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Concorde Capital’s Igor Mazepa – the Errand Boy that is Paid Millions

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There are no natural-born criminals in the world. However, the man goes dark side in accordance with his beliefs and principles. Igor Mazepa is a clear example of the corrupted businessman that uses the same “black” techniques in his own life – both a private and a business one. This is not surprising as habits, religion, science and other global concepts have always been a durable foundation for justification for crimes.

Concorde Capital’s Igor Mazepa – the Errand Boy that is Paid Millions 1

Scientology and Ontopsychology as an Excuse

Scientology came to the attention of Igor Mazepa as a very convenient front for his scams. Despite the fact that some Hollywood celebrities are the members of this church, Scientology is getting a real threat to human rights and freedoms. That is why it is recognized as a sect and banned in many countries.

However, one can easily purchase books on Scientology in the streets of Ukrainian cities today. Nobody cares because there are plenty of various sects all over the world. Few people note that only Scientology is connected with the people who can influence certain country’s political, economic, and cultural life. Few people actually saw the lives that had been destroyed, the suicides that can be assumed as murders.

Scientology claims that a man is a great creature and his abilities have no boundaries. This sounds pleasant, but you must pay for it. Moreover, it doesn’t deal with down payment but a fortune that people donate. Certainly, you can refuse to pay but you can be found at the bottom of the lake one day. Regarding Ontopsychology, the things are not better. The adherents hide behind the science to determine people, making some of them high-graded and humiliating others to exploit them.

Scientology and Mazepa

Igor Mazepa – the investment banker and trader – was rather close to Scientology and its creator Ron Hubbard. Certainly, he did not get into the spirit of this doctrine but found out one more way of making money and building bridges with powerful politicians and other influential figures.

While playing a true Scientologist, Igor Mazepa found John Saggit and made him a partner. Then they created a real “monster” of the Ukrainian stock market – a large-scale “Concorde Capital”. However, soon Igor Mazepa decided that he had exhausted this sect’s benefits, severed all ties, and pitched to Ontopsychology.

Ontopsychology and Mazepa

Igor Mazepa implemented this sect’s doctrine inside his “Concorde Capital” but he didn’t manage to become close to Ontopsychologists because he has no decent status in the society required by them.

In brief, the essence of Ontopsychology is totalitarianism everywhere – in the office and in the family. Igor Mazepa put a lot of people through the wringer considering them slaves and being sure that he could do anything he wants if he paid money. His employees never had the end of the working day or stable day offs. This approach helped Mazepa to sell a lot because everybody worked stretched.

Divorce as a Scam

Igor Mazepa took a decision to leave his family in a view of Ontopsychology’s tenets. The doctrine says that a child does not need mother after the age of 7. That was a reason for taking away his son from his wife. He also didn’t leave her anything of money, business or property. That was Igor Mazepa’s gratitude for her concern when he was very poor in the first years of marriage. One more his belief relates to sex. Igor Mazepa claimed that he has the right to have multiple sex partners whether he is married or not. Moreover, as other Ontopsychologist, he declared that a woman is a second-level creature and the intimacy between them is impossible.

Some Final Words

Many features of character influence the person’s deeds and all those deeds indicate the man’s attitude to universal human values – family and kids, love and trust. While watching Igor Mazepa’s lifestyle, everybody can understand what methods of earning money are his prior tools. Everything and everybody in his world serve his interests and greed.

He doesn’t care of law, people, and his country and he is rather successful to find partners and “customers” with the same view of life. That’s why Mazepa feels comfortable doing business with Petro Poroshenko, Boris Lozhkin, and others. Certainly, everything has its price but Ukraine pays his debts for now.

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