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Dental Treatments That Have Been Invented Thanks to Technology


In the modern era, technology supports people every day, from the most mundane ways like unlocking a car without needing to put the key in the keyhole, all the way to lifesaving treatments from healthcare professionals. Technology is truly amazing in all that it has done and that it continues to do. 

Technology does so many magnificent things that so many of those achievements are swept under the rug and are never given the recognition they deserve. Some of these include what technology has done for dentistry – so many techniques and types of new equipment have been invented, all thanks to the help of technology. 


  • Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry means that there is no need for a drill in some procedures and treatments, and therefore the treatments are painless. It is also much more time-efficient; instead of multiple painful visits, it has been reduced to one painless visit with the help of this technology. For anxious patients who get nervous when going to the dentist and would normally have to go under an anesthetic, this is a welcome advancement. 

For many people, procedures that involve a drill can be frightening because of the pain they can cause, but now many more patients can go to the dentist without fear and can get the treatment they need.

  • Improvements in Veneers

A common cosmetic dental treatment is dental veneers, which are used to improve the visual appearance of teeth, and now, with the help of technology, they are even better than they were before. 

Before this advancement, the tooth-like shell made for the patient would require extra room in the mouth, which meant that the teeth had to be reshaped to make room. Now, the material that the veneer is made from has been greatly improved. It can be made thinner because it is stronger and more reliable, meaning less of the original tooth has to be removed.

  • Intraoral Cameras

For check-ups, it’s vital that a dentist gets a full, detailed picture of the patient’s mouth. With intraoral cameras, they can do just that. The use of a camera allows the dentist to see hard-to-reach places in the patient’s mouth, all through high definition images to retain accuracy. 

Dental products like intraoral cameras provide better accuracy for check-ups and make sure that the dentist can thoroughly assess a patient’s needs. 

  • VELscope

Preventive care and diagnosis are also an essential part of a dentist’s job, which VELscope technology helps them to do. The VELscope involves shining a light into the patient’s mouth that will reveal any abnormalities or things that could be a concern. With this technology, dentists are much more able to identify and diagnose any kind of disease and do so quickly, so that patients can get the care they need. 

For oral cancer screenings, VELscopes are especially useful. 

Dentistry has been greatly advanced due to the help of technology. Now, treatments are much more effective, faster-acting and painless. Therefore, be sure to always schedule regular dental appointments with your Dentist in La Habra to avoid dealing with severe gum diseases or unhealthy teeth. After all, when it comes to healthcare, it is always safer to go for frequent check-ups and earlier treatments than to wait till it’s too late

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