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Take a Vacation ! You Need It.


Person 1: Ready for a vacation soon?

Person 2: Eh, not yet. Maybe after I am done with this.

And “THIS” is a bug in almost everyone’s life. The bug may arise from being a workaholic, family boundaries, and so on. But don’t we all ignore the patch made available to us at some point in our lives? The patch that can nullify or at least decrease the stress that occupies our mind is relieving us through ‘vacations.’ According to the ‘2015 Vacation Deprivation Survey’ which was conducted to analyze the vacation habits among countries and not to our great surprise, India ranks fourth and thus globally topped the list. The survey was conducted from October 6th to October 22nd, 2015, across 26 countries among 9273 employed adults aged 18 and above.

How travelling REJUVENATES?

As the old saying in India goes, “Eating the same old dal roti will bore you someday or the other.” Analogously, having a monotonous life will do the same for you, and this is where traveling to new places can teach you a lot. Even if you have your own temporary life, traveling introduces you to new customs, languages, people, and lots more. Temporarily leaving an old life and adapting to a new place for some time soothes your mind and rejuvenates you from within; when you come back again, work is no longer an option. To recognize self-destructive patterns in life, traveling is necessary.


Dealing with problems at work can lead to fatigue, stress, depression, sleeping disorders, anxiety, high blood pressure, and even stroke in extreme cases. Research has shown that after just three days of vacation, subjects had fewer physical complaints, slept better, and, of course, were in a better mood. Vacations can keep us healthy by reducing our stress which is a gateway to other problems. The Framingham Heart Study, a long-term observational study, revealed clearly that men who did not take the occasional vacation were 30% more likely to have a heart attack.

Coming back with a deep tan and a bright sunny smile on your face.

Imagine every colleague in your office waiting to hear about all the exciting things you did, the places you visited, and so much more from you. Then at the same time, there would be people who secretly wish ‘if only I were in their place, then how bright my days would be.’ Going out with family will make your friends go gaga about your trip. Believe me, whether they accept it or not, they would be more excited than you think. Believe me, when my friends were out on vacation, I would long to hear all the interesting tales they had to share.



So DON’T forget these things when you go on vacations!

Turning off Phones: No one is unaware of the sort of victims we are when it comes to our phones. Give your phone a break too when you are on a break, especially, you workaholics postpone all your work-related activities beforehand.

Working on your Personal Life: Taking vacations and enjoying every bit of it also gives you the chance to invest much more time in your personal life, which may have taken a backseat for some time. If you are out with your family, you are already going to make so many memories. If you are out with friends or a partner, it’s the best time to get to know them too.

Quality over Quantity: As it’s already said, it’s always the quality that matters more than quantity. But if you take a vacation for months, it’s going to take its toll on your professional life. So, plan very carefully on how you are going to make the most of it.
Every vacation not only gives you fun and enjoyment, but it has so much to teach you as well. The experience of meeting new people and visiting new places perfectly blends with the mouth-watering prospect of new foods. The resultant rejuvenation will always be a part of your memory for the rest of your life. Who knows, maybe your professional and personal needs may also be satisfied during these vacations. Let us make the anti-depression  “Vacations” a part of our life’s journey and prescribe it to ourselves anytime we need it.


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