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Dark Room And A Depressed Spider!


As we grow up, we get busy with our lives, and at some point, we tend to forget our idea of life. We start to feel like we don’t have enough time to do all the things we want to do as we immerse ourselves in our work. In this competitive world, hard work is essential to succeed, but living our life the way we want to is equally important. Some days we might not have the space we need or the right people around us and things will seem really chaotic. On days like that, we might need a dark room, just like this guy who is in need of one.

Spider and a man begin.

A man entered a dark room and sat down at one corner of it. He seemed very upset. The room was empty, and the man looked around; there were no humans and no materialistic things in the room. The man thought he was in complete solitude when he saw a spider crawl diagonally towards him. Once he saw the spider, he was jubilant to have it as his companion. He sits and watches the empty wall opposite to him. Every 30 minutes he looks at the Spider, and he is happy that the spider doesn’t intrude on his privacy.

The spider reminds him of the time when he was a little child. He was a boy, and he remembers how he would always run to his mother when he saw a small spider in the bright light. He was scared of them like every child is and hated them. But things have now changed; now, when he sees the spider, he feels happy to have it as his companion. He wishes that his new friend would speak to him now. In an attempt to have a conversation, the man says:

Guy: Hello there, Spider!

Guy: Common! Be nice. Don’t be like humans. Say Hi, I won’t stalk you.

Guy: Fine! Don’t talk, but that will not stop me. How are you?

*spider moves a little since it starts webbing right now*

Guy: You must be wondering why I am talking to you out of all the living things in the world? Let me tell you. You spiders are the best living being in the world. You stay away from us and are scared of us. Despite the fact that you can bite us any time like the mosquitoes, you don’t do so. At least, I haven’t seen you indulge in any such things unnecessarily (Peter Parker, being the only exception). You don’t interfere with our lives, and you offer us one great service of Privacy. Privacy has become Pricey these days. From WhatsApp to what not! We lack privacy everywhere. You guys don’t ask anything of us except for some space at the corners of our room. You neither spoil our life nor make us happy; no other living creature is as neutral as you. Your existence is absent in our minds, and maybe that’s how you like it.

*The spider slowly starts to move towards the opposite corner of the guy*

Guy: Well, I wish you spiders were more beautiful than others. But maybe beautiful souls have no need to look nice. On this planet, you, spiders, must be the most peaceful species. I am not jealous, am just saying. So coming back to my story, I am upset, of what? Lack of Privacy. I am a guy who likes to be alone in my space just like you. I am being pushed, pulled, and forced all day long. Every day I do things for others and don’t find time for myself. I wish the people who force me were here and for this time I would have screamed at them for being so troublesome and talked about your glory to them. All I wish in my life after meeting you is to have a girlfriend. I would love to see her have your character. In your memory I would nickname her – SPIDEY!

*Spider settles at the opposite corner*

Guy: Ah! Looks like you have finally settled. Well, I haven’t settled yet. And I have to tell you why I am talking to you right? Yes, I am upset. It’s because it’s 3 in the morning and I was on my laptop with work for so long. My parents are in my hometown away from here; they call me every day and I am busy every day. As days passed, their calls reduced, best friends became just friends, work became tiresome, and life became messy. I wish to take a break, but it’s not that easy, the pressure at my job is immense, and sometimes I am just forced to work. My 3 AM friends have started to sleep since I became busy. My talks with parents, hangouts with friends, planning road trips, binge-watching TV shows and so much more, I miss them all. I am glad that today at least you were there for me to talk to! I must tell you I feel little less upset now, thanks! Maybe if I talk to you for a week, I might make a change! Ciao!

And as life goes on…

Well, we all go through hectic times at some point in our lives and at times like that, we might end up hurting our beloved, even when we don’t intend to. We will screw up things that were great.

We lose good people, lose our dreams; our little wishes go to the bin, but we got to keep moving. It’s funny how quickly we keep moving on during these times and struggle during heartbreaks. In such times, all we need is a dark room to vent out our inner feelings. A dark room is only a metaphor. You can do various things to release stress. You could try meditation, a short adventure trip but we all need something to light up our lives at dark times. When you feel you are done with the day, slow down a tad bit, go to your dark room and spend some time with yourself. Soon your forgotten wishes, old friends’ birthday dates, and more will pop up into your distant mind. And now you can organize them and schedule them into your busy life. Stay connected with your loved ones, after all, they do care about us! And remember to live your life! P.S: I know some of you would be wondering about the spider’s depression because who cares about an upset person.

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