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Days After Slap Day: See What Comes After!

Days After Slap Day: See What Comes After!

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We have all seen and probably know Valentine’s Week by heart. Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and finally, Valentine’s Day. Some, however, must know what follows Valentine’s Day: the dreaded Slap Day! Yup, right after giving your love to your significant other, you’re supposed to slap him! That raises the question, are there more days after Slap Day?
The answer is: YES!
There are, in fact, six days after Slap Day. Yes, there is a whole week of special days, even after Valentine’s Week.

Anti-Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s Week celebrates love. The widely celebrated Valentine’s Day is the Saint day of Saint Valentine, who is associated with love. Valentine’s Week furthers this sentiment, with seven days celebrating different aspects of courtship and romance.
The Anti-Valentine’s Week, as the name suggests, is the opposite of this. It celebrates everything that is wrong with love! Seven days of celebrating all things that can go wrong in a romantic relationship: can it get better than this? Love has some terrible faces as well, like Breakups, arguments, unfaithfulness, rejections. You name it. The Anti-Valentine’s Week is an ahem, a celebration of these messy sides of love.
The Anti-Valentine’s Week is celebrated right after the end of Valentine’s Week, precisely from February 15th to February 21st. Seven days celebration seven different aspects of how love can go oh-so-wrong!
It starts with Slap Day, which happens right after Valentine’s Day. There are six more days after Slap Day, which are Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirting Day, Confession Day, Missing Day, and Breakup Day.
Let’s dive deep into the Anti-Valentine’s Week, starting right from Slap Day, and all the days after Slap Day

Slap Day

Celebrated on: February 15th
Before I begin writing on this, let’s be clear on one thing: we do not condone violence of any kind in any relationship. Slap Day doesn’t mean that you will slap someone – the slap is much more metaphorical.
In a way, Slap Day asks you to slap those people out of your life who are toxic to you and harmful to your mental peace. Now that is an idea we can all get behind!

Kick Day

Celebrated on: February 16th
The first of the days after Slap Day is Kick day. Yet another day with an aggressive name, Kick Day has a similar approach to Slap Day. It doesn’t ask you to kick your partner, and we will never support that. What one should do on Kick Day, however, is to “kick” (metaphorically, of course) the negative people from their lives.
Enough with tolerating people who bring down your positivity with their negative vibes! Just kick them out of your life for good, and enjoy your presence to the fullest.

Perfume Day

Celebrated on: February 17th
This is one of the most fun days after Slap Day! Perfume Day is a bliss for all lovers of perfume, and, in fact, for everyone. An excellent smelling perfume is one of the quintessential things in a romantic relationship. We often remember our loved ones by their favorite perfumes, the smells of which linger long after the persons have moved on from our lives.
On Perfume Day, the goal is to celebrate these overlooked perfumes that often spice up our love life! Don’t have a significant other? Don’t worry! Gift yourself a nice perfume – one that suits your image of yourself. It will be a part of your “brand” from today. Have someone you like? Then gift him or her a perfume that would suit the person the best!

Flirting Day

Celebrated on: February 18th
Flirting Day is the third of days after Slap Day, and one might argue about its place in Anti-Valentine’s Week. After all, isn’t flirting a part of what love is all about? The answer is NO! Flirting, in this context, refers to the extra-relationship flirting that is often decoded as “cheating,” and it the reason for many breakups!
But on Flirting Day, you’re free to flirt to your heart’s content! Wake up the dashing love guru inside you, and get on with your flirting game. Have someone you’ve liked for a long time? Quit waiting and get on with him/her – show your flirting skills. Otherwise, go to a bar and flirt with the single ladies/gentlemen there! On this Day, let us celebrate the (difficult) art of flirting.

Confession Day

Celebrated on: February 19th
Confession Day celebrates the art of confessions. Confessions, especially ones involving dark secrets, are often negative in a relationship (although it really shouldn’t!). People are often hesitant to accept others after they confess to something unsavory. Therefore, when people are in a relationship, they’re usually scared of admitting.
But on Confession Day, shed all your inhibitions and confess away! You can choose your best friend or your therapist or even a close family member, and confess a secret to them. You feel lighter and better

Missing Day

Celebrated on: February 20th
Missing Day commemorates all those days when we curl up as a miserable ball because we are missing our partners! The feeling of missing your significant other is a terrible day indeed, and it is a feeling that is revisited during the Missing Day, which is the fifth of days after Slap Day.
Have a particular person on your mind for a long time? Yes, you are “missing” that person very much, then! In the spirit of Missing Day, walk down the memory lane and cherish all the moments you made with that person. Open that old album books, or look at your phone’s gallery, and glance at your old photographs with him or her. Missing Day is indeed one of the saddest of days after Slap Day!

Breakup Day

Celebrated on: February 21st
The ultimate Day of all days after Slap Day! The grand finale of the Anti-Valentine’s Week is (obviously) the dreaded Breakup Day. A week that is devoted to celebrating all things anti-love can never end without a “breakup”! On Breakup Day, we celebrate the mixed feeling that is a breakup.
Breakups hurt. They can be messy or clean, quick or long-drawn: whatever the case be, breakups hurt. Like hell. But breakups are often wrongly painted as villains in a world that’s so gushed up over the concept of love. Often breakups bring positive changes to a person’s life, especially if the recent past relationship was a toxic one.
So on Breakup Day, analyze your relationship (if you have one, that is). Does this relationship satisfy you? Do you want better? Analyze thoroughly, and if the answer is no, then you know what to do (BREAKUP, you dummy!). There are other things you can do also. Know a friend who is going through a tough breakup? Be a shoulder of support for him or her. It helps. Breakups can be good or bad, but they hurt, at least momentarily. So buckle up and support people who are going through such breakups, and one day they’ll support you in return!
Now that you know all about the days after Slap Day and the entire Anti-Valentine’s Week put them in your calendar for next year and start making plans right away! Want to know when the Anti-Valentine’s Week is on 2021? Click here!

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