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5 Documentaries Everyone Needs To Watch


Blackfish (2013)

If you are willing to watch a documentary where you will forget halfway that the matter of subject is an Orca whale, and start thinking that the documentary is revolving around a serial murderer. The documentary is claimed to be one of the finest nature documentaries. The documentary very riveting showcases the sea world and the extraordinary wit these mammals posses.

The Thin Blue Line (1988)

I know what you’re thinking, no, we are not talking about that Rowan Atkinson show. The thin blue line we are talking about here is crime investigation documentary. The documentary revolves around the investigation of murder of a police officer in Dallas. Back in 1988 when the documentary came out, it was a completely out of the box concept.

Heart Of Darkness (1991)

It is one of the very serious documentary and strongly recommended for anyone who is a cinephile, especially a fan of serious movies. The documentary revolves around the shoot of Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse, which was nothing less than extra-ordinary. A very popular sitcom, community also aired an episode inspired by the shoot of the movie. The movie contained everything from close-death experiences to director losing his mind.

Man On Wire (2008)

The Documentary is based on a man Phillipe Petit who walked between the Twin Towers on a tightrope in 1974. Petit’s narration of the event makes the documentary nothing short of legendary. It is funny and heart warming at the same time.

When We Were Kings (1996)

When we were kings is a documentary showcasing the life of Muhammad Ali. The life of Muhammad Ali has been tried to film i many movies and documentaries but when we were kings is acclaimed to be the best by majority of people. The documentary shows one of the most legendary fight of Ali’s life, the one with George Forman.

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