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Croatia Tourism: 3 Incredible Things You Need To Know

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Do you want to go to Croatia for a vacation and Don’t know what to do there? Here it is – an article on Croatia Tourism.

Croatia is a magical country. The people of Croatia, the beaches and the heritage sites, everything is great.

This article will throw light on all the aspects of Croatia Tourism – The hotels, the cost tourist attractions and the magnificent and popular tourist destinations of Croatia.

Croatia is a beautiful place. Its location is such that Slovenia, Bosnia, Hungary, Montenegro, Herzegovina and Serbia are its bordering neighbours.

Croatia also known as the Republic of Croatia got its identity on the 7th Of June in the year 879. The history of Croatia is fascinating as there are many people involved.

The tourists who visit Croatia take with them happy memories of the splendid coasts and seas. The food in Croatia is amazing too.

One thing that visitors of Croatia get inspired by is the heritage of Croatia. This crescent-shaped country has amazing diversity. It has people from almost all of its neighbouring countries.

Croatia is also famous for the prepossessing rivers. There are around 26 rivers. Some of these 26 rivers of Croatia flow for a stretch of 50 kilometres! These rivers are some of the favourite tourist attractions of the Republic of Croatia.

The HDI of this pretty country is high. This is an excellent thing. Having a high HDI shows that the Croats are working towards development.

The World Bank has also given them the title of ‘High Income Economy’. This is the second mind-blowing achievement of the Croats.

An important question that arrives in a person’s mind about this alluring land – How did Croatia get its name?  Croatia got its name from a medieval Latin word.

The most surprising thing about the name ‘Croatia’ is that it is a mixture of North-West Slavic, Common Slavic, Proto-Slavic and Old Persian. This fact surprises tourists.

One important thing about this place is that it has plenty of alluvial soil. These soils which are rich for fertility come with Sava and Drava rivers of Croatia.

Here are a few things that you should know before visiting Croatia. This includes facts, destinations and some of the best food items of Croatia tourism.

Croatia Tourism: 3 Incredible Things You Need To know

1. Croatia Tourism: 15 Incredible And Rare, Fast Facts About Croatia

The people who visit Croatia get shocked to know some rare facts about this magnificent country. Here are a few lesser-known facts about Croatia are:

Croatia Tourism1. Location

This beautiful country is located in Sothern, Europe.

2. Croatian Army

In the 1600s, the Croatian army wore neckties.

3. Size Of Croatia

Croatia might look like a small country in Europe. However, it is the 127th largest country in the world!

It is also one of the most favourite tourist attractions. This is why Croatia tourism is great!

4. Population

The current population of this prepossessing country is more than 4 million.

Nearly 4 million Croatian people are living outside Croatia too.

5. Island and Croatia Tourism

The lover’s island is heart-shaped in Croatia. Croatia tourism on this island is great.

6. Historical Script

The oldest script of Croatia is a Slavic script – The Glagolitic script

7. Dalmatians!

Croatia is the original place for the dog breed of Dalmatians. There is a region in Croatia named after this cute breed of dogs.

These dogs [Dalmatians] are known for the black spots on the white cover of their skin.

8. Inventions

This amazing country invented neckties.

You will be shocked to know that Croatia also invented rice chocolates. This happened in 1963.

9. The country of nature

Croatia is a country that belongs to nature. It is full of natural reserves including 8 national parks and 11 nature parks.

10. Mythology

The story of the mythological character, sphinx, is related to this land. This means Croatia is also the country of stories and legends.

Croatia is known for its incredible histories and cultures.

11. The Peculiarity Of Beaches Of Croatia

Some beaches in Croatia do not have a definite shape. They change shapes as per the wind and other factors. Thus, climate holds a lot of importance in Croatia.

12. Another Name For Croatia

This incredible country has another name.

Yes, you read it correctly. Croatia is frequently known as ‘ The land of a 1000 islands’. This is clearly because of the huge number of magnificent beaches.

13. Currency Of Croatia

Kuna [hark] is the currency of this beautiful country.

14. Oldest City Of This Beautiful Country

The city on the East side of Croatia is the oldest inhabited city. This city has been inhabited for about 8000 years now!

15. UNESCO loves Croatia

This beautiful country is famous for its UNESCO intangible goods. It has the highest number of UNESCO intangible goods.

Croatia is also home to 10 UNESCO world heritage sites.


Croatia Tourism

The capital city of Croatia is Zagreb. It has amazing destinations to visit. To be more precise, Croatia has some magnificent destinations that are some of the most favourite tourist attractions.

Croatia is one of the EU countries in the world. It became an EU country on the 1st of July in the year 2013.

Visiting Croatia is a little expensive as compared to other countries around it. But, one thing is for sure – The heritage sites are worth your time and money.


2. Croatia Tourism: 15 Beautiful Places To Visit

The negative PCR test not older than 48 hours is important in Croatia at this point. There is a strict watch on the border crossing of Croatia.

From the border crossing to when you enter Croatia, you can notice amazing beauty. The upper town, Dubrovnik, Split and many other amazing destinations can be seen.

Croatia Tourism

Croatian Tourism is mostly about the bewildering destinations of Croatia. Here are some of the favourite tourist attractions in Croatia.

1. Croatia Tourism In The Capital City  – Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia. This city is particularly famous for its Astro-Hungarian type of architecture. This is what makes it one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia.

The exact location of this capital city of Croatia is on the slope areas  Madvendica hills. The city of Zagreb is famous for its uncountable parks and gardens.

Zagreb can also be called the cultural centre of this amazing country. It is the home to the University of Zagreb and the Academy of Science and Arts.

Zagreb has everything, including beautiful roads, rails and even air networks. This city has actually developed in its own way. It has a high standard of lifestyle combined with museum and sports.

There are entertainment events in this city. All of this makes Zagreb one of the classiest cities of Croatia.

2. Dubrovnik

Have you watched GOT [Games Of Thrones]? One of the famous scenes was shot in the city of Dubrovnik. This place has some amazing sites for Croatia tourism.

Dubrovnik is also known as the Pearl Of The Adriatic Sea. It has 120,000 of the Croatian population. It also has a lot of diversity.

The water sports all over Croatia are great. This city also is famous for water sports. There are speed boat services at this place.

It also consists of some of the Premium travel boats if you are interested in the luxuries along with the views.

The Makeron Tower and the Church of Saint Michael are two of the most popular destinations to visit. One of the luxurious services provided by the hotels in the spa services.

Villa Dubrovnik, Hotel Kazbek, One Suite Hotel and the St. Joseph’s Boutique Hotel are some of the best places to stay. Several bars serve tasty seafood at Dubrovnik.

3. Split

Another best place for Croatia tourism is Split. The city of Split in Croatia is famous for the Roman Emperor Diocletian. The Diocletian Palace in the city of Split is the most famous tourist spot.

The Daltonist Craft Bar is one of the best in bars and clubs in Split. You can also go and take a relaxing vacation at the Heritage Hotel Antique Split.

4. Krka National Park

Krka National park is located in Lozovac, Croatia. The best time to visit this national park for Croatia tourism is May or October.

These are the months when you can enjoy fully because the park is less busy.

5. Plitvice Lakes National Park

One of the oldest and largest national parks at Croatia is the Plitvice Lakes National Parks. You cannot miss out on this one when you go for Croatia tourism.

This mesmerizing place has magical scenery. Taking a walk through the beauty of nature, worth your time and money.

6. The Beautiful Hvar Town

Hvar town at Croatia is famous for many attractions. It is yet another unmissable attraction of Croatia tourism.

The best part is that Hvar town is pretty small in size. You can visit the main attractions in just one day.

7. Sibenik

Being one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, Sibenik is an unmissable tourist attraction. It is completely worth your time and money!

It is one of the oldest coastal towns of Croatia. It has beautiful scenery of splendid skylines and golden sand. Water sports also hold a significant role in the coastal towns of Croatia.

8. Prepossessing Coastline Of Croatia – The Zlatni Rat

The Golden Cape or Golden Horn, is also known as the Zlatni Rat, is a splendid coastline. Croatian beaches are exclusively famous for adventurous water sports.

Zlatni Rat is one of the most beautiful beaches in this country. It simply adds up to all the good things of Croatia tourism.

Zlatni Rat is one of the most photogenic places in Croatia. You can come to here and take amazing pictures of the long stretches of splendid skylines.

A day trip to this place will completely refresh your mood.  This is the main reason for Zlatni Rat being one of the most favourite tourist destinations.

9. Trogir – An Island Town

Croatia Tourism

The island towns of Croatia are popular mostly for their water sports. Trogir has another amazing feature. This town is also a UNESCO world heritage site along with Sibenik.

Trogir is one of the most prepossessing island towns to visit for Croatia tourism. This island town is worth visiting for its scenery and its mind-blowing attractions.

10. Need To Relax? Let Us Visit Mljet

Mljet is one of the best places to spend a relaxing vacation. You can enjoy here for 2-3 days without any stress.

Croatia tourism is all about the amazing facilities. Mljet also has some restaurants and lodges that provide customers with the best facilities.

If you are planning to travel to this place from Dubrovnik, there is good news for you –  Mljet is just 23 miles away from Dubrovnik.

Sobra and Pomena are two of the best places to visit in Mljet. They have the best customer services and amazing facilities.

Hotel Odesej in Pomena is the only hotel on this island!

Adventure is something that people all around the world love.

Mljet tour can be done in a more adventurous way. You can get a bike and ride all the way into the zone of natural beauty and solace.

11. Opatija

Located on Adriatic, Opatija is a magnificent holiday destination. This is one of the best places for Croatia tourism.

Everyone loves the supreme cuisine at Opatija along with the beautiful architecturene.

Adults, kids and senior citizens, everybody can enjoy a tour to Opatija.

This beautiful place gives its visitors a supreme feeling due to its outstanding facilities.

Lunga Mari is a beautiful form of architecture. It has formed an architectural legacy. This place is situated in Opatija.

Opatija also has some of the delicious seafood cuisines with the best wine. This place is totally worth your time and money.

12. Stari Grad

This is a town located on the northern side of the incredible Hvar town. This place has a unique vibe. It is famous for many features and facilities.

This place is not very famous for its beautiful skylines or luxury. It is known for agriculture.

Agriculture is the historical identity of Stari Grad. This is what helped humans in the past to settle there.

This town is also known as the small town.

Hotel Antica is one of the best hotels to stay at Stari Grad. Some other good hotels include Hvareno and Lavanda Sunny Hotel.

Nook, Blue Doors Restaurant, and Fig Stari Grad are some of the most dine worthy restaurants at this beautiful place.

13. Motovun

Motovun is a little village accommodated in a 277-mile hill. This unmissable tourist attraction is tiny and beautiful.

The town walls and the Churches of this little village must be included in your Croatia tourism. You can go for a one day ride and explore all the beauty at Motovun.

Motovun is a place that looks like pictures that have just come out of postcards. The photographs taken at this marvellous place do not need any filters.

The splendid scenery of Motovun includes hills that can be spotted from far away and the exceptional vineyards.

14. Find Tasty Seafood At Ston

We all love seafood. Ston is famous for amazing seafood.

This place is a small settlement in Croatia, just like Motovun. But, this is not the only similarity between the two places, Ston is a marvellous place too!

One of the longest fortresses of Croatia is located at this incredible location. To be very precise, Ston is known for fortresses.

The defensive stone walls of Ston are more than 7 kilometres long. The city of Ston protects the oldest stone wall of this place.

15. Brela – Amazing Croatia Tourism

Croatia tourism is a lot about destinations. Brela, Croatia is one of the most incredible ones.

Brela is undoubtedly one of the most loved coastlines in the Dalmatia region. This beachy area has a long stretch of 6 kilometres.

The Brela area is a pebbly beach. It is also a photogenic beach and is best for mind-blowing photoshoots.


Croatia’s destinations are mind-blowing. However, there are many things apart from the places to visit.

3. Croatia Tourism: 15 Mouth-Watering Food Items Of The Croatian Cuisine

Croatia tourism also includes our favourite thing – Food.

Croatia Tourism

The cuisine of Croatia is delicious. It is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Here are few of the tastiest food items from Croatia that you should try-

1. Brodetto

A tasty yet simple fish stew. It is famous in the Dalmatia region of Croatia.

2. Peka

Peka is another famous dish of the Dalmatia region. It is a perfect mixture of meat with healthy vegetables.

3. Black Risotto

One of the most special seafood items of Croatia is the Black Risotto. It has an amazing seafood small which you just cannot miss.

4. Strukli

Strukli is an unmissable Croatia tourism cuisine item. It is a traditional Croatian dish worth your money.

5. Vitalac

Vitalac is a popular Croatian dish. It has originated from the Brac island of Croatia.  It is a roasted dish made out of lamb.

6. Gregada

A simple yet mouth-watering soup made up of fish and potato. Gregada can be enjoyed in the seaside restaurants of Croatia.

7. Sarma

Sarma is a traditional dish for Croatians during the wintertime. It is a tasty dish made out of meat and healthy veggies like cabbages.

8. Roasted Turkey With Mlincy Pasta

This is one of the tastiest dishes that you must include in your Croatia tourism. The smell of this mouth-watering dish is just irresistible.

9. Cobanac

Another tasty meat dish in Croatia is Cobanac. It is an irresistible form of meat stew.

10. Oily Fish – Bonito

Famous in the Adriatic, oily fish is a mouth-watering dish. This dish is known as Bonito by the Croatians.

11. Kotlovina – An Important Part Of Croatia Tourism

This amazing and unmissable dish belongs to the capital city of Zagreb. It contains stewed meat. It is famous for pork chops and sausages. It is a seasonal dish mostly eaten during springtime.

12. Istrian Soup

This is a tasty and hearty Croatian soup. It can be called healthy as it includes beans in it. You cannot miss this mouth-watering yet healthy soup in your Croatia tourism.

13. Oysters

Croatian islands are famous for seafood.  Oysters are one of the most consumed kinds of seafood in Croatia. Croatian islands have special bars for oysters.

14. Curd

Curd is also another most consumed item in Croatia. It is eaten with several food items.

Curd is the most common food item. It is eaten all over the world but, it tastes better with Croatian cuisine.

15. Octopus Sala7777777777777d

The octopus salad is a delicious dish. It will leave you licking your fingers. The octopus is smoothly cut into rings and put on your plate in the form of a mouth-watering dish.

Most Croatian people do not put vegetables even though it is an octopus salad.

Whenever you go for Croatia tourism, make sure that you eat some of these delicious dishes. These tasty dishes will make your trip even better.

Plus, you can try to make your favourite Croatian dish at home later!


Croatia Tourism

Croatia is as pretty as a picture. This country never fails to surprise its visitors. From the heart-warming people of Croatia to the pretty and aesthetic heritage sites, everything about this country is amazing.

The most important part of Croatia is the magnificent beaches. The coastal towns and beaches of this country add up to its beauty. They are also the most visited tourist attractions of Croatia.

The beauty of the country, combined with the history and amazing facts, makes it one of the most loved tourist attractions.

The cultural heritage and the natural heritage are some of the most important things about this charming European country.

Every new place teaches us something. The growth of Croatia also teaches us so many things. The growth of this country teaches us that we can do anything if we have the will to do it.

They have also ensured good health of the people. Education is also critical in Croatia.

Whenever we visit a new place, we want to enjoy. We can only enjoy with good quality of tourist facilities. Croatia tourism gives this to you too!

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets and travel to Croatia. Enjoy and know how amazing Croatia tourism is!

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