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The Best Of Durango Colorado

Durango Colorado

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The mining town of Durango Colorado, is a place that would give you the best experience when it comes to skiing, road trips and exploring the magnificence of its mountains and hilly areas.

Durango Colorado is also known for its Durango Silverton narrow gauge railway system and is also one of the cherished and maintained features till today.

When it comes to living standards, then the people of mountain town are quite lucky and well off.

Outdoor activities and adventure sports are best supported here. Attracting most of the tourists for this prime reason. The low-located area of Durango Colorado is peacefully nestled in between mountains and hills, looking as if secluded from the rest of the world.

These are enormous reasons that support tourism in Durango Colorado. Few of them being an economic advantage. A trip to Durango Colorado, would not cost you much as it is very budget-friendly.

You can easily find hotels and resorts in the main area at affordable prices. When lodging is done, food is another essential thing that is also planned out in this city.

Durango Colorado

Best places to visit in Durango Colorado

1.The Powerhouse-Science Center/Maker Lab

The powerhouse is the scientific hub of Durango Colorado. It is a museum which was established on 23rd February 2011. The place was initially a power plant but has been transformed into something that would do the work of informing all.

You are still going to find pipelines and the types of equipment used in producing electricity. It’s only the work of the power plant that has been modified. The essence and significance remain the same.

Many experiments are also organized for kids to participate in. Shows in which the history of the place is displayed secure a lot of public. Your overall experience of this one of the best places to visit in Durango Colorado would be insightful and informative.

2.Durango Community Recreational Center

The Durango Community Recreational Center can be your next water-loving spot to spend a day in. The place offers water pools and hot tubs that are maintained with proper hygiene. Regular cleaning is also maintained.

The place has separate pools for kids as well. The Durango Community Recreational Center remains operational during the day. The place is confined within walls and can probably be among a very few indoor water houses or clubs.

3.Mesa Verde National Park

Welcome to a UNESCO World Heritage Site next on the list of best places to visit in Durango Colorado. The place is one of the most s preserved archaeological sites in Durango Colorado.

The site becomes a special centre of attraction for its rich archaeological presence and is also a spot most visited. The park is largely exposed to many cliff dwellings and contains numerous Petroglyphs.

The Mesa Verde National Park can be explored all alone. If you wish, you can also opt for a guided one.

4.Toh-Atin Gallery

When it comes to working off the mainstream, then the Toh-Atin Gallery tops the list. With an authentic collection of items that have some aesthetic appeal.

The place can be visited a witness the richness of culture in a single place. The place sells some of the rarest and finest pieces of art that can be termed as collectables one.

Decorative items ranging from wall hangings, cushion covers, sofa covers, and paintings can be bought.

5.San Juan National Forest

Housing the San Juan Mountains the San Juan National Forest can easily be one of the best places to visit in Durango Colorado.

The exceptional beauty of the place is something that should be observed in peace and solitude. If lucky, then you can also see the extreme view when the lowers parts of the mountains are loaded with colours. This usually happens when the seasons change.

6.Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

The view is exceptional when the train passes from the edges of the sharply cut mountains. The mountains overlook the greenery below.

People especially ride the Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad to be a part of this tremendous view that lines the Silverton narrow-gauge railroad in the town of Silverton.

7.Animas River

Lined with some of the widest variety of flora and fauna, the Animas River would cater to a beautiful view.  The site is good for camping and trekking activities that can be really inspiring. The shallow water of the river is a good stopping point. Kids generally like to splash in its water and play for long durations without any restrictions.

8.Pagosa Spring

Located in the east, the Pagaso Spring is located at a distance from Durango’s main town. The place can be visited as a recreational spot to relax after a drive.

There are also some of the hotels and resorts near Pagosa Springs where you can even spend a night. Other hot springs in the vicinity can also be visited in due time. The night view of the place is commendable when the whole place shines with light.

9.Vallecito Lake

Another natural marvel to visit in Durango Colorado, is Vallecito Lake. Famous for, of course, its beauty, the place embodies many other activities. Kayaking and power boating are some of the experiences that you can get at the place at some very reasonable pricing.

The place is a little off the Main city of Durango downtown. Hence you would have t cover a distance of 18 miles to reach the place. You can even get a camping ground and spend a memorable and enthralling night under the sky.

Called the lake of the little valley, the place offers some of the other attractions to visit like Ignacio and Bayfield. The nearby area is covered with forests offering a closer wilderness view.

Best places to stay in Durango Colorado

1.Strater Hotel

At 699, Main Avenue, Durango, the Strater Hotel comes with all the best amenities but within a very affordable price range. The three-star historic hotel has an inbuilt hot spring with a Jacuzzi facility.

The place also hosts some live music concerts from time to time. The warm and friendly staff has a perfect approach. They are also there to help you out.

The Strater Hotel’s awesome location makes it more likely to be picked up as the place is near to all the best places to visit in Durango Colorado.

You can easily pick this one as your best place to stay in Durango Colorado.

2.Purgatory Resort

This family-friendly place would serve the purpose if you visited Durango Colorado, in order to enjoy snow and skiing. The Purgatory resort is located close to the best skiing sites in town and offers the best services at a height. You can book your tickets for various outdoor adventures from the resort itself.

3.Holiday Inn and Suites Durango Central

This is yet another three-star hotel located centrally in the city of Durango. Unlike another three-star hotel that was mentioned earlier in the list, this place quotes a lesser price. The super clean and stylish rooms are just perfect in size. The place is also near to the airport as well.

4.Apple Orchard Inn

The most affordable place on the list of best places to stay in Durango Colorado is finally here.

The rooms are much plain and simple, offering calmness. You can opt for this one if you want peace with nature by your side at a totally worth price.

Best places to eat in Durango Colorado

1.Eat Zawadi

Starting with a surprise on the list of best places to eat in Durango Colorado, with Eat Zawadi. It is the best and only African restaurant on the list.

The main executive chef of Eat Zawadi is a person of African origin. You can easily get the fact that the cuisines which would be served here would be purely African. The spices and ingredients added in the preparation process will leave you confused as such flavours are rare and contain a rich blend.

The place has another outlet by the name of the Smiley cafe.

2.Mariana’s Authentic Cuisine

Mariana’s Authentic Cuisines present the best authentic dishes as its name. The place offers to take way facilities. It specializes in Indonesian food as well, which is also quite rare in this part of the world.

3.R G P’s Flame Grilled Wraps

This can be counted as one of the best places to eat in Durango Colorado when light snacks like sandwiches. The place specializes in Grilled sandwiches and wraps that have some superb filling loaded with crispy vegetables.

These were some of the best restaurants and places to eat in Durango Colorado that are easy to reach. Plus, these places are very affordable with food that can easily satisfy your appetite.

From African to Indonesian, the variety that Durango Colorado offers would really shock you. The never-ending varieties and fascinating places to visit and stay would make you love the city even more. Wherever you might go to the city, you would always end up appreciating it more.

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