Damon Salvatore: Top 7 Reasons Why He Is Irresistible To Girls!

7 Reasons why

“I do believe in killing the messenger. Know why? Because it sends a message.”

Damon Salvator in Vampire diaries Ian Somerhalder in real life. The series produced by Julie plec is nothing like a regular ‘nice guy’. He does whatever he feels like, without giving a damn about the people who look at him with their ‘judgy little eyes’. He goes around breaking hearts. He sheds blood without any thought. Yet, he rules the hearts of girls around the world building an empire for himself with love and a bigger fanbase.

Buckle up, Vampires, we have 7 reasons why he is universally loved whether it is his friendship with Bonnie Bennett or when he kills Kai. His relation with all other characters like Caroline, Jeremy Gilbert, Matt Donovan, Sheriff Forbes, Alaric Saltzman, Stefan Salvator (played by very hot Paul Wesley) is very interesting and worth watching.

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It is not because girls have a thing for the ‘bad guys’. It is also not because he is supernaturally gorgeous to look at. It is mainly because of the person who he is beneath that exterior of a crazy, impulsive vampire from the TV series, The Vampire Diaries.

It is the complexity of his character which makes us love him and hate him at the same time. The person he is on the inside is so exactly what most of us look for in a man.

Damon Salvatore lives life like there is no tomorrow, and also loves like there is no tomorrow. How could we possibly not fall for him? Plus the Stefan and Elena relationship was also interesting as it made him jealous and fall in love with Elena.

You may have loved him in You’re Undead to Me, where he manages to contact Caroline mentally, in different places like the Mystic Falls High School. It’s what made Caroline eventually come to the dungeon where Salvatore was locked in. Or can we forget his love for Elena played by Elena gilbert?

We came up with a list of reasons why we love this Vampire, peppered with some iconic dialogues of the so-called bad guy. Read on!

1. He has swoon-worthy looks

“You know you were dreaming about me, explains the drool.”

He has the perfect face along with the perfect body. But it isn’t just his looks which make us fall in love with him. His overall personality can make any girl go weak in the knees. Just a stare from those penetrating eyes is enough. When he opens his mouth to deliver his super-witty one-liners, he just shoots up the oomph levels.

2. He has an unparalleled sense of humor.

“Dear Diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today. I told him it was Joe. That lie will haunt me forever.”

He has delivered so many of the best dialogues from TVD, that it is possible to just lose count. No matter how tense the situation is, no matter how big the fix is, he almost always has a witty one-liner up his sleeve.

3. He puts up a complex front.

“I just have to say it once. You just need to hear it. I love you, Elena. And it is because I love you that I can’t be selfish with you, why you can’t know this. I don’t deserve you. But my brother does.”

And after he says this, he compels Elena. Making sure she forgets it just so that his confession wouldn’t be a cause of misery to her and Stefan Salvatore, who is his brother is a very selfless thing to do that you would least expect from a regular killer. This dialogue testifies that he has much more depth on the inside than one would perceive from the way he usually behaves.

4. He is fiercely honest and practical.

“Don’t get me wrong, Stefan. I don’t mind being the bad guy. I’ll make all the life and death decisions, while you’re busy worrying about collateral damage. I’ll even let her hate me for it. But at the end of the day, I’ll be the one to keep her alive.” to brother Stefan.

He is willing to go out and actually get things done, no matter how big his sacrifice needs to be. With all his dark, worst past and torture in his life, he has accepted to be the bad guy and to hide all of his kindness and not to let anyone even know there is something like the word kindness he owns. But he loves everyone. The bond between Stefan and Damon cannot be compared to anyone else.  Need I say more?

5. Even when he doesn’t show it, he really cares.

“When people are good they expect good and I don’t want to live up to anyone’s expectations.”

So he doesn’t show the ocean of love concealed in his gorgeous eyes very often, but he genuinely cares for Stefan, Alaric, Bonnie, and of course, Elena in short all family members. When he reveals that, we can’t help falling in love with him. How many of you have seen him shirtless? We are sure you fell in love with him then.

6. Not just a badass, he is courageous.

“You have ten seconds before I go old fashioned on the new guy.”

This dialogue simply oozes with his badass attitude. Also, how can we forget about how many times Damon killed Alaric and Jeremy on the show but it was the gilbert ring that kept them alive. He is also one of the most tortured characters on TVD, and even while he is being tortured painfully, it neither diminishes his courage nor his one-liners.

7. He is a quintessential romantic on the inside.

“You want a love that consumes you. You want passion. And adventure. And even a little danger.”

And he gives Elena all of that. She is one person for whom he would fight against the world. Don’t we all want a lover like that? Hence, Elena and Damon was an iconic duo. Hell, our hearts broke every time he went through intense emotional pain because of the women he loved. We feel for you, Damon Salvatore*wipes his tears*

Overall Damon Salvatore played an important and intriguing role in all the amazing episodes related to the prison world with him and bonnie stuck lone together, cure of vampirism, vampire hunter, as well as Damon, returns to mystic falls also gave the show much of interesting look where first he was depicted as the bad guy.

No matter what he has always been the best brother where Damon and stefan played it very well together and also damon and elena has been everyone’s all time favourite and most loved. Along with this he is also a very good friend which tells about his inner personality. The friendship of damon and bonnie was very much admired by all the viewers and was almost a drastic change to watch.

We have to accept that when it comes to love he is a great lover whether for katherine pierce who was trapped in the fell church or elena the one for whom damon decided to take the cure. Katherine is the badass doppleganger of elena gilbert who almost killed elena many times in the show and she is also the very first love of his life.

So that is why girls fancy him and guys are so very jealous of him. Why shouldn’t they be, after all? Those enticing eyes, that charming smile, the list of irresistible traits just doesn’t end. Mr. Somerhalder, thank you so much for giving us girls, particularly the single ones, a reason to live *swoons* 😉 <3 And oh, which of these Damon Salvatore  GIF did you like the most?

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  1. Yes damon is hot all in all but you need to see past that he has passion and even if he dont show it he really cares💖 stefan was to surrounded in himself. Yes he cared about elana but he is a player🤣

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