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16 Ways to Ace Your Coffee Date!

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Want to have the perfect coffee date? Is this your first date? Are you nervous?

A lot can happen over coffee! Imagine the best date of your life, I’m sure you won’t be able to leave out the bittersweet mug of absolute love with your bae. But are you ready to rock your best coffee date? Don’t worry, a good cup of coffee and a look over these tips and tricks will make you prepared.


For a date to be memorable, the atmosphere should be apt. In short, the place you choose must serve positive vibes. Always discuss with your partner before finalizing the place and time. It would be preferable if it offers privacy. Choose a corner table for a warm, cozy quality time. After all, who would like to get disturbed while being with their special ones?

Make sure the place you choose has good servings. Bad coffee can ruin the whole mood. It would be nice if the location has good lighting. Lights do make an impact. The music should be soft and soothing. A good café/restaurant is hence a must!


Never be late on your date. It is going to ruin your entire impression if you keep your partner waiting. Always leave your house fifteen minutes before to reach on time even if there is traffic. But that doesn’t mean to be on the location hours before. Your punctuality will show your sincerity. If you will be late due to some reason, make sure to inform your partner beforehand and reschedule your date. Since it’s a coffee date, time matters.


Deck up yourself for your special date. Enjoy a good pamper routine the day before. Let that natural glow be on your skin. Relax and give yourself a beauty sleep. Avoid eating smelly foods like onions or garlic in your previous meal. If so then always keep a mouth freshener or mint handy. It can be embarrassing to have bad breath.

It is preferable not to wear very loud clothes. Wear decent clothes and shoes. Also, it is very important to smell well. Wear good perfume and carry a body mist with you. Having clean and groomed nails are better. Do your hair well.

Don’t wear too much makeup. Like a little touch up is great just for a glow. Spend time with yourself first. Go with a calm and happy mood. Moreover, for your coffee date try not to exhaust yourself a lot. Even if you are tired, good strong coffee will rejuvenate you especially when you are with your special one.

Here are some do’s and dont’s for a date. Click here.


Leaving good impressions is important in any relationship. For that gifts or flowers aren’t important. Simple gestures like a refreshing smile, good greetings, gentle behavior are enough. When you go out on your coffee date, make sure to cherish your partner. Give them compliments.

Appreciate their presence, value their time. Let your partner know that they are important to you. Try to make the other person feel loved and trusted. Such little things fetch bonus points. A good remark boosts up one’s confidence. So, remember to be warm-hearted and welcoming.


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A coffee date is one of those few occasions that can make one nervous regarding what to talk about. A person’s responses can often show their true selves. So, a meaningful conversation is essential. To begin with, you may talk about how you met or if there was some common friend that set you up. You may also begin by saying the obvious things like good things about your date location or simply ask about how the other person got there. Remember to give genuine answers.

Don’t be very self-centered. Talk about movies, music, and all good things. It would be better if you skip talking about world affairs. I mean, who likes to discuss politics on a coffee date? Also, try knowing your partner’s likes and dislikes.

Try not to talk about work or studies. Talk about pets, hobbies, childhood, and other cute things. Don’t get extremely philosophical though. Nobody feels like answering an interview for a journalist on a coffee date. So, be authentic and calm.


What is the most important trait for a relationship to be long-lasting? Yes, trust. The building block of any bond is trust. With your special one, you need that the most. When you are out on a coffee date, it is one of the most precious times, try to build trust with one another. Give that alliance a chance with your whole heart.

Believe in your partner. Strengthen your connection, keep the faith. If not you then who will be confident about your bond? Use your special date to gather trust.


16 Ways to Ace Your Coffee Date! 2

One of the main reasons for fights among couples is due to their phones. Remember to never use your phone for your purpose on your coffee date. Postpone your work for later and just focus on the present. Cherish what is in front of you. Using your phone while being with your partner shows that the conversation you are having isn’t important. To avoid such negative impressions, put your phone away and on silent. No one would like to see their partner phubbing (phone + snubbing). Put all your attention to your bae.


The way you present yourself is as important as good manners.  Body language is important in all forms of communication. Body language involves facial expressions, way of sitting and posture, hand movements, etc. It delivers your non-verbal signs and your intentions for actions speak louder than words(literally).

Therefore, pay attention to your body language like nodding when you agree or believe, it also displays that you are attentive as well. Even if you are exhausted, keep your body language intact. To make your coffee date worth remembering, put your best into it.


In any relationship, a person would want their own space. To ensure that, your coffee date would be an apt time. Whenever you are having a conversation, make sure it is comfortable. Even if a point comes where your partner is insecure, do not compel them. Ensure them a sense of comfort and embrace their silence. Silence often has deep meanings. Try to comprehend the situation.

Respect one’s boundaries and not try to force yourself on another. It is a good virtue to be humble. If it is your first coffee date, try to make sure your special one feels safe and secure around you. It is not advisable to jump into things very soon. Watch your actions and be patient, for good things take time.


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Eyes speak the unspoken. Whenever saying something important, make eye contact. When you do so, it indicates that you are paying full attention to that person. It also shows that confidence. Always listen to your partner with warm eyes. Intense eye contact can be very meaningful. It may showcase your feelings of love. Make sure to not have flirty eyes rather have an honest stare. Your sincerity will be displayed by the gaze you give. After all, eyes are the windows for the soul.


When you are trying to move on to something good, never try to dig up the past. No one will appreciate talking about dark past experiences. It is rather advisable to be an optimist and show positivity towards a good future for you won’t want an ominous sign to foreshadow your relationship.

Talking about one’s past may not be an appropriate topic for a coffee date.  It may kill the whole mood. Also, there might be certain things that a person might not want to share or is struggling with. So better to respect one’s past and head towards a better future. for something that can’t be changed, it does not make sense to hamper the present.


If you show good manners everywhere you go, then you are likely to encourage others to behave properly as well. Good manners put a good impression on others. On a coffee date, show etiquette like waiting for a while, not getting impatient if you reach early or if your partner is late; asking for orders and being polite. Don’t be too judgmental and be open-minded. Keep your thoughts clear.

Also, don’t forget to greet properly. Stand up while greeting your date, a warm hello with a refreshing smile, or a short hug would do. Don’t touch your hair or keep checking yourself out on your date. And remember, coffee is an excuse for you and your partner to meet up. So, make the best use out of it.


Good manners also include being a good listener. Hear out your partner well. Try to understand the depth of one’s words. Don’t ever mock. React properly to whatever is said or asked. When you hear one completely, it shows that they are important to you and you are paying attention to what they are saying. Show that by nodding (intending approval or belief). When hearing, make the speaker feel valued, don’t look around.

Also, try not to interrupt the other person while saying. Your entire focus should lie upon your special one’s words. It not only gives the sign that you are interested but also shows that you care!


An assuring smile can cure many worries. Smile is the most charming aspect of one’s face. It not only shows positivity but also interest. So, smile more often on your coffee date. Smiling also releases stress and anxiety. So, if you are nervous about your special date, then just keep a smile on your face no matter what. Soon, you will be able to face everything with confidence. Also, it is so much more attractive when you smile.


Confidence is believing in yourself. It not only applies to life beyond your workplace but also your date. A confident person is much more charming. No one would like a person who appears to be unsure of themselves. Being confident helps you to make instant connections. For that, keep a positive attitude, live in the present, don’t be self-doubtful. So, trust your choice and have faith in your decision. Moreover, enjoy your date with an affirmative outlook.


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Whether your date goes well or not, it is basic manners to give a nice goodbye. See off your partner well. Ensure that they go back safely. You can either call a cab or ask to drop off (if suitable). It shows your concern and care.

Whether you take the relationship ahead or not, you should always make sure to send your partner home safely. As of goodbyes, a formal goodbye or a short hug would do. And, it may sound sophisticated but try to split the bill. If your coffee date is a success, then ask out for more meetings, maybe for a movie or a concert.

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For your coffee date, the aforementioned tips are sure to come handy. Yet, the most important trait for a good relationship is to know why you are dating. Mutual respect and loyalty should be the key qualities. Hence, believe in your special one if you want to be treated the same way.

It’s a small world, so be good to everyone you meet. Even if it doesn’t go well then you never know when and where your paths may cross again. Be kind and humble. Moreover, don’t be disheartened and wait for another opportunity as good things take time. Quality time over a romantic coffee date should be productive. Yet, whatever you feel about the date, make sure to let the other person know. If it’s a hit then get ready for all that adrenaline rush and if it’s a miss then smile and move on.

Grab a mug of coffee and cherish all that comes along. You never know when you would fall in love until then love life and love coffee!

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