pictures of these people, how can one forget that clothes are very essential part of everyone’s life?

Brand! Does it really matter? Indeed it does.

A friend of mine once expressed his wish of buying ‘Branded’ clothes to me, to which I asked him to explain me the reason for desiring that. “Branded clothes increase your standard in the society”– He answered. That was disgusting to me as I don’t believe in the philosophy of becoming more standardized just because of the “’TAG” of extravagance. His answer added a thought in my consciousness which, up to some extent, altered my perception of looking at people and I later I dived into profound astonishment when I discovered that “Yes” it’s a fact that “NAME” matters.

A brand, even if it is not beautiful, makes you look adorable. In my opinion, it is like putting a fake mask on face. Your clothes construct your image in the mind of others. And, of course, the better the brand is, the better you influence people. It corrupts one’s mentality in such a fashion that before questioning anything that can also be asked about clothes, or before appreciating the colour, print, style of the clothes s/he asks for the brand as if that is the ground to judge person’s character. It’d be really good if we start to love people and not their objects.

As we all know that the world is full of competitions. Competitions in academics, career, etcetera. I feel that brand is, in one way or the other, introducing another competition of being branded. Folks leave no stone unturned to grab the best brand. No doubt that teenagers and college Students are mostly attracted by their alluring advertisements, exaggerated and renowned popularity these brands have earned. Boys and girls wish to show themselves superior to each other in many things, clothing is one among those. A person’s clothes should be branded and fashionable, that’s the only thing which makes him so called “MAN”.

Being in the world as like everyone I am also surrounded by “Tags” or say human bodies having a big brand name pasted on them from toe to head. A person can also be multi-branded. For instance, when a person fits himself or herself into different outfits of different brands, and there is no doubt that that make him or her feel at the top of the world.

At some points I feel that this makes some people marginalized. People who are not able to afford the shirt of 2000 bucks can’t stand among people, which belong to ‘Branded’ class. As if, for some people, those who don’t wear branded clothes are not members of society at all.

I remember an incident which I once noticed that one boy was sitting on the first bench, he was wearing a white color T-shirt and on his T-shirt “Honey -Boy” along with his local brand name was printed. A girl  wearing branded outfit was sitting on a bench after his. The girl pointed to her friend what was written on the back of his T-shirt and began to laugh.


I really don’t have any problem with people wearing branded clothes, but I really hate when the discrimination in perceptions occurs. Persons with a brand tag are considered to be standardized while one with no name or not a brand name on his /her outfit considered to be of lower class, poor, illiterate, uncivilized, etc.


Is this civilization or literacy? – I thought.


When the point of clothing and brand comes to my mind, I think of those who can’t keep themselves away from being stripped. I don’t say to boycott Brand but just to stop showing off and judging other people for their clothes. It’s completely fine when someone wears branded and expensive clothes, but the way of looking should be changed. A person in local clothes should be considered to be equal to the one who is living the life in opulence.

Think once before you show

Yourself to be superior.

Does really your heart glow

By making others inferior?



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