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Cuyahoga County: 5 Interesting Things to Know!

Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga County is an amazing place located in the United States. If you are visiting for the first time, then there are a few things you should know about Cuyahoga County.

The United States has several beautiful states, and among them is Ohio. Cuyahoga County is located on the northeast side of the state, and it derives its name from the river of the same name.

Being one of the most populated counties, Cuyahoga County has several fun factors hidden in its treasure. If you are visiting the county for the first time, there are some things that you should know as a visitor.

Cuyahoga County: 5 Interesting Things to Know!

1. The Geography of Cuyahoga County

The dimension of Cuyahoga County is quite impressive, as it is spread in an area of over 1200 miles. But a majority portion of the land is covered underwater.

Even though the land is underwater, Cuyahoga County is the second-largest county of Ohio, and in terms of the population stands in the second position as well.

The county is divided into two sections because of the Cuyahoga River flowing from the middle. It’s amusing how the term ‘Cuyahoga’ translates into ‘crooked river.’

Cleveland is the county’s largest city and is one of the most developed areas of the states. There are two airports located in Cleveland, which makes it the central location for tourist arrival.

2. Brief About the Demographics

Coming to the county’s demographics, you can expect to see people from a diverse ethnic group. The majority of the population consists of Americans, but around one-third of the population is African American.

There are people from other parts of the world as well. A minor population of the county consists of Asian, German, Irish, Canadian, and several other countries of the world.

The immense diversity proves that the language barrier should not be a concern for the tourists. A multicultural environment means that there will be an option for everyone in terms of food and language.

3. Connectivity

If you are a free wanderer and like exploring places without any fixed mode, then it is not a problem in Cuyahoga County.

There are three airports present in the county’s territory, which indicates smooth communication between major cities. Among them, one is an international airport located in Cleveland.

Traveling by train is also an option for tourists as major cities like Chicago, New York, and several other places are easily connected with them by rail.

One of the must-try things in Cuyahoga county is exploring the valley national park by rail because its scenic route will leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Roadways are always one of the best alternatives for those who like exploring cities from a closer view. All major cities are connected to Cuyahoga County by well-functioning and smooth highways.

Exploration within the city is quite smooth and easy, as several public transportations like buses, rapid buses, and trains are available for the visitors.

4. Accommodation

Cuyahoga county is quite a widespread area, which makes opting for an ideal location a confusing task. For the better convenience of first-time visitors, we have mentioned some of the best locations where you can stay based on your preference and priority.

Ohio City should be your preference if you are looking for some food and drinks adventure. The city has free-spirit vibes and lots of places to explore.

Gordon square should be your choice if you are looking at the artistic side of the city. There are several theaters and art clubs located in the area which attract numerous artists every year.

Downtown Cleveland is another good option because it has lots of things to offer to its tourists. There is a wide entertainment option, sports facilities, and amazing architecture that leaves visitors in awe.

Tremont and University circle are few other ideal locations for tourists. These areas offer delicious food options, several museums, and churches as well.

Finding a good hotel or hostel in these areas is not a problem at all, because being a popular tourist destination, the tourism facilities are available at par. There are all kinds of budget and premium and luxury hotels present in Cuyahoga County.

5. Places to Visit

Cuyahoga County has a marvelous human-made and natural wonder that attracts millions of tourists every year. A majority of the places are human-made here in the county, but if you move a few miles away from the city center, nature takes over and mesmerizes the visitors.

1. Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Museum of art is one of the most renowned places to visit in Cuyahoga County. The museum houses a diverse collection of arts and artifacts from around the world.

You can witness over sixty thousand paintings and different arts from Egyptians and Asian countries.

These collections are so valuable that it has made the museum fourth wealthiest museums of the United States. The numbers of visitors are over seven million in approx. That makes it one of the most-visited museums in the world.

The museum was established in the year 1913 and is spread over a huge area of seventy-five acres. With the expansion and changing time, the museum has evolved, and the building itself has become a work of art.

You can witness some of the exclusive painting collections from different parts of the world. Among them, the majority of collections are from Europe, America, and Egypt.

Located in Wade Park District, the Cleveland Museum of Arts is located in the city center and should be on your list because few of the paintings are iconic and preserved here in the museum.

2. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one of the vastly popular destinations of Cuyahoga County. The hall of fame is basically a museum that has preserved the history of rock music and people who have contributed to this genre.

The hall of fame was built in the year 1983, and the building of the museum is an iconic one. The museum has a modern-day elegance and ancient pyramid-style architecture. The building consists of seven levels, and every level features different genres of music and artists.

The greatest artists and bands like Beetles and Paul McCartney have donated some memorabilia of themselves displayed here.

A lot of great artists have been included in the museum, and it is a matter of pride for those artists whose names are added to the list of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

If you are music enthusiasts, then Cuyahoga County has one supreme place worth the exploration. Located on Lake Erie’s shore, the museum hosts several temporary exhibits and concerts, which are attended by thousands of visitors every year.

3. The Arcade

The Arcade is another iconic building present in Cuyahoga County. The Victorian-era building leaves the visitors in awe.

The building is two in number, and it has nine floors, which makes it one of the biggest indoor shopping areas in the United States.

The ceiling of the building has glass, which promotes natural lighting, and it has 300 feet in length. This iconic building of the state was built in the year 1890, which gave birth to the indoor shopping culture in America.

The Arcade has such a phenomenal structure that one of the most prestigious hotel chains Hyatt Corporation, has developed the building and introduced its chain here.  The Arcade will give you a glimpse of the elite side of the county.

The world’s top brands, luxury items, spa, hotels, and premium quality service restaurants are present in the Arcade.

Everything about the arcade is informative and historic. You will get to explore the posh side of the county with the historical building of the county.

4. Cuyahoga valley national park

Exploration of a region remains incomplete without visiting the national parks. In Cuyahoga County, the valley national park is one of the best places to explore in the States. The national park was established in the year 2000.

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is spread in an area of over 130 kilometers, which makes it one of the largest national parks in America. The national park is fully packed with nature’s wonders and amusing places.

There are several human-made structures in the national park, and some private attractions are present as well. These features make this national park an unusual one. The scenic railroad exploration is a must-try thing at Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The park has everything to offer to its visitors. There are things for nature lovers and those who want a mixed experience of things. There are several waterfalls, rivers, rolling hills that add up the adventure during hiking.

An annual festival by the name of the national folk festival is organized in the park. Several outdoor exhibits and concerts are organized in the park to keep the visitors entertained as well.

5. Westside market

Westside market is one of the prominent destinations of Ohio County. Visiting a market is one important aspect of traveling places. It is also among the oldest markets of the county.

The market was established back in the 1840s, and since then, it has remained an active market in the region. It is one prestigious indoor-outdoor market present in Cleveland, Ohio, and has now been registered in National Historic places.

The west side market can be recognized from its iconic tower and wooden frame building. With time, innovation has been done to the building, and today the interior of the market looks appealing.

The market remains open on all days but at different timings. The cultural diversity of the region can be seen in the market.

The market houses some amazing food vendors who have been mentioned as the best destination for food lovers in America. These features make this market worth visiting.

The Ohio coronavirus has affected the market’s liveliness, but the health officials have implemented the advisory system.

6. Public square

Public Square is another human-made wonder of Cuyahoga County that can take your breath away. It is a central plaza located in downtown Cleveland.

The Public Square is spread in an area of over four hectares, and the three tallest buildings of the county face the plaza. The views around Public Plaza are breath-taking and photogenic, of course!

The square consists of mayor statues and civil war soldiers’ sculptures, making the central plaza a monumental area. Landmarks like Old Stone Church and Higbee’s department has become an iconic place because of its inclusion in the movies.

Public Square has witnessed the presence of America’s greatest personalities, which makes it a historic place. Lots of events and festivals are organized in the area, which keeps the tourists entertained.

7. Cleveland Botanical Garden

Cleveland Botanical Garden is one of the oldest gardens of the county as it was established in 1930. The botanical garden has remained a learning center for a long time.

The garden started its journey in a boathouse, and later with expansion, a building was renovated by the architect of Cambridge. The garden features a huge glasshouse which is spread in an area of over seventeen thousand square feet.

The glasshouse has two separate biomes, and there are lots of interesting things for exploration. The small Madagascar desert and cloud forest of Costa Rica are the major attractions of the botanical garden.

A plethora of animals and plants of different species are kept here. There are numerous amazing gardens that keep the visitors engaged and a lot to learn about nature on the way.

These were few things that visitors should be well aware of before heading out for Cuyahoga County exploration. There are lots of places that can be explored in the county. Great people like Mike Dewine have run the land of great political personalities.

In case you are moving into Cuyahoga County, then it is one of the best places to spend a quality life. The basic necessities of education and medical facilities are of supreme quality. The school district and universities are quite reputed and laden with world-class infrastructure.

Cuyahoga County has everything that keeps visitors and locals entertained, and among them, Ohio Swiss Festival is a must-visit event. These were few interesting things that should be kept in mind before starting your Cuyahoga County Expedition!

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