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Easy Hobbies to Start at Any Age

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Perhaps you’re filling in your resume, starting a new online dating profile, or just doing a bit of a life audit and you’ve realized, ‘wait a minute, I don’t have any hobbies.’ Some of us make it all the way to retirement without ever really finding a hobby, but that’s not to say it’s too late to start one now. A hobby can bring all kinds of joy to your life, not just from the hobby itself, but also the friends you’ll make along the way. If you’re nervous about diving into something new then here are some hobbies that are super easy to pick up no matter what your age.

Casino Games

If you’re looking for a way to grow your social group then the casino can be a good place, however, for beginners, it can seem a little daunting. A good idea for boosting your confidence is to first learn how to play roulette online. Learning from the comfort of your home without any onlookers to worry about is good advice for anyone who’s prone to suffering a little stage fright. Once you’ve learned all you can from the computer you can try out your newfound hobby in the real world. That is, of course, unless you’ve enjoyed online casinos so much that you’d rather stick at those! Whether you find that roulette, blackjack, or poker is your favorite, many casino games can be a good way to boost your grey matter. Working with numbers and the process of learning the rules of a new game all help to keep your mind active, so not only will you have a bit of fun and hopefully make some new friends, you could even help to keep your brain young.

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Caption: Whether you’re learning to surf or learning to swim, in the water can be a great place to make friends.

Water Sports

Some 90-year-olds will feel totally at home on a surfboard, whereas some 20-year-olds might feel terrified in the deep end of the pool. Everyone is different and that’s totally fine, but the water can be just the place for plenty of hobbies to take place. If you feel like you want to learn to surf then there are lessons on almost every beach for total beginners. Just turn up with a ‘can-do’ attitude and a wetsuit and whether you take to it or not, you’re bound to have lots of fun. If surfing is a step too far then you could join a wild swimming group. It’s easy to find one if you live near the ocean, but there are also plenty of groups who meet up to swim in lakes and rivers. For those who aren’t confident at all in the water, why not sign up for adult swimming lessons at your local pool? Most pools will do this and it can take the pressure off realizing that you’re in good company.


If you want a way to unwind of an evening, then there are better ways than a glass of wine and a box set! Handicrafts have been proven to be incredibly therapeutic for stressed and tired minds. Repeating simple movements whilst concentrating on a task has been shown to produce similar results to meditation. Even better, if you begin with knitting or crochet, you’ll have something you can wear at the end of your ‘meditation’. You can learn easily by watching YouTube videos for free, or if you want to socialize a little too, then you can look out for a local craft night. These meet ups are easy ways to get to know people local to you, and you’ll pick up some handy tips for your new hobby as well.

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