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Discover 5 Best Spy Apps For Android

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Spy apps help monitor someone’s calls, messages, and location. Whatever the reasons, the Best Spy Apps for Android mentioned here have a trustworthy record and usability for your needs.

5 Best Spy Apps for Android: For Every Need

Before progressing in the article, you must know the difference between spyware and spy app. Spyware is a type of malware installed by a third-party app development company without the user’s consent to steal data.

A spy app is installed to monitor other’s cellphone activities with the owner’s consent. It is legal until it maintains privacy guidelines.

1. Spyic

Let us start with one of the best spy apps for Android known for definitive parental control and remote monitoring: Spyic. It is trusted for phone calls, messages, and location tracking. Some remarkable features include:

(i) Message Monitoring

The text message spy allows you to read all sent and received messages on the target device (children or employees). You can also read the deleted messages. It helps you find the senders’ or receivers’ contact numbers, pictures, and names.

(ii) Location Tracking

Parents often worry about their children’s frequent parties and movements in unknown areas. Spyic understands this and offers a useful phone location tracking app. You can easily view the present and past Wi-Fi and GPS-based locations. You can also track movements with addresses and geographical coordinates.

(iii) Stealth Mode

The stealthy spy utility in Spyic makes it one of the best spy apps for Android. It runs in the background, and it is nearly impossible to find the main user. It neither affects the battery power nor slows down the processor.

(iv) Social Media Tracking

If you are worried about whether your target is spending excessive time on social media, Spyic has a trustworthy social media tracking service for you. You can anonymously track their Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, and Instagram activities. You can track:

  1. Private messages and group chats.
  2. Photo profiles of the people the target chats.
  3. The exchange media files on Instagram.
  4. Snapchat media exchange with chats and duration.
  5. Call records, chats, and media on Viber.

(v) Browser History Tracking

It is not easy to track someone’s internet preferences. Spyic helps you track the target’s web browsing habits. It also provides a mini-description of visited websites.

The best part of Spyic: you don’t need to root, and the installation is easy. Install it to track the target’s location, messages, calls, and social media activities.

2. Flexispy

One of the best spy apps for Android, Flexispy is the ideal spy software for dynamic monitoring. It makes you able to see everything happening on the target’s Android phone comfortably. It silently captures all the information and allows you to view or listen without the target’s knowledge.

Flexispy comes with more than 150 exciting features. You can monitor all forms of messaging, web browsing, and social media activities in one place. Let’s explore some astounding features of this genuine spy app:

(i) Live Phone Calls Recording

Live phone call recording is a unique feature of this one of the best spy apps for Android. With Flexispy, you can remotely record any incoming or outgoing call of the target device. After the recording, you can listen to it immediately or download it to your device.

(ii) Location Tracking

Flexispy offers you comfortable tracking of the target device. It’s easy to track the target location and replay past movements with it. You can also export the paths to Google Maps.

(iii) Easy Contacts Tracking

With an improved spy technology, you can view Android contacts and calendar entries. You also get a complete backup for future reference. This feature is unique and makes Flexispy a smart choice.

(iv) Social Media and Web Browsing Tracking

It allows you to spy over numerous Android messaging apps like Facebook, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Snap Chat, and many more. You can also spy over browsing history, bookmarks, date and time of visit, and a complete URL list. You can also track the suspicious behaviour of your employees and children over the internet.

(v) Application Tracking

Not all spy apps for Android allow you to track the target’s application data. Flexispy is a frontrunner in this area. It provides you with a list of installed apps on the target’s phone with installation dates and other details. You also get the launches, uninstallation, and other details.

(vi) Media Files Viewing and Tamper Control

It enables you to access all the media files: audio and video of the target’s phone. You can track all the images they click on or keep in their phone gallery. You can tamper control mischievous activities by 100% undetectable mode.

The above features qualify Flexispy as one of the best spy apps for Android. Check for the free trial and feel amazed by its exclusive features.

3. uMobix

uMobix is specially designed for parents who want to monitor their kids’ activities in real-time. Among the best spy apps for Android, it monitors more than 30 apps and social media platforms. This powerful tracking app helps you protect your child from internet threats.

Some mentionable features are:

(i) GPS Location Tracking

With advanced GPS-location technology, it helps monitor your kid’s movement on the map anytime. The information is always correct with complete location history. It also allows you to open each place your kid visited recently.

(ii) Device Info Tracking

The most distinguishing feature of this app is tracking complete information about the target’s device. It includes:

  1. Target device model.
  2. Its storage.
  3. Battery and manufacturing details.
  4. Wi-Fi.
  5. Time-zone

Such information provides the device’s condition, battery status, and storage condition. You can inform your kid if there is any software or hardware threat.

(iii) Messaging Apps and Social Media Monitoring

Teenage is a phase when your kid needs proper guidance for emotional gushing. It’s a common habit for teens to express themselves on social media emotionally. They disclose some emotional and private ideas that could be inappropriate for social exposure. In such conditions, the uMobix social media monitoring utility gives you a chance to tackle this problem.

With this app, you can track your kid’s social media profiles on different platforms. It tracks Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, and Snapchat and captures and saves the screenshots of every movement. It makes you aware of secret chats and plans over messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger.

(iv) Calls, SMS Tracking

SMS has become a powerful e-commerce tool used to receive product confirmation, OTP, taxi booking, and many more. With this effective monitoring app, you can track your kid’s buying, ordering, and whereabouts of visited places. The call tracking feature presents you with contact info, timestamps, and types of calls.

uMobix tracks all keyboard activities in web browsers, apps, and emails. With such comprehensive monitoring features, uMobix ranks among the best spy apps for Android.

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4. Mobistealth

Mobistealth is one of the best spy apps for surveillance. It offers an all-in-one monitoring solution. It has also ranked among the best spy apps for kids. It keeps you undetectable, and you don’t need to root it on your phone.

Let’s find out some exclusive features of this one of the best spy apps for Android:

(i) Surround Recording

Imagine listening to the target’s surroundings in the comfort of your time. Mobistealth records the surrounding sound and saves it for later listening. This is an exclusive feature available only for Android users.

(ii) Gmail Tracking

Its e-mail tracking app allows you to monitor the target’s Gmail activity. It includes tracking the sender’s and recipient’s addresses, the content of emails, and history. It is a remarkable feature that ranks Mobistealth among the best spy apps for Android.

(iii) Key Logging

This unique feature allows you to:

  1. Remotely track the key logs.
  2. Monitor the target’s keystrokes, logged on to the phone.
  3. Track case-sensitive key logs.

(iv) GPS Tracking

With Mobistealth, you can track the target’s location even if GPS is not active on the phone. It comes with an in-built online map on the dashboard that gives a complete picture. The location updates appear in 8 minutes intervals.

(v) Chat Messengers Monitoring

You can also track the target’s social media activities through this spy app. It helps you remotely monitor all popular chat messengers including, Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many more.

The exclusive features of Mobistealth rank it among the best spy apps for Android. It is one of the best spy apps for parents to feel comfortable with the target’s exact locations, social media activities, and web browsing tendencies.

5. KidsGuard Pro

The final name in the best spy apps for the Android list is KidsGuard Pro, developed by pioneer internet security solution provider ClevGuard. With its trustworthy features, it is popular among parents for controlling their children’s internet activities. Once this spy app is installed on the target’s device, it collects all the related data logs and uploads them to the user device.

Some mentionable features of KidsGuard Pro are:

(i) Geo-Fencing

You can set up a geo-fence and monitor your child’s entry and exit into the virtual boundary. You get alerts about the movement on your phone.

(ii) Phone Monitor

It monitors call logs and provides complete data about your kid’s interaction over calls. You get complete detail of call logs, timestamps, and all incoming and outgoing calls.

(iii) Internet Browsing History Monitoring

It also comes with dependable internet monitoring. You can check for any inappropriate internet behaviour. Moreover, it allows you to block inappropriate content on the target’s device.

(iv) Social Media Monitoring

One of the advanced features of KidsGuard Pro is monitoring multiple social media accounts remotely. From WhatsApp to Skype and Viber to Tinder, you can check all the social media activities comfortably.

(v) Advanced Remote Controlling

You can record phone calls, capture screenshots, and take secret photos by using the remote-control function.


All the best spy apps for Android mentioned here have impressive user reviews. They are much better and reliable spy apps than the free apps available on the internet. Unlike free apps, they never compromise your privacy. You don’t need to root them and rely on complete concealment of your identity. You can use them comfortably to monitor your employees, spouses, and kids.

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