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Come Back To Me

By Artur Szczybylo/ Shutterstock

Life is a continuous struggle. Everyone shares their feelings with someone or the other. When a loved one leaves you, you feel like you have lost everything. You want that person back in your life in any way possible.

You reminisce about the good old days, which no one can ever replace. But somehow, you have to manage without them.

This is a poem about the feelings of a person with a broken heart. It describes how a broken man misses the person he lost.

By Artur Szczybylo/ Shutterstock

Yet another day without you,
Yet another evening without you, 
The days when you were with me,
 I felt like a bird who used to flee,
  The beautiful water of the river,
  Do you remember once you had a fever?
 We went to the riverside, 
Together we had a sweet fight,

When the cool breeze blew your hair,

My heart almost skipped a beat, I swear,
When you flick your hairs on the back of the ear,
I feel its merry time throughout the year,

By Alex Yakimov/ Shutterstock

When I touched your palm for the first time,
It was like touching the rosebud for the last time,
  When the reflection of the moon fell on your face,
I stitched you in my heart’s place,
 Like the cool moonlight,
 We will enjoy the limelight,
  With you, everything seems all clear,
without you every time I fear,
The time we spent together is never gonna come back,
The time we fell in love will never come back,

I am sorry for my wrong deeds,
  Let us begin a new life with a new seed,
I am nothing without you, and I am everything with you,

Oh, queen of my heart,
  Please come to my life,
  Without you, I hardly smile,
Together we will live, we will die,



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