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Dreams And Dreamers: 10 Amazing Facts About Dreams!

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“For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let them swim in the deepest ocean or glide the highest cloud” – Dumbledore

We all have a close relationship with dreams. May it be a nightmare-waking up and thanking God that it was just a dream or a surreal dream which makes us regret once we wake up.

Here is a list of some of the amazing facts about dreams, some of which are relatable and some facts are weird but true:

  1. It is impossible to dream when an individual is snoring.
  2. Dreamers sometimes dream about falling when they wake up with a sudden jerk and this “falling dream” generally happens at the beginning of the night. While dreaming, the prefrontal cortex of our brain generally used for logic or reasoning is not active. So however weird or illogical a dream might seem to be, we still interact with it and carry on dreaming.
  3. Chronic smokers who suddenly quit smoking are reported to have more vivid dreams than when they had been a smoker before!
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  4. Babies don’t dream about themselves until they are about 3 years of age. Most of the dreams seen by newborns are nightmares that are believed to act as a coping mechanism in their system.
  5. An average person has between 1460 to 2190 dreams a year! In total, an individual spends 6 years of his total life span dreaming. An individual has the capability to control their dreams. Being mindful while dreaming and preparing the night before we see a dream can make us in control of the dream. We can even decide the decisions or paths we choose in our dreams.
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  7. While dreaming the body is paralyzed! If you want to continue with the dream after waking up, stay in the same position while sleeping as sudden movement releases the muscle tension and turns off the dream. So moving your body suddenly during a nightmare often breaks the dream and results in waking up (fortunately!)
  8. It is true that television affects our dreams. It is seen that the individuals who have watched black and white television are prone to have dreams in monochrome. It was found that 80% of the participants under the age of 30 had dreams in color while 20% of the participants over 60 had black and white dreams.
  9. Most of us dream every 90 minutes and the longest dreams which span about 30-45 minutes occur in the mornings. Within 5 minutes of waking, upto 50% of the dream is forgotten and the 90% is wiped off from our brain in about 10 minutes. The ability to recall dreams even decreases with age. Age effects the intensity of the dreams as well as their quality. It affects men more than women.images (4)
  10. Even foetuses dream. Though they are unable to have any visual dreams but their dream comprises of sound, touch and feelings. Pregnant women have dreams about child birth and which start around the later third trimester. Surprisingly, the dreams are more of death and towards the morbid side.                                                                                  download (3)
  11. It is believed that dreams originate in the belly and is often believed by some that the liver is the seed of all dreams.

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Author- Ayantika Dey

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