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Entertainment: How to Have Fun When Sitting at Home All the Time

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Due to the pandemic (or any other reason), we all face the need to stay at home more often, and for a long time. However, the issue arises – how to entertain yourself when being at home most of the time? And inviting your friends, or arranging parties are not the way out in our case.

It might be unbearable for some to spend that much time on their own, or with roommates, family, partners, etc. We all need a variety of things to do. Thus, how can you avoid being ‘imprisoned’ in own apartment, or house?

Below find some of the most affordable and easily approachable ways on how to entertain, even when being on your own mostly, or need to stay home for most of the time. Read on to get many useful and to-the-point tips for teens.

Online Classes

Make your entertainment, not only fun but also – useful! 

Do you have a course on Coursera, or Future Learn willing to sign up for, but have had no time even to watch intro lessons? It is time to begin studying! Now you have no accuses, such as you definitely have more free time to spend at home. 

Moreover, many of the platforms have provided special discounts on some (or even most of) their courses. You can start learning a new subject or even better – specialization at home, and for free (or at low cost). As such, you will not even notice how useful you’ve spent your free time. 

Start Learning a Language

Next piece of advice will also be about education. And don’t be scared – there will be no need to buy essays online, or seek for help again. If you have ever had a need or interest to learn a foreign language, it is a perfect time to begin. Since most of the time spent at home, there will be no additional distractions, such as going to parties, or spending time to get to your part-time job, etc. 

There are dozens of possibilities to learn a language at home on your own. You may work with a tutor, practice your speaking skills, attending speaking clubs, etc. What’s more – you can also learn by watching films, YouTube, or reading books. 

There are dozens of proved pro websites and applications to learn a language for free (or at a low cost). Below find a list of useful resources to use to learn a language:

  • Future Learn

Future Learn is a website providing various courses from universities and companies all around the world. And yes, language learning courses are presented on the platform as well. Here you can learn Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, etc.

  • Memrise

Do you have any difficulties to learn new vocabulary? We all have; new words are indeed hard to remember, especially if one has no practice. Memrise can help efficiently in this! Here you can learn words with the help of flashcards. It’s easy to sign up, and especially easy to use. 

  • Duolingo

This world known language learning app has already been extremely popular and for a reason. Here you can learn such languages as French, English, Spanish, etc. anywhere you are. 

Fitness, Yoga, Stretching 

When sitting at home one of the best ways to entertain is to do physical exercises. Otherwise, you may have considerable issues with your health. Thus, never underestimate the need to do sports, such as it has a positive influence not only on your physical health but also mental. 

There are many programs (and again – apps) to help a person develop the needed group of muscles. Moreover, doing fitness, or yoga can influence the way you think and feel every day. 

Meditate and Relax

You might think that meditation is not for you, and you’ll just get bored very soon. However, it is not like that at all. With the help of meditation, you can finally take under control your emotions and relax truly. It is a perfect way to abstract issues and relax at least for a moment. 

Entertainment at Home: What Is It Really About?

The ideas mentioned above are more about spending your time purposely. You might be thinking – what is fun in that? However, all the activities mentioned above are truly about getting to know yourself better and entertaining in the most efficient way. Entertainment is not only about watching TV shows, or having parties. It is also about working on yourself and developing your personality. 


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