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A Daughter’s Pride

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We live in a selfish world where everyone thinks of their happiness to sustain. We often forget that when we make a decision, it can affect someone else’s life. Today I wish to tell you about my father- a man who lost his wife, son, and mother in three years.

He chose to live for his daughter, a small girl, and he continues to do so even after several hardships and obstacles- his family forced him to marry again. Still, the responsibility of looking after a three-year-old girl alone did not scare him off. He looked after me by giving away his happiness.

Usually, a daughter is considered her father’s pride, but I feel it’s the other way around here. I feel super proud to have a father like him. It’s always a priceless moment in my life to think of what I am blessed with.

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But during my adolescence, I was totally unaware of it and did not know the value of his love. I hurt him through my actions, like not respecting him, I went through a phase where I felt ashamed to address him as my father in public, but today I stand with pride. Despite all my deeds, my father stood like a rock by me; he believed in me, loved me, and continued to give me all the things I needed without questioning my intentions.

He let me grow on my own by giving me the ultimate freedom. Never did he boast about what he’s done or how much he has sacrificed for me. I don’t think any mother could have done this single-handedly, but my father did so, and I feel proud to be blessed by God with such an awesome father.

By Yuganov Konstantin/ Shutterstock

He taught me how to be a better person, how to forgive people who have wronged me. We have no special relation, and we don’t hug each other every day, we don’t talk a lot, but we always know that we are there for each other.
He is like no other common man that I know. Every father-daughter relationship is different, pure and precious as a father is an anchor, and without a father, there’s no base to hold on to. I feel privileged to have been brought up the way I was because I don’t feel a mother’s loss as I have been loved unconditionally.

He is my hero, and I wish every human could be as selfless as him. Because nowadays, the pace with which relationships are being made and ended, and the families breaking up with no sense of unity, I really feel sorry about the whole thing. We forget that the children are the ones who are getting affected by it. If parents make their decisions more wisely, then the world would be a much better place.


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