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“Good Intentions are most important”-Jagriti Mahajan


Jagriti is a person who has a strong vision for her life. Jagriti embarked on her journey with the motive of: ” The life of a human consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but active charity and in willing service.” With this dream and vision, Jagriti started her indelible, rapturous yet challenging journey of an NGO.

A person who is a lawyer by profession loves content writing and running her own NGO, a multi-tasker person, we ask Jagriti Mahajan to give us a glimpse into her journey.

About Jagriti Mahajan

I am from Chandigarh and a lawyer by profession. I do food blogging in leisure, and run my own Non-Government Organisation (NGO) named “The Rainbow Cause”. When I saw my surroundings I found people who are underprivileged and wanted help, so I decided to focus on helping underprivileged people and several multi-dimensions of society, who need help and started the organization three years back.

Q: What was your inspiration behind opening an NGO which is more focused on the multi-dimensions of social animals, mental health, and environment?

Jagriti: I started volunteering for an animal rescue NGO in the second year of graduation. There I used to be involved in feeding mainly to the animals.

Q: Why did you name your NGO  “The Rainbow cause”?

Jagriti: The rainbow consist of different colors similarly we focus on multi-dimensions segments of society, such as taking care of the environment, caretaking the mental health, and the street dogs.

The main motive of having “The Rainbow Cause”, is to give help to those who are underprivileged. Anyone who is in a better state of life can easily lift the other person in a low life state, anyone, no matter the in what age group they are in, or animals help can be done to everyone in need. Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the whole world for one person.

“We not only focus on one segment but on everyone who needs help.”

Q: When do your interests develop in taking care of the surroundings, animal caretaking, taking care of mental health arises?

Jagriti: My interest in taking care of animals, mental health begin when she was in school her pet dog died, because of the dog she started loving the street dogs. She started feeding the stray dogs, who started sitting at the doorsteps. The bond with the stary dogs begin after the death of her dog and slowly gradually the bond with the dogs increase and she started taking care of the street dogs- she said.

Q: How do you manage time?

Jagriti: When it comes to managing time and utilizing it in a very productive way, everyone has a different style of doing it. Some of us dwell on how to manage office work and something we love and want to do. When it comes to managing time, on weekdays after office hours  I do my do and on weekends  NGO work.

NGO is a part of me, for that, I don’t need to manage my time. Food blogging and content writing are done by me as a leisure activity.  Everyone has some way to spend their time in the activities they love, three days a week I go to the old age home, gossip with the people, and Sundays are usually for The Rainbow Cause.

There are days when I feel low this is what makes me happy. Everyone has their passion this is my passion. I believe in the universe, when you love something universe helps you out to make time for the things. My working hours finish at 5 in the evening and after that, I have time for the things that are my passion.

Q: Everyone faces some challenges in their career, the passion they follow. Whats are the challenges faced by you as a social worker?

Jagriti: Of course, challenges come our way, it makes us stronger. The most challenging event comes when we are organizing an event, sometimes the volunteering doesn’t come, sometimes the speaker informed us 10 minutes before the event that she/he will not be able to come.

Challenges will come, but instead of dwelling upon why this has happened? Start finding the solutions to that, crying over the things that happen won’t work.  For example, if the speech has to be spoken by the speaker, I revise and say.

But instead of apologizing to the audience, work as a solution-oriented person. All the challenges have made me have a  positive mindset, solution-oriented person.

Q: What is our secret to success?

Jagriti: There is no secret to success, for me,  you have to give your 100 percent to the work. If your soul is not in the work you do you will quit the work. for success, the most important thing is to have your soul in your work. I love my profession, but my soul is into it and I can not escape it”.

Your good intentions are most important in work, there are times when we are organizing an event, things happen automatically. There are times when I have to tackle things all myself.

Sometimes the volunteers say the work cannot be done, which may lead to a mental breakdown. There are inevitable things that have happened. Even I get negative responses from one, I receive ample positive responses from others.

Q: How would you describe yourself in three words? 

Jagriti: I would describe myself assunshine, a dog lover, a person with a kind heart and a strong positive approach to deal with all the challenges that come her way.

Q: What is the most important skill in animal care as a social worker?

Jagriti: Earlier I used to think that being kind is one of the most important skills that one should possess.  After all these years, I have learned to develop a skill of strength. The reason behind this is when you see an injured animal it melt the heart. it is easy to give up.

Q: What advice will you give to beginners who are exploring options in food blogging?

Jagriti: The advice I will give is to fall in love with the food and what you are eating. Falling in love is very important, you are not in love with the food you cannot write about the food before converting your taste into words.

Q: Who Has been your constant support and inspiration? 

Jagriti: My constant and support and inspiration is the first god who has made a means to help people, animals who are in need, my parents have been extremely supportive in every situation no matter what. My teammates and my volunteers are very supportive I can always count on them no matter what.


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