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8 dishes from the North East You Have to Try


The northern east part of the country is home to very exotic views and exciting culture, however, the most overlooked yet very alluring factor which adds to the beauty of the already beautiful states of Northeast is their food and the flavors they offer.

Here’s a list of some of the delicacies you can try out next time you visit:

Masor Tenga- Assam

Served with chilies and steamed rice, the dish is prepared with ridge ground, lime and very small amount of spices. Masor Tenga means ‘sour fish’ and has a tangy flavor.

Smoked pork with Anishi- Nagaland

Other meat items can be prepared with Anishi too but smoked port best compliments its taste. Anishi is brewed yan leaves, carries a very strong flavor and mixes with spicy pork.

Dokhleikh- Meghalaya

It is a salad, a pork salad. Something, both healthy and tasty.  In the process, Pork is cooked in the pressure cooker and combine it with the rest of the ingredients.

Jadoh- Meghalaya

The dish is prepared by cooking pork meat and rice together and is preferably enjoyed with a chutney of brewed soybeans.

Vawksa Rep- Mizoram

Add the paste of ginger and garlic, sauce of oyster, the meat of pork, spinach, and mushrooms, and you have reached to the basic list of the ingredients used to prepare this dish. It is mostly consumed in winters and rainy days. People who have a choice of spicy food add chopped chilies to it too.

Kinema Curry- Sikkim

Kinemma curry has its origin from Nepal but is more than just famous in Sikkim, it’s a part of their culture now. The dish is a curry of soybeans. The spicy dish is enjoyed with steamed rice.

Chhurpi- Sikkim

There are hard Chhurpi and there are soft Chhurpi, the former is eaten like a toffee whereas the latter is used to prepare spicy dishes.

Bai- Mizoram

The dish can be available for both, vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The dish is kind of vegetable soup, cooked with rice, and can be modified into a non-vegetarian dish by simply adding any meat of choice.

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