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Cool DIY Gifts for Your Best Friend

cool DIY gifts for your best friend
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As it is rightly said that best friends are the family, we get to choose. And cool DIY gifts for your best friend whom you’ve chosen to grow old with is an idea worth pondering upon. In the busy schedule of studying, job, or married life and children, we usually can’t think much about our best friends.

We even feel guilty for not giving them time and turn up to their doorstep with expensive gifts on special occasions. But the idea of cool DIY gifts for your best friend is going to change your perspective. When your best friend receives small and pretty handmade gifts out of the blue, which he/she can use in the daily schedule, it will make them feel special.

The cool DIY gifts  or DIY Decor for your best friend will keep on reminding them about the special bond you share. Even the smallest of gifts will matter as it involves your time, thought process, dedication, and lots of memories and love. Well, to ease your thought process, here are some ideas which you can consider while thinking about making cool DIY gifts for your best friend.

1) Handmade Cards

You could never go wrong in cool DIY gifts for your best friend if you’re going with a card. There are a lot of types of cards that you could easily make with colorful craft papers and memorable photographs. The types of cards you can consider making are-

  • An Explosion Box Card

If you’re crafty enough and have time to spare, you can make a cute explosion box. Opening the box layer by layer filled with surprises and happy moments is going to make them smile a lot.

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  • Open When Cards

For a friend who might be studying in law school or community college and having a busy schedule around books, assignments, presentations, dissertations, open when cards for their varied moods would be the best option.

For example, Like open, when the life is hectic, open when your crush smiles back at you, open when your assignment gets a low grade, and a lot more. The letters inside these open when cards will make them smile and remind them that somebody cares for them.

  • Pop-Up Cubes Card

This will be total fun and among the cool DIY gifts for your best friend. When your best friend will open a box, and lots of cubes bounce out of it, it will make them the happiest.

Other types of cards that you can give a try are never-ending cards for your never-ending friendship, waterfall card, a disposable camera card, twist pop-up card, origami cards, bookmarks, a photo reel card and many more. You can use either center these cards on your photographs or even their favorite cartoon or movie character.

To get a tutorial for such small cards, which can also be combined together to make a scrapbook, check this video.


2) Self-Designed Home Usage Things

If you wish to give a more usable and long term gift, you can think of crockeries and home usage things like a wine glass, tea coasters, mason jar, coffee mug, doormat, key holder, photo frame, painting, fridge magnets or some other home décor item. These will be very useful and cool DIY gifts for your best friend, and while using them, he/she is going to remember you.

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If you’re thinking of wine glass or coffee mug, you can get a plain one from the market and decorate it as per your liking. You can add some sparkles to it, a short message, or a word describing your bond. If you wish to experiment with your skills, you can paint over them. To give a finishing touch, just tie a handmade friendship bracelet around it. It will look elegant. 

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For a mason jar, you can stuff it up with special chocolates made by you. You could even put a shade of nail polish or lipstick inside. A lovely message rolled up in a cute little parchment and tied with a friendship bracelet will boost up your best friend. If your best friend loves any specific recipe of yours, which they are asking for ages, just give it to them inside this mason jar and see their face light up with honor.

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For other ideas like a doormat and key holders, you can make them from scratch. It will just need a few items and will be cheap too.

3) Self-Care Package

Your busy best friends might not have time for themselves, but you can always think of cool DIY gifts for your best friend, who will care for them and also make them feel relaxed. Homemade soaps and bath salts will make them very happy. It will also be easy to make them.

You just have to think of the fragrance which will soothe them and add it to the making. You could add in some essential oils in the making of bath soaps. To add some perk to the cool DIY gifts for your best friend, you can make glycerin soap and add some toy or shell in it. It will look beautiful and special. 

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Do not miss to check out these special soap making ideas.

If your friend is some executive director or working the whole day heavily, you could visit some spa or parlor and get a customized self-care package explicitly designed to suit the need and time of your best friend. They sure are going to value this step and be very relaxed after utilizing your gift. You can even get a combined package for both of you to spend some time together and relive your moments.

4) Sweets Do the Trick

Who does not like hogging onto sweets? For a friend who is daily at the office working endlessly on their desk and tech, you can make a jar full of candies, sweets, or chocolates. This will be the snack when they get too worked up or tired or sad. You can design the jar with some message.

To keep their health in check too, add a sweet little tag saying, “just two/three per day darling”. This will keep making them smile and also remind in sad times that somebody is worried about them and so they should stay strong. 

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If you can bake a cake, cook pancakes or doughnuts, send it to them in their break time. A bundt cake, Nutella pancakes, or colorful doughnuts will make their lunch hour special, and their mood will light up and be progressive for the rest of the day. I suggest you do this on some important college/workday like special meetings, presentations, competitions, or on the day of the announcement of promotions and appraisals.

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5) Some Greenery

Gifting a flower or bunch of flowers has been a tradition since time immemorial. But the flowers that you gift might just stay for a day or two. You know that, but still, wish to gift natural fragrance and to think about cool DIY gifts for your best friend?

Plants will come to your rescue. Instead of gifting a shrub from the nursery, get it to your home first. Select a plain pot or plastic bottles. Design these pots well yourself and plant the shrub. Take care until it grows a little. After that, gift it to your best friend.

You can also plant seeds of some kitchen usage things like coriander, mint, cherry tomatoes, and wait to gift the plant until it starts to show up a little. By this, you would save your best friend from the initial struggle of planting and restlessness of waiting for it to start growing.

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This will be a very thoughtful gift. It will signify that you can work endlessly for your best friend’s happiness and toil effortlessly to keep problems away from him/her.

6) Little Things

Little things matter in each relationship. And when it comes to cool DIY gifts for your best friend, it is vital. A keychain made especially for them, decorating plain phone cases yourself and gifting it, a self-painted matching T-shirt for both of you, positive messages on decorative papers to stick around the room and workplace, crazy photographs with a message each stuck to the wardrobe door to surprise them, can be great ideas. It’ll be easy, quick, and very special to them.

To check the phone case designs that you can easily make at home, click here.

You could even weave a dream catcher for keeping their faith intact in dreams of life. If they are obsessed with certain series, characters, or movies like Harry Potter or Vampire Diaries, you can plan the gift around that theme. Decorate a wall of their room or a side of their cupboard in that specific theme in their absence and startle them.

To get other gifting ideas for your crazy fangirl/fanboy best friend, click here.

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You could also make scented candles of different shapes and colors by adding some surprise factor to it and Bamm! Cool DIY gifts for your best friend is ready.

See, it’s not that tough to choose a gift for your best friend. Sometimes the ideas are very simple and right in front of the eye, but you just can’t get it. Now that you have all these cool DIY gifts for your best friend’s ideas, you will run out of gifting reasons but not ideas. So, tie your hair, get your creative instincts flowing and fill yourself with memories of your best friend. This will help you come up with all the patterns, designs, and messages that you wish for your best friend.

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