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Get to Know the Dreadful Signs of Death by Lord Shiva!

'Mahakaal'- Lord Shiva

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Every human is made of stardust.

Wondering what the signs of death by Lord Shiva are?

‘UNI-VERSE’ It means different verses stand together in unity. These verses sing out a mysterious tune- Cosmology. Every element of the universe dances on this tune. Living beings, the watchers of this performance, are made up of stardust.

To life, comes an inevitable point of end, the Death. But, who decides this cycle of Death and Life?

“Creation and Destruction are attached. If something dies, another thing takes birth and everything between the creation and destruction is your journey of life.” – Lord Shiva

In the Hindu culture, Lord Shiva is the answer. Also known as ‘Mahakaal’ (the lord of Death who exists before and past time), the three-eyed trident holder is not only regarded as the supreme God but also known as the destroyer of the universe to create it again with piousness.

‘Mahakaal’-Lord Shiva

‘Shiva Purana,’ one of the eighteen Maha Puranas, was firstly quoted by Lord Shiva himself. Sage Vyas later spread the knowledge about this. It consists of Lord Shiva centric stories that unleash the philosophies and science of life, death, and the universe.

Let me ask a strange question.

How do you estimate when a person is going to lie on the deathbed?

Goddess Parvati, the wife of Shiva, was curious about it. In the Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva clears her doubts.

Various signs of death by Lord Shiva are brought into our vision. Here, are the signs of death by Lord Shiva based on timelines-



Is Sixth Sense Calling it Six Months?

Is Your Body Sensing Death?

According to Lord Shiva, if the body warns you as follows, death’s there in six months-

  1. If your skin decides to paint itself in pale yellow, white color, or drop spots of red color on it, consider it a bad sign. It means that death is nearing in six months. Indeed, changing colors like a chameleon has never been considered good.

    Pale skin? Death!

  2. Immobility in the eyes, face, tongue, or ears is one of the signs of death by Lord Shiva.
  3. The dry bones don’t have life in it. If your throat and the mouth become dry like them, it is indicative of no life after six months.
  4. If the mouth gives off substance or the tongue gets enlarged, it is a danger sign after six months.

Be Alert! Is the Universe Ringing a Red Alarm?

When the universe tries to communicate, open both your eyes and ears to understand the signs of death by Lord Shiva. If you notice the following symptoms, death is just six months away-

  1. No hearing of weeps in a shrieking voice is an indicator of death after half-year.
  2. If the natural light like sunlight, the moonlight and the fire all appear black, the black day of your life is bound to arrive after six months.

    Black Day!

  3. Infer it as one of the signs of death by Lord Shiva if your body does not cast back or casts its contorted image in oil, water, ghee, or mirror.
  4. Is the Pole star not visible to your eyes? If not, wait for six months to become a star in the sky.

    Pole star!

  5. Opposites attract. But, here it would repel you from your life if you see a falling star in the day rather than night and a rainbow at night rather than day.
  6. Your age is limited to only six months more if the crows or vultures come in groups to bother you.
  7. If the constellation of Ursa Major or the galaxy of Milky Way remains hidden to you, it is a death sign by Lord Shiva.
    Milky Way Galaxy

    Ursa Major

  8. If the four directions- North, South, East, and West appear spinning together, it is an omen of death after six months.

One to One Conversation between Death and Month-

The body is Reacting in Shock, Notice!

 Here, the body gives signs of death by Lord Shiva for one month. They are-

  1. If a sense of jerking vibration continues in the left hand for over a week, be ready for the eternal sleep in one month.
  2. If your arms get swollen and are not able to move, it is the sign of death in one month.

    Swollen arm!

  3. The drying up of saliva from the mouth is another indicator of the same.

The Universe is Communicating Harder this Time!

 Read what the universe tries to speak to you here, better. You only have time for one month here. The signs of death by Lord Shiva are-

  1. If you see a headless shadow or no shadow, it is the end of the game after one month.
  2. To bring a full stop to your life after one month, you would not be able to spot any star in the sky or see a black spot with the moon.

    No stars in the sky!

  3. Getting enclosed by blue bees is a sign of taking away your breathing blues after one month.

    Blue bee!

  4. Dove is considered to be a treasure of peace. But, if a dove or even a crow attacks you and sits on your head, it is game over after one month.

Some Special Timelines-

A human body has three humors to have good health- Kalpha (phlegm), Vata (wind), Pitta (bile).

  1. If an imbalance happens with these three in your body and the nose becomes runny, this sign of death by Lord Shiva tells that you are left with a life of fortnight.
  2. You are allowed to live only half a month if the moon or sun appears with no shine spilling out venom like Angel’s trumpet (a poisonous flower).

    Angel’s trumpet flower!

Have a Divine Life!

There’s no point in fearing signs of death by Lord Shiva. If God has shown you the way to predict death, he has also demonstrated the means to gain moksha. Make a roadmap and set out on an impactful journey of life that even death bows down before your immortal soul.

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