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Does It Matter Which Type of Mask You Wear?

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Across the globe, the count of COVID-19 cases still keeps soaring, with India being one of the highest affected countries. After the initial phases of lockdown in the nation, things have started to get normal again. But the fight against COVID-19 is still on. That being said, your safety now totally lies in your own hands. 

As per the CDC guidelines, you should avoid going out of home unless absolutely necessary. Even then, you must wear a good quality mask as a safety measure to stay protected. 

Does It Matter Which Type of Mask You Wear? 1

Ever since the lockdown began on account of Coronavirus, most people are troubled with a common question – “Which mask should I buy to prevent contracting COVID-19 disease?”

Look around, and you will find pharmacies and local stores selling a wide range of masks, be it surgical masks, designer masks, home-made masks, or antiviral masks. Deluded with the options, you might have also bought masks that look good and are comfortable, not knowing the fact whether they will offer the protection you expect. 

Which Types of Mask Work Better?

These days, there is a big misconception prevailing amongst the masses. Many believe that wearing just about any cloth piece over the mouth and nose offers protection against the harmful viruses. However, the truth is that different types of mask work differently to prevent various pathogens from entering our bodies. On the one hand, there are antiviral masks that allow you to inhale clean air. While on the other, there are breathable masks that are comfortable to wear.

Let us compare a few types of masks to help you decide which one you should buy.

  • Surgical Masks

Does It Matter Which Type of Mask You Wear? 2

Being the most common type of masks in the market, surgical masks are also the cheapest ones. They are slightly loose fitted around the nose and mouth and used for protection against splashes of droplets of bodily fluids/water. They are available in different sizes and colors, the most popular of which is the blue mask with white stripes. 

While you can cover your mouth and nose with a commonly available surgical mask, it cannot offer complete protection from Coronavirus or similar other microbes in the air. It is because it has loose gaps through which pathogens can easily pass to reach the airways. 

Hence, it is recommended that you either use a high-grade surgical mask or another type of face cover to stay safe.

  • N95 Masks

An N95 respirator mask is another popular mask type that is widely used to control the spread of Coronavirus. Compared to surgical masks, they fit better over the mouth, thus preventing the outflow of bodily fluids. 

As per the name, N95 masks filter pollutants and germs of size 0.3 microns or around with 95% efficiency. You can also find these masks with an exhalation valve that tends to clear out humidity build-up. Because of the quality and features, they are expensive than surgical masks but are worth the price for the protection offered. 

An N95 antiviral mask does not cause any difficulty in breathing while you wear it for a long period. It is highly breathable and approved/tested by NIOSH to adhere to quality standards. 

  • Activated Carbon Masks

As the name suggests, this type of masks contains activated carbon filter in it to clean pollutants and germs. They are highly recommended to people living in polluted cities having a low air quality index. You may also find people wearing these masks to combat both air pollution, and virus spread as a part of life. 

As a good quality mask, an activated charcoal mask does work well in cleaning the air you breathe. However, itis not the best choice for protection against Coronavirus, asit can only trap a miniscule number of viruses. Thus, the risk of contracting the disease still persists even after wearing them all the time.

Stay Safe and Healthy by Wearing a Suitable Anti-Viral Mask

Just as in real-life battles, you cannot fight and win over an enemy with less-effective artillery. Think of an antiviral mask as your weapon in the fight against Coronavirus. That is why selecting the right type of mask is essential. If you feel confused about different types of masks, go for popular antiviral masks from renowned brands like Nirvana Being.

They offer a range of breathable, globally certified masks for protection against COVID-19. Make sure you gather the required knowledge on how to choose a mask for regular wear.

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