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Crazy Stories That will Scare the Crap Out of You


Remember the time when we gave our mothers a hard time falling asleep? Left with no option, she would tell ‘Sleep fast, you brat or the devil will come,’ and we would fall asleep in less than a second! We may be all grown up now, but the stories of the supernatural world are still too much for our weak hearts! Well, beware because you are about to read the top 15 stories that will scare the crap out of you!

In my defense, I warned you all well in advance, so proceed at your own risk!

List of 15 Stories That Will  Scare the Crap Out of You

So, finally, let’s start listing the stories that will surely scare the crap out of you! We advise that you do not read this article tonight in the late as you will have a pretty difficult time falling asleep then. Happy reading, or should I say all the best!

1. The ‘Expressionless’ Ghost

This is one of the stories that will scare the crap out of you!

In 1972, a woman appeared in a white gown covered with blood at a hospital named The Cedar Sinai. While appearing in the hospital in blood-stained clothes is surely not unusual, there was something about the women, which was super weird and creepy. Her face looked like a mannequin, and her entire face was submerged in makeup. Her mere sight was making people throw up!

The hospital staff took her to a room to sedate her, but they were not able to look directly in her eyes as they felt jittery.

When an attendant tried to sedate her, she fought back with extreme force and forbade him from sedating her.

A woman doctor standing close to her was shaken to the core when she noticed that this lady had no teeth; instead had long, huge teeth that were demonic.

A male doctor then screamed and asked her, ‘who the hell are you?’ she smiled and said, ‘I am God.’ It is believed that she then killed the male doctor and the other staff! The female doctor who survived the mishap named her ‘expressionless.’

Though a lot of people raise suspicions over the factuality of this story, it remains as one of the creepiest and scariest stories to date!

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2. The Lemp Mansion, St Louis

Well, this is one of the stories that will scare the crap out of you for sure!

The Lemp Mansion in St Louis is said to be the most haunted place in America. This 33 room house was built in the year 1860 by William Lemp, who was a successful brewery owner. Lemp killed himself in 1904 after the death of the youngest of his four sons- Fredrick.

A few years later, his wife too died of cancer in the same house. Tragedy struck when William Lemp Jr shot himself in the same room where William Sr killed himself in 1922.

If this was not enough, in 1949, Charles Lemp, the third son of William Lemp, shot his dog in the basement and then killed himself too. In the same year, the house was sold and then converted into a boarding house. It was then reports of haunting began.

The boarding house was not well maintained and found it difficult to find tenants due to its reputation for being haunted. St. Louisiana Dick pointer bought the building in 1975 to convert it into a restaurant as he saw the mansion being haunted as a great opportunity!

It was, however, too difficult to retain the staffers to work in the restaurant as they would often complain of hearing ‘weird/loud’ sounds and felt that they were watching. Some staffers even reported that the doors got locked and unlocked by themselves, and even the piano was playing itself!

A lot of people looking for adventure and thrill look forward to spending a night in the mansion in the hope of encountering the Lemp’s.

3. The Perron Family

You must all be familiar with the 2013 critically acclaimed movie the Conjuring! The movie did scare all of us to bits, but do you know the movie is based on a real incident. This is one of the stories that will scare the crap out of you, we bet!

The Perron family moved to a 14 room farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island, in January 1971. The husband, wife, and their five children began to encounter strange and creepy things almost immediately after moving into the house.

Carolyn, Roger’s wife, and the mistress of the house began to notice that the broom went missing or moved from one place to the other on its own. The children began to see spirits in the house though mostly they were harmless, although a few of them, according to the children, were angry.

Bathsheba, the spirit that was depicted in the film, was the most dangerous. She considered herself as the mistress of the house and thus resented the competition that Carol posed to her. She, thus, started troubling the family and gave them a hard time.

For all those wondering, Bathsheba was a real person! She was a satanist who was allegedly involved in the murder of her neighbor’s child, although there was no trial against her.

The family experienced some other spirits as well, which, according to them, smelled like rotting flesh and would cause the beds to rise off. As depicted in the movie, the Warrens investigated the case and tried to ward off the spirits that were tormenting the Perron Family.

According to the Family, Lorraine conducted a seance to contact the spirits that were after the Perron Family. During the seance, Carolyn became possessed and started speaking in an unknown language. At one point, her chair was in the air!

Though the movie claims that the Warrens performed an exorcism, Lorraine warren refutes it and stresses that she only performed seance as an exorcism is to be performed only by catholic priests. 

4. The Empty Building in M.G Road at Indore, India

M.G Road is located in the heart of Indore city, it is one of the busiest roads during the day, but silence dawns here at night due to a supposedly haunted building!

The building was one of the poshest apartments and was quite heftily priced. But all this changed when a young woman committed suicide in this building.

Days after her death, the residents of the building started hearing strange noises as if someone was crying or wailing. The residents soon vacated the building, even leaving their air conditioners behind. The building is empty to date and is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Indore,  Madhya Pradesh.

Isn’t it one of the stories that will scare the crap out of you or others?!

5. 13 Curves in New York

I am sure this is one of the stories that will scare the crap out of you.

The town of Onondaga in New York City has a place called the ‘13 curves,’ which is believed to be haunted.

The story goes that about six decades ago, a young newly married couple met with a horrible accident while they were coming around one of the 13 curves of the Cedarvale road. Their car, unfortunately, veered out of control and ran into a nearby creek. The impact allegedly killed both the bride and groom instantly.

Since this fateful day, travelers on the Cedarvale road have seen the bride roaming around the road dressed in a white gown, which is all stained in blood.

Sometimes she is seen carrying an orange lantern and leaping towards the car, causing their unsuspecting drivers to crash their vehicles! Some of the people who unfortunately encountered the bride on the 13 curves claim that she physically entered their cars!  

A driver reported that he saw the ghostly lady from his rearview mirror. The lady, according to him, was all soaked in blood and was sitting in the back seat of his car, but by the time he turned back, she had already vanished.

6. ‘Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep.’

I am sure this is one of the stories that will scare the crap out of you.

The story goes that a young father who had just woken from his sleep went to check the baby monitor to see if his 2-month-old baby was alright.

He smiled as he heard his wife sing to the baby ‘Go to sleep, go to sleep’ little one. Suddenly his front door cracked open, and his wife came along with the groceries. He rechecked the baby monitor and was astonished to see only the baby in the room! It appeared as if whoever it was had vanished into thin air!

7. The Haunted House

This is a horrifying story, you all!

Years ago, A young family of four moved to an ancient villa, which was considered spooky by the locals because the family which resided in the villa before them had been brutally murdered. Not paying heed to the advice of the locals, the family still moved into the villa and then began their ordeal.

The youngest daughter in the family would often see three faces outside their bedroom window whenever she went to close it.

The three faces, according to her, had no nose, face, and mouth! Although initially, her family refused to believe her, all of them encountered the faceless creatures one by one! The family still has not recovered from the trauma they had to bear.

Isn’t it one of the stories that will scare the crap out of you?

8. Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the heart and soul of India. Travelers both from India and abroad both visit the state in huge numbers as its beauty and varied culture attract them.

Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is a beauty, to say the least, and you should visit this place on your visit to Rajasthan! And while in Jaisalmer do visit Kuldhara village, why? Because this village is haunted!

The Archaeological Survey of India maintains the village, and while it looks magnificent during the daytime, to say the least, it gets spooky in the dark. The village was abandoned about 200 years ago by villagers, but we can still find the abandoned houses in almost perfect condition.

The village, which was inhabited by Paliwal brahmins, was abandoned about 200 years ago due to Salim Singh, who was the Prime Minister of the village and was extremely brutal! It is believed that the prime minister was even more powerful than the local king.

He imposed indiscriminate taxes on the villagers and troubled them if they were not able to pay the taxes. However, troubles mounted when he proposed marriage to the daughter of the village chief. The entire village was shocked and dismayed by this horrendous proposal.

The villagers refused to the union, Salim Singh was mighty annoyed and decided to increase the taxes on the villagers to punish them.

Not left with many options, the villagers decided to flee the village forever but not before cursing the village. According to the legend, they cursed the village, which has prevented anyone from residing in the village forever.

Some members of the Delhi Paranormal Society stayed for a night in the Kuldhara village to see if there was any trace of paranormal activity there. Well, they not only recorded instances of spirits but also got to interact with them! According to the members, the spirits revealed their names to them.

No one dares to stay in this village post-sunset. Will you? I don’t think so!

This is one of the stories that will scare the crap out of you for sure!

9. Shaniwar Wada, Pune, India

Shaniwar Wada was built for Bajirao 1 in 1730. It was the seat of the power of Peshwas, who were the de facto rulers of the Maratha empire. In 1828, a fire broke out in Shaniwar Wada due to unknown reasons destroying a huge part of the empire. The part that still survived is open for the tourists.

Though the tourist might not find anything creepy here during the daytime, this place surely turns spooky at night!

Well, this is one of the stories that will scare the crap out of you!

According to historical documents, Peshwa Narayanrao was about 18 years old when he assumed power, a lot of people were incredibly jealous of his success, and this included Anandibai, his aunt and wife of regent Raghunatharao.

The jealousy grew to the extent that his uncle and aunt hatched an evil conspiracy and murdered Narayarnrao. Some people who visited Shaniwar Wada at night have claimed to hear the ghost of Narayarnrao crying for help shouting ‘Kaka mala Vachva,’ which means ‘Uncle, save me’!

We recommend visiting this place at night at your own risk!

10. Who Is There in the Kitchen?

This is one of the stories that will scare the crap out of you for sure!

A mother and daughter lived together in their two-bedroom house. After wrapping up the day, when the mother would close the windows and shut the lights, the daughter would often hear a man and woman having a casual conversation in their kitchen. They would talk in whispers, and thus she would have difficulty understanding what they were speaking.

The daughter kept this information to herself as she feared her mother wouldn’t believe her. Years later, she found out that her mother too heard the voices from the kitchen.

Who were those people? We may never know!

11. Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie, India

Mussoorie, located in Uttarakhand, India, is among the most beautiful places in the world. Savoy hotel in Mussoorie is a magnificent property, to say the least, with a rather dark past!

Lady Garnet Orme, a British spiritualist, was murdered here in 1911. She was poisoned with strychnine and suffered a slow death.

Some years later, her doctor was too murdered; similarly, their murders remain a mystery! Some people who stayed in the hotel claimed to have seen Lady Orme looking for her killers!

Some guests reported that the windows open and shut by themselves and also claimed to hear whispers! Well, isn’t it one of the stories that will scare the crap out of you?

12. Who Was on the Phone?

A mother and her daughter were working in their grocery store when the mother’s cell phone rang. The daughter who went to receive the call saw that someone was calling from their ‘Home’ landline number. The mother and daughter were astonished as nobody could be home at that hour!

The father was at work, her younger sister in college. The mother suddenly remembered that she had discontinued the landline services at home after the death of her husband’s mother! The mother and daughter rang the phone number again only to find it unreachable!

Isn’t it one of the stories that will scare the crap out of you?!

13. The Savior Ghost 

It so happened that a girl studying in a premier university was returning from her college freshers party. She noticed that the guy she rejected at the party was following her. She tried to run away from him but was unsuccessful in her attempt.

The guy was badly drunk and forcefully entered the girl’s room. Upon entering the room, he forced herself on the girl and threw her against the bed. But before anything terrible could have happened, there appeared two large blisters on his shoulders, which looked like handprints! The guy ran off as quickly as he could.

The girl felt as if she was surrounded by a motherly figure comforting her by rubbing her hands against her back. 

Well, this is one of the stories that will scare the crap out of you for sure!

14. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, India

Ramoji film city is one of India’s biggest film cities, which also happens to be a popular tourist attraction. Not only are films shot here, but they are also edited and scanned here. As mentioned earlier, this also a major tourist hot spot, and thus people frequently visit the film city to enjoy its beauty.’

However, this place is supposedly haunted and spooky, folks!

There have been incidents of light falling on their own and light men falling from great heights and getting badly injured after being pushed away by an invisible force. According to various sources, many actresses have reported the presence of a supernatural force in their green room. Allegedly, the spirits have a thing against the women and have often ripped apart their clothes!

Not not only the film crew, but also, the tourists who visit and stay in the hotel located near Ramoji film city have encountered various supernatural occurrences. Half-eaten food and doors getting locked on their own are an extremely common occurrence.

The Film city is built on the battlefield of Nizam, several soldiers lost their lives in this deadly battle, and their spirits continue to haunt people to this date! We do recommend visiting the film city once as it would be once in a lifetime experience. But, do stay safe at night!

Isn’t it of the stories that will scare the crap out of you!

15. The Necklace

The story goes that a granny on her deathbed gave a beautiful necklace to her granddaughter, and the granny asked her granddaughter to preserve the necklace forever as it would constantly remind her of her granny’s love and affection.

A year later, the necklace went missing, the granddaughter did her best to find the necklace, but all her efforts went into vain. She cried badly and begged God to help her find the necklace.

Suddenly, the necklace fell from her jewelry box, and she felt a small tap on her back. She felt as if she met her granny again! The granddaughter was happy, to say the least, that she still got the back of her beloved granny!

Well, isn’t it one of the stories that will scare the crap out of you!

So, this was our list of top 15 stories that will scare the crap out of you! We do hope that you can use the loo alone and sleep well tonight even after reading this. Well, whether or not we believe in the supernatural world, the stories about the supernatural world do send chills down our spine! Have you ever encountered any spooky incident or have you ever felt the presence of a loved one who is no longer with us? 

Give this article a read, too, if you still do not believe in the supernatural world!


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