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Creepy Places in India You Should Know About!


There are some exciting, creepy places in India you should know about. India is a country well known for its rich history and culture. India’s diversified religion and food are what attract tourists from all over the world to visit here. There are so many beautiful places to visit.

India, rich in beauty, is also a country with mysteries. Many places and towns here are creepy enough to give you a spine chilling experience. You can explore a lot of creepy places in India that has a spooky background.

There are some people out there ready to explore such daring haunted places. For such brave hearts, here is a list of creepy places in India you should know about and pay a visit.

Bhangarh Fort

The Fort is rated as the top haunted and creepy places in India to explore. It is located in Rajasthan between Alwar and Jaipur. Bhangarh Fort was established back in 1573, later on when the Mughal Empire weakened after Aurangazeb’s death, Jai Singh II captured the Fort in 1720. And since 1783, the town was inhabited and isolated.

A hoarding to the entrance of the Fort shows, entry is restricted before sunrise and after sunset. But there are still few daring explorers who all go inside the Fort illegally after sunset. Known to be the Ghost town of India, legend says cries of villagers can still be heard from this place after sunset. Nearby people also reported many paranormal activities taking place here during the night.

The back story reveals that a Tantrik once fell in love with the Fort’s princess, but she refused him. Due to which he tried to mix a love potion in her drink, but the princess felt something wrong and instead threw the drink over a large boulder. The boulder had hit the Tantrik, and while dying, he cursed the Bhangarh Fort that it would turn into ruins, and all the villagers would die. Since then, this place is termed to creepy and haunted. You are advised not to roam around the nearby forest at night.

Image Source- AnkushRathi

Dow Hill Kurseong

One of the creepy places in India with an eerie background, located in Darjeeling. The locals here have reported daily paranormal activities. Spirits here are supposed to reside in the nearby Victoria Boys High School. Footsteps are heard inside the school from December to March when the school remains empty and closed. Many dead bodies are found near the school’s forest. Although after such events, the place’s story remains a mystery. Villagers fear the spirit may take their lives while some use this fact to scare other locals and tourists.

There is a road nearby termed as Death road, where visitors have spotted a headless boy roaming around, and then it disappears into the woods. Many claimed, the headless boy doesn’t spare anyone who sees him and follows them even in dreams. A sense of creepy and eerie feeling always remains in this place. Several suicides have taken place due to this, although there is no scientific proof to it, the number of suicides is going on rising.


 Image Source – Shahnoor Habib Munmun

Jamali Kamali Masjid

This creepy place is located in Delhi and is known for its beauty and architecture. It’s also called the House of Jinns. People are attracted here due to their beauty and haunted stories. Legends say Jinns are residing inside the walls of Jamali Kamali Masjid. Locals are afraid to visit here, but few daring ones come here to explore the creepy background story, making it one of the famous creepy places in India.

People have spotted light apparitions, floating objects, animals growling. Few ones even felt someone’s breath on their neck. It feels as if someone is watching them closely and disappears suddenly the moment you notice them.

According to the Islamic text, Jinns live in a parallel universe. God made humans out of sands and Jinns out of water. Due to which they can cross worlds through their power. Jinns are supposed to live in abandoned places, and when humans interfere, they start hurting them. Jinns usually slap humans, meddle in their dreams, and always follow them. There are many tales of Jinns falling in love with humans. They get attracted to perfume. It protects them and blesses them with riches, but if it is a terrible, Jinn, then your life is in danger.

Image Source- ShashwatNagpul

D’Souza Chawl

The famous city of Mumbai is also known as haunted and creepy places in India. D’Souza Chawl is located in Mahim, Mumbai. All the ghost stories surround one well here; the well is termed as haunted.

The story goes, once there was a lady picking up water through the well. Since the well was boundary-less, the lady slipped and fell into the well. After this incident, the place became haunted as the lady’s spirit haunts the place each night. Many have seen a white apparition appearing during the night and walking around. It disappears in the daylight only to reappear again in the night. Although it hasn’t harmed anyone yet. But it’s quite creepy and chilling to watch a roaming spirit at night.

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Kuldhara Village

Another creepy village in Rajasthan with a creepy background. Being abandoned since the 1800s, it’s popularly known as the deserted ghost village. The place carries the curse of villagers who all vanished suddenly after living here for over seven centuries.

The Paliwal Brahmins had established this village back in 1291. Paliwal Brahmins were a prosperous and wealthy clan. It is said that one night in 1825, all the village people, along with the nearby villages vanished out of a sudden in the dark. The story follows, state minister Salim Singh fell in love with chieftain’s daughter wishing to marry her. He warned the villagers if they didn’t let him marry her, then he’d levy huge taxes upon them. Since then, the chieftain, along with the villagers decided to abandon this place to protect the girl.

It’s still a mystery where they left, and no one ever saw them again. Due to this, it became one of the haunted and creepy places in India. Legend says, the villagers left a curse before leaving the village so that no one can ever enter the town.

Image Source- TomasBelcik

Ramoji Film City

The creepy place is located in Hyderabad. Ramoji Film city is the prime shoot location for many South Indian films. It’s both a film city and amusement park termed to be haunted. Although the whole place isn’t haunted, a few areas are supposedly creepy.

Unseen activities take place; white apparitions are also spotted. The film city is built upon the battlegrounds of Nizams. Spirits of deceased soldiers are said to haunt here. Even scribblings in Urdu are found on mirrors.

Earlier an incident took place, during the shoot a boy holding the lights suddenly fell over the actor. Later it was revealed that an unknown force tried to push the boy hard from behind, but there was no one near him. The place is open to public visitors. But it’s recommended to visit during the daytime.

Image Source- Shilika

Vrindavan Society

The Vrindavan Society of Thane is home to creepy activities. It was known for offering luxurious apartments until paranormal activities started in this society. Several residents and night guards experienced bizarre and strange activities in the dark.

Locals reported, there lived a man in this society who brutally committed suicide. Since then, his spirit roams around the community in the dark. Strange activities took place, and even a night guard got slapped so hard that he was almost going to fall from the chair. Soon, the guards tried searching the whole society but found none.

After such incidents, the society residents make sure not to enter here during too late at night. Residents do not linger around in the dark. As and when any mishap is spotted, they run to their rooms. Nightguards keep a close watch, and due to such horror tales, many residents have left this society. However, the housing society remains open all through the night amidst the paranormal activities.

Image Source- Sonicblue4

Vas Villa

The Vas Villa is a famous haunted villa in Bangalore. Being located on St. Marks road, this villa is home to many creepy tales and horror activities.

The Vas Villa used to be a happy home for a lawyer named Mr. Vas. But soon, it became a place of an unjustified and unnamed killing with no trace. It was a brutal and cruel murder.

Back in the year 2001, two sisters living here Doice and Vera Vas. When Doice was stabbed for innumerable times until death. Since then, this place turned out to be one of the creepy places in India.

The locals spotted paranormal activities and loud noises. Ghost investigators and explorers have researched this Villa many times. It’s said the spirit of Doice Vas haunts this place. After the brutal murder, her soul couldn’t find peace.

South Park Street Cemetery

The South Park Cemetery is located at Park Street in the metropolitan city of India, Kolkata. An excellent horror movie could be done at this place alone.

It’s home to the grave of British soldiers and gives a spine chilling experience. Paranormal activities occur here regularly, and this place is the most haunted one in Kolkata.

South Park Street cemetery is one of India’s oldest Christian burial grounds, built in the year 1767. Better not to visit the grave after sunset. The first activity occurred when a group of friends decided to explore the place. Soon they felt breathless and uneasy as if someone’s following them. Their photographs even showed a white apparition in pictures.

It is advised to not to visit here after 5 pm to avoid such incidents. As it’s a huge cemetery, many can lose their way if they go too deep inside.

Image Source- Tathagataa

Mukesh Mills

Another haunted place falling under the list of creepy places in India is Mukesh Mills. Mostly famous after the movie “Om Shanti Om.” It is located at Colaba, Mumbai. Once upon a time, this place remained busy with workers.

The busy scenario changed due to a strike at the mills back in the year 1982. Soon the place became isolated. A few months later, a fire broke out and destroying the mill to ruins. Since then, this places serves as a perfect shoot location for horror films. Often actors faced a creepy feeling and loss of their valuables.

According to popular legend, during a film’s shoot, a deceased soul possessed an actress and warned everyone to leave this place immediately in a male voice. Everyone feared this legend, and many actors still refuse to work in this location.

Image Source- Thebrowniris

Shaniwarwada Fort

One of the popular tourist attractions and a haunted place. It showers beauty during the day and chilling spines in the night. Being known for its splendid architecture, this place is also home to some thrilling activities.

A prince was once brutally murdered and buried here. His relatives had murdered him. Due to which his spirits wander in this place. Few have heard shrieking sounds of the prince. Locals and visitors set up camp at night to experience the creepy loud shriek of the little prince. Only brave-hearts can actually explore this place at night. The place turns quiet and deserted during the dark, and only a caretaker may be seen. It is legally prohibited to enter here after sunset.

Image Source- Mayurthopate

Three Kings Church

The beautiful church of Three Kings is situated in Velsao, South Goa. Every year a procession is held in this church celebrating the feast of Three Kings.

Legend says, one of the three kings had invited the other two kings for a feast and to solve national problems. But two of their suppers contained poison, thus murdering the two kings. Soon the third king could not bear his crime and poisoned himself. After this incident, the souls of three kings haunts this church.

Locals have reported bizarre noises and a strange presence inside the church premises. Although the church gathers massive crowds during the day soon after sunset, the place turns empty due to such horror tales. Visitors are advised not to visit here in the dark to avoid such supernatural activities and the strange occurrences.

Image Source- NavinSigamany




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