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A Complete Guide to Alcohol Detoxing

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Detox is the process of taking away a drug that someone is dependent on, so that it can be flushed out of the body. This process is used as the initial step to start the road to recovery. But then, it can also be one of the most difficult steps. This is when withdrawal starts and depending on the intensity of the addiction, this can be both mentally and physically difficult. Once this stage has been done though, which may last from 1 to 2 weeks, you can start focusing on the other steps to recovery.

Alcohol is a unique drug. Due to it being reasonably normalised in society, it can be easy to become addicted to it if you are at risk. Unlike the often uplifting effects usually associated with it, alcohol is a depressant, and over the course of months and even years, your body creates a dependency. This means that when you stop giving your body the chemicals in the alcohol, you’ll start getting symptoms like a headache, fever, unpleasant feelings, and even hallucinations.

This is, unfortunately, the main reason people don’t want to start the detox process. They are worried about the severity of the withdrawal, especially if they have been long-time users.

Depending on the person, the effects can range from mild to severe. This is why it’s highly recommended that the process is done in the hands of professionals. By starting your detox in a clinic, you’ll be surrounded by health professionals that have seen your issues many times and got the tools to help.You are worthy of help. If you’re ready to quit the drinking habit, we can help you find unparalleled rehab facilities that fit your needs. These will guide you along your journey to recovery. Give us a call today and start the process of overcoming alcoholism. For more information, check out

What a detox might look like:

The first 12 hours:

The first effects are usually mild, but generally start to get worse as you go through the process. The first things people usually start to feel are anxiety, some nausea, and the feeling of becoming irritable.

After 24 hours:

The symptoms listed above will generally start to get worse after the first 12 hours and into the first full day.

Day two:

The first two days are usually the worst, with symptoms reaching a climax around this time. Additional symptoms like hallucinations and panic attacks may happen as the body detoxes the alcohol from the system.

The first week:

After the first few days, symptoms will generally start to drop off. They often come in waves, and can come back as strongly as the first couple of days. These days are crucial, and when having medical supervision is so important.Weeks 2 and beyond:

After the first week, the symptoms will gradually decrease. The more intense ones will go, but others like anxiety and unpleasant feelings may stay longer. Meanwhile, these can be more easily treated with the correct medication.

Once the detox is done, you can start making progress to beat your addiction for good. But then again, cravings may often last for many months after the initial detox.

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