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Dolphins and Humans: The Real stories

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History has witnessed the empathy and warm behavior of dolphins especially towards humans. There have been many instances where dolphins have come to rescue humans. Despite the sad truth that humans have only lessened their existence, they still have their natural behavior of gratitude.

Dolphins are the most adorable creatures with an even more great gesture. It has also been witnessed that dolphins in the areas near Brazil and Myanmar have helped fishermen to capture fishes. This is not something that humans have taught them but it is their natural behavior.Dolphins and Humans: The Real stories 1

They take the fishes towards the fishermen and then signal them when to use the net to catch them. Also, the fishermen make sure that the dolphins get their share for this. Isn’t it so adorable to find such beautiful gestures between humans and dolphins ?

It has also been seen that dolphins help other species underwater whenever in trouble. They have always been an aid to whales stuck in shallow water or other species. Here are some real life incidents to prove this point :

  1. In the Ocean

In 2002, a man named Grant Dickson was with some of his friends, fishing in Northern Queensland. After sometime, the vessel collapsed in water and he found himself alone in the middle of that huge ocean. He had some wounds bleeding badly and he suddenly realized that he was surrounded with sharks. As soon as the fear triggered, he noticed a pod of dolphins coming to his rescue. They managed to scare away the sharks and fooled them somehow. Lastly, Grant Dickson was rescued safety by the dolphins.

2) Saving You From Sharks

In 2004, a group of lifeguards and a woman were training when they encountered a white shark, almost 3 meters in length. Fortunately, a pod of dolphins arrived there and surrounded the woman and group. The dolphins waved their tales and created a lot of noise to dissuade the sharks from there. They did this until the sharks left and the people were rescued.

3) Acting as a Barrier

A 24 year old surfer, Todd Endris was practicing his favorite water sport in August 2007. Little did he realize that he will encounter a huge white shark that tried to gallop him and also gave him two severe bites. He could sense his death when he saw fifteen bottlenose dolphins that surrounded him to protect him from the shark. He slowly reached the shore with the dolphins acting as a barrier between him and the shark. Even though he had some wounds, he recovered safely.

Dolphins have this sympathizing approach for all species, man or animals. They are found rescuing people, helping species get out of danger and also helping fishermen. That’s the reason dolphins have always been looked at as the most humble creature. They are beautiful both inside out.

Researchers have a lot to say about this behavior of the dolphins. They have often been compared to as mothers who save their offspring. Isn’t that so amazing that God’s creation is simply astounding at every point of time. No matter what research you perform, some things are eternally natural.

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