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A Crime Never Fades Away

Crime scene
By Fer Gregory/ Shutterstock
By Fer Gregory/ Shutterstock

I wish to forget it but cannot.

I was tired
I was scared
I was angry
I was nervous
I was loaded

I’m willing to do whatever’s asked to make it all go away or to undo it, but it just wouldn’t.

 Hoping that
he’ll be waiting at home for dinner

I didn’t want to go to prison

He’d killed my parents
and I just couldn’t let go

I only meant
to snatch her gold chain.

The built-up energy and ego
that was my ‘moment.’

For all that is done is done, and it cannot be undone. I’m the piece that’s left.

She shot her husband
and his girlfriend.

She pushed him away
down the building

The car exploded
it took them all.

She lost her balance
and the truck struck

One final hit to end the fight
ended his life.

By MikeDotta/ Shutterstock

You tell yourself, ‘I’m guilty, I’m a murderer, and I’ll devote the rest of my life to good till my deeds are forgiven, till I find a proper balance.’ But that one sin never fades away. Is never really forgiven and surely never forgotten.
It haunts me as I lie awake at 2 in the morning.

Your life is never balanced.


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