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Countries Joining the Green Revolution: 6 Cannabis-Friendly Destinations in Asia

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Through global legalization efforts and the rise of herbal tourism, countries across the globe are changing their tune toward cannabis. Now, smokers can visit faraway destinations for a unique flower-friendly adventure. One of the many places welcoming herbal travelers is Asia. Central Asia has incorporated cannabis into Eastern medicine for centuries, and the flower has only grown in popularity. Countries like Thailand have legalized the herb and are now regarded as one of the world’s largest herb exporters. 

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Are you interested in taking a trip to the East? Here are six cannabis-friendly destinations in Asia. 

What to bring 

Before you set out on an international vacation, make sure to prepare for the trip properly. Pack light clothing that will keep you cool in a humid environment. You should also bring travel-essential like power adapters, a book of translations, and a passport case. For a worry-free herbal trip, make sure to stock up on products like a mini dab rig from MJ Arsenal. Before packing your go-to ganja essentials, be sure to review TSA-sponsored restrictions surrounding flower equipment.

Once your packing preparations wind to a close, it’s time to unwind at one of the flower-friendly destinations below. 

Phuket, Thailand 

Thailand is known for its robust cannabis culture and stunning seaside views. When preparing for a Thai trip, make sure to bring the proper identification documents, as you will need them when making purchases. Once you’ve acquired the potent flower, take a trip to the iconic islands in the south, where you can spend the day relaxing in sky-blue water. For the foodie travelers, make sure to visit the diverse street food scene in Phuket. Another must-see landmark is the many intricately designed temples scattered throughout the city. 

Osaka, Japan

Although Japan is largely unaccepting of cannabis, the city of Osaka is determined to shake things up. The bustling streets offer a range of unique smoke shops that reference Bob Marley and other cultural icons. Popular hotspots include Dotonbori, which is Osaka’s central hub of nightlife and restaurants. The city also boasts a wide range of unique architecture, like the stunning castle of Osaka-jo and the towering Umeda Sky building. 

Chengdu, China

Located in the Southwestern province of Sichuan, Chengdu is known for its robust nightlife and unique cuisine. Exploring the city will lead you to a hidden shopping area where you’ll find discreet smoke shops and accessory vendors. Once you’ve purchased the smoking essentials, take a trip to the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, where you can observe China’s nationally protected creatures. Other tourist hotspots include the ornate Wenshu Yuan Monastery and the historic Mount Qingcheng. 

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

In recent years, Vietnam has allowed foreigners to purchase property. The addition of a Western population has led to the growth of a small flower-friendly community. Note that the country as a whole remains strict on herb, so practicing discretion is highly encouraged. When visiting the city, try the traditional Vietnamese dish called pho which has garnered international acclaim. You can also take a river cruise for stunning views of the city or visit the War Remnants Museum for an educational experience. 

Seoul, South Korea

Surprisingly, South Korea was one of the first Asian countries to legalize cannabis. Similar to Thailand, make sure to acquire the proper documentation if you wish to purchase herb in Seoul. If you are up for an adventure, wander through botanical gardens and bird observatories inside Seoul Forest. For a spiritual experience, visit the Bongeunsa Temple, where towering Buddha statues offer peace and inspiration. 

Manila, The Philippines

The Philippines is making a push to legalize cannabis in a recent bill. Although the motion has yet to be passed, Filipino culture is increasingly tolerant of the herb. Manila’s popular activities include taking a sunset stroll down the Baywalk, where street performers and food vendors offer a fun-filled experience. The city is also rich in history with old military bases and cathedrals. 

Final thoughts 

For adventure-seekers, there is no better place to visit than Asia. Along with flavorful cuisine and historic landmarks, the Eastern region is filled with flower-friendly cities like Seoul and Chengdu. No matter which city you choose to explore, a trip to Asia is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


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