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10 Common Mistakes in Python Programming 


Programming is a popular field which many people are interested in, and a lot of students choose this specialty. When you start your path in programming, you will have many obstacles on your way, including numerous mistakes and errors. It might not be very unpleasant to make a mistake, but it is not as awful as it feels. 

If you want to become a professional programmer and avoid common mistakes, in this article you can find a list of the most popular errors among beginners and more advanced programmers. 

10 mistakes most programmers make 

These are some of the most typical errors that are popular among programmers. Read them to become a better Python programmer: 

  1. Typos. We all know this one. Even the best professional is capable of making this mistake, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. All you have to do is just watch closely and review your code after you are done writing a program. If your program does not work, the reason might be hidden in a typo. 
  2. Naming a variable with a number. Any variable should start with the letter or uppercase, otherwise, your code will not work. Any special character or numbers should not go in the beginning of the variable’s name. 
  3. Not asking for help. There are many great programming homework help services like AssignmentCore that can help you deal with Python programming assignments. Don’t hesitate to use their assistance when you really need it.
  4. Using reserved words as the name for a variable. There are some words that are used in Python that cannot serve as a name. Some of them are break, class, assert, print, raise, import, return, try, as well as many others. You should know the full list in order to avoid crashing. 
  5. Writing too many comments. Of course, leaving some notes might be useful for the client or the author of the code if they go back and review it. But overusing comments might confuse even the coder, not only the customer. It’s best to write notes and leave them only where it is necessary. 
  6. Not using parentheses to call the function. Well, not all functions take arguments, but it does not mean that if you are working with a function without arguments, you won’t have to use the parentheses. If you want your function to work, you should always check if you included parentheses or not. 
  7. Not using capitalization correctly. Sometimes programmers face a mistaken sign when trying to access another variable, and they search everywhere for an error without any luck. Often it is about the wrong capitalization. Var, var, or VAr are three different names, so check the capitalization if you see a mistake again. 
  8. Indentation. It is widely used in Python programming, so no wonder is something in your code that might be wrong if you don’t use it correctly. Such things as classes, loops, decisions rely on indentation, so you should always check it when you use it in your program. 
  9. Punctuation. Sometimes you can put a comma or semicolon in the wrong place, and the code will be completely different. To receive the right results, check the code to find possible mistakes that led to crashes. Check the placement of the parentheses as well, since there might be a mistake too. 
  10. Copying the code of others. It is a usual thing among programmers, and many professionals use the code from Web as well. But if you decide to use, remember that you should always know how does the used part of the program work. 

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes 

We all might make mistakes, and it is okay. Mistaking is a part of the learning process, and it is going to be hard to become a real programmer without errors. If you notice that you are wrong about something or made a mistake in your code, don’t get upset. Instead, you should take a lesson from this situation and become a better programmer. 

Do some programming every day, and you will see the results soon enough. There are many educational websites on the internet which provide students with Python homework help, so you should check them out to find something for yourself as well. Spend your time on programming every day, and you will definitely succeed.

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