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Crying and Expressing: How Can It Save You?


A study shows that Men are at risk for heart attack much earlier in life than women. There are many reasons for heart attacks like physical health, stress, not having proper diet, unhealthy lifestyle etc. but there is another reason too, which seems small but have a very big effect and that is lack of expressing emotions, locking the emotion in heart and not let it flow out. This is the main problem with man and this leads to risk of heart attacks earlier in man’s life.

The kind of open heart talks which woman does, makes there emotions to come out which man doesn’t do or i can say not allowed to do.

The society we are living in have different sets of rules for man and woman. If a woman doesn’t cry when she leaves her father’s house after marriage, that makes her heartless. If man cries in front of people, then that makes him weak and “less Manly”. Woman and man both are human beings, and humans are made up of emotions. If a woman can cry then why its a shame when a man cries?

Another thanks goes to our film industry who has given us the culture of Mard ko kabhi dard nahi hota”. Holding emotions in will only create more problems. More health issues and more mental pressure. Let your emotions out, speak whatever you feel. When there is flood of emotions and you don’t let it out, it makes your heart feels heavy and this is one of the reason of heart attacks.

To all the mans out there, its OK to cry, its OK to express your emotions. Crying will not make you weak, instead it will make you feel stronger. Crying is the process of body through which it lets out the emotions. After crying your heart will feel light and your mind will calm down.

One secret to a happy life is having the happy relationships with your loved ones. And the best way of having the happy relationship is to express whatever you feel. To speak with them about your problems and stress. In busy life schedule you may be able to avoid your emotions but you will never be able to flush it off unless and until you don’t talk about it or express it to the concern person.

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