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Different Types of Dance You Can Learn

Different types of dance
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‘Dance’ – Just hearing the word automatically makes you move and brings a smile to your face.

As a kid, whenever you heard music or even simple beats, I am pretty sure that the first reaction to it was your body moving to it without knowing the different types of dance, wasn’t it? Till date, your body automatically grooves to the song you are listening to.

Growing up, those moves became a part of your life, and it makes you take an interest in the art form. Dance is one of the biggest forms that one can explore and reach different places.

To continue the journey towards this passionate world, let us find out the path leading to it by knowing about different types of dance one can learn.

Learn About The Different Types Of Dance!

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1. Ballet

Before evolving as a dance form to be viewed by the people in France and Russia, ballet dance was originated during the Italian renaissance. The dancers enact different kinds of stories depicting love, freedom, and many more under classical music.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear ballet are ballerinas in tutus and their shoes and how gracefully flexible the dancers are. Today, ballet dance has developed in different forms like classical ballet, contemporary ballet, neoclassical ballet, and more.

Ballet includes a variety of styles starting from minimal use of props and costumes to many changes. Ballet is a combination of skill, grace, and technique, which makes a ballet student capable.

Several art schools around the world are famous for ballet, one of the different types of dance.

2. Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dance originated in France but is now known worldwide, showing the connection between two partners. The ballroom dance is a partner dance, and there are different competitions held all over the world.

There are different types of dance in the ballroom dance, such as “Waltz,” which was first introduced in the 19th century and is a graceful and slow dance between two people.

Other than that, the different types of dancing include Tango, Jive, and much more that one can learn.

3. Contemporary

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Contemporary dance, which is currently the most famous in the US and Europe, needs the skill set of a ballet dancer.

Along with it, contemporary dance shows quite a lot of footwork and torso movements. The strong stress on the torso and the multiple and simultaneous actions done by the dancer makes it very unpredictable, along with the free leg movement.

This type of dance is on a very professional level. This dance that started in the early 20th century is still growing day by day in dance.

4. Hip Hop

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Hip Hop, a famous street dance form, is one of the most famous forms of dance that originated from African Americans. The Africans, while celebrating their independence, showed the world their culture through their dance.

This was the original African American dance which later, with more modifications and styles, was named Hip Hop. Some of the well-known moves of Hip Hop dancing are breaking, locking, and popping. These moves got out when these dance videos became viral on the internet.

Along with different shows and hip-hop music, this style is also performed a lot on the street while the people passing by the watch, which is why it also comes under the category of street dance.

Hip Hop is one of the most energetic types when it comes to different types of dance.

5. Jazz

The jazz dance is another deviation from classical dance forms and comes under the list of African American dance because of its origin. This style of dance usually includes very energetic yet dramatic movements.

The jazz dance shows are done worldwide with some of its most famous moves, including lindy hop, the shimmy, and even the Charleston move. The grace and the drama make it a medium for storytelling out of the different types of dance.

6.Tap Dance

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Tap dance – the name itself gives an idea about what this style is mainly about. The dancers wear shoes with a metal piece attached to the heel and the toe tip, enhancing the sound when they tap their feet on the wooden floor.

This form mainly focuses on the rhythm when performed in groups for a pleasant sound. Tap dance is a unique form when it comes to different types of dance forms. 

7. Folk Dance

Folk dance is a type of dance form where one’s culture is portrayed as a story. Folk dances are different in different places depending on their culture.

Different stories such as heritage or even their day-to-day life are shown. People of all ages and all kinds can take part in this without having much experience.

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Folk dances normally occur during people gatherings or festivals to attract the people and teach them about the culture. For example, Hula is a folk dance in Hawaii. 

Bharatanatyam is also a type of folk dance of India, which mainly originated in Tamil Nadu and came under classical dance. This dance form requires grace along with energy. It is a mixture of songs with hand actions and steps with the beats. 

Samba is the folk dance of Brazil. The rhythm of the Samba music automatically moves your body.

In many countries, Folk dances are also done to give respect to religion.

Folk dances are the most cultural type of form out of the other different types of dances.

8. Irish Dance

Irish dance, as the name suggests was originated in Ireland hundreds of years ago. Irish dance involves a lot of footwork, and they wear long skirts, which are used to make different formations in the choreography. Teamwork is the most important thing in this style.

This dance form is compared to tap dance as even these dancers wear shoes with fiberglass for the sound to be enhanced. The upper body is usually stiff and not put to much use while dancing.

These dances are also held normally in public gatherings and occasions and are normally performed in competitions. Apart from the team, there is also a type of solo Irish dance quite similar to solo tap dance.

9. Modern Dance

 Modern dance is more of a freestyle where the dancer generally doesn’t follow a fixed choreography but rather enjoys the moment and lets the emotions speak from within. It originated in western countries.

Instead of just depicting the steps they practiced, they use their body movements to convey a story or their emotions.

This gives modern dance a personal touch out of all the different types of dance.

10. Latin Dance

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Latin dances, which are most prevalent in North and South America, is a type of social dance as it is not a solo dance but is done with a partner. These dances mainly show fire, passion, and energy between the two people. There are many different types of dance that come under Latin dance. Some of those are Salsa, Jive, and Bachata.

These dances are done in different tempos, from slow romantic songs to full of adrenaline and exciting songs.

11. Belly Dance

Belly dance is a unique type of dance form where only your belly and abdomen area is used. This style is comparatively difficult to learn but is very beautiful to see.

The movement of the torso and the hips to the beats of the music defines this dance among the different types of dance.

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12. Aerial Dance

One of the most difficult yet amazing dance forms is the aerial dance form. As the name suggests, the dancer is supposed to hang mid-air using different props and perform steps.

This dance needs proper years of training and expertise. It started in the 1970s and has been growing as one of the different types of dance ever since.

These are some of the different types of dance all around the globe. The list doesn’t stop here as the dance forms keep growing and growing into new styles and art forms for one to learn.

This is a small peek inside the curtain to the world of dance and helps you understand the different types of dance.

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Performing on stage or even doing such small competitions brings you such joy that one cannot contain because once you fall in love with dancing, there is no going back.

Dance is something that will always hold a special place in your life whether you decide to take it on a professional level or keep it just as a hobby you love.

Learning more about the different types of dance helps you get better knowledge before pursuing your passion and finding out what you are interested in.

So always keep the fire burning which helps you channel your inner passion. In a word, it means “Dance.”



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