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Experience the Luxury of Ayana Resort and Spa Bali

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Bali Island is simply a paradise that offers the perfect getaway for people from all lifestyles and is the perfect destination place for honeymoons, weddings and holidays among many other activities. What makes the island even more mind blowing is the number of luxurious hotels and resorts on the island. There is however one place that comes into everyone’s mind with the mention of Bali. That place is the height of luxury in Bali and arguably, one of the best luxury hotels in the island and that place is the Ayana Resort and Spa.


Ayana Resort and Spa spreads over a 90-hectare area and lies on a cliff top above the Jimbaran Bay. The place is only 10 kilometres away from the Bali airport so very easily accessible. With award winning accommodation, the resort boasts of very many other excellent services and opportunities. The resort has over 15 restaurants and bars, over 10 swimming pools, a private beach that allows you as much privacy as you want spa places, both indoor and outdoor sports and world-class wellness that include yoga, meditation and others.

Anyone that visits the Ayana Bali Beach Resort gets more than just the luxury from the resort. Staying at the beach resort also gives all visitors the opportunity to take cruises to the surrounding places and enjoy the best that Bali offers. Guests preferring more affordable accommodation can choose to stay at the Ayana resort and spas Rimba Hotel that is part of the resorts sister property. Whether you choose to stay at the Rimba Hotel or at the resort, you enjoy the same kind of luxuries.

The things that set Ayana Resort and Spa apart


  • Accommodation


Ayana Resort and Spa has an award winning accommodation, which has seen it win awards from various travel organisations year after year. This however is not surprising because with Ayana Resort and Spa accommodation, you only get the best. The resort has over 280 hotel rooms and suites and over 75 private pool villas. All the rooms and villas spread out along the coastline of the beach resort allowing the guests to enjoy the magical views of the island every day of their stay at the resort. You can choose from terrace suites, ocean view rooms, resort view rooms, cliff pool villas, the Jimbarayan bay room and the villas overlooking the ocean among many other rooms.


  • Amenities


Besides the luxurious accommodation, Ayana Resort and Spa also offers many other amenities that make it stand out. One of the most notable ones are the swimming pools totalling over ten and good enough to make you want to stay at the resort forever. The most favourite pools are the River Pool and the Ocean Beach Pool. Other amenities include two tennis pavilions located within the grounds, golf putting courses with the options of choosing between an 18-hole course and a 64 course. The Kubu Private Beach is another great amenity with stretches of white sand that allow you to have relaxing moments lazing at the beach, reading your favourite book or enjoying a swim in the surf.

The beach is below the Ayana Resort cliff top location and from here; you get to see the beauty of the island and the resort from below. The beach also comes with a dining area, where you can order picnic hampers and snacks. Other amenities are a retail shop where you can get your loved ones gifts to take back home, gyms at both the resort and Rimba, and a spa complex.


  • Cuisine and dining


Experience the best dining experiences at the Ayana where you can enjoy anything from the local cuisine, the exotic Asian dishes and international recipes all prepared by professional chefs. The resort also enjoys an array of restaurants that serve various cuisines. Some of the best restaurants in the resort are the Rock Bar that serves tapas, drinks and Mediterranean food, Dava for steak and seafood, Padi for pan Asian exotic foods, Unique for Mexican dishes, Kampoeng Bali for the traditional Balinese food and many others.  

Wrapping it up

There is definitely a lot more than the above that make Ayana beach resort stand out. Whatever your taste and whichever lifestyle you are from, you will definitely enjoy everything on offer because the resort offers only the best. Make Ayana Resort and Spa your holiday destination today and see for yourself.

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