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Dialogues Cafe- Where you literally buy time!


With all the hustle-bustle in today’s world, people forget to give time to things that really matter. With busy schedules and heaps of work, managing your time gets tough. But, a café in Bangalore is helping change that. Dialogues Cafe located in Koramangala, Bangalore charges you based on the time you spend there. You could eat what you want and have your favorite cup of coffee for free while sitting in a corner reading a book and only pay for the amount of time you spent here!

Yes, this Bangalore café charges you for the time spent on it and already has throngs of people visiting it. A great idea, no doubt, the café was started by Ankit Gupta and Saurabh Priya. The café was Ankit’s idea, and when he mentioned it to family and friends, all he received was support. Everybody found it to be an interesting concept, Ankit tells us. The two owners went on to say that the main purpose of the café is to give the customers their own space along with a good ambiance and a good time.

The café has a lot of pros. Among the definite perks of this café is the permission to order food from outside, or bring your own tiffin. Dialogues Café has a reading room, conference room, smokers’ corner, open air lower deck, and café area. The reading room is piled up with a variety of books. Many customers even exchange books here by taking home one of the café’s books and leaving behind a book of their own! Many start-ups and offices are located nearby. Uber has already conducted a seminar at Dialogues Café while many entrepreneurs see this as a perfect location to conduct meetings.

The Café is similar to any other café in Bangalore with greenery, open space, bean bags and a good seating area. It has a menu like all others providing chai, coffee and a list of food. The menu changes twice in a day. While one is a breakfast menu, the other menu has been made for dinner time. The charges are not so bad. Dialogues charge Rs 190 for the first hour and then Rs 3 per minute, at a maximum charge of Rs 1,000 for a day. There is a weekly plan for Rs 3,400, and monthly plan for Rs 6,900 per head which is a favorite among the working crowd as it provides them a peaceful atmosphere for work with a much more exciting surrounding.

Therefore, this café is a must go to place for all you Bangaloreans! The café also aims to open up new branches in other cities after a couple of years.

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