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Explore: Drive-In Theatre Indiana

Drive-In Theatre Indiana

Are you looking for a drive-in theatre in Indiana? A facility theatre is a sort of cinema structure comprising of an enormous outdoor movie-picture show, a projection booth, a concession stands that is essentially an area where patrons can purchase snacks or food at the cinema, and an oversized parking area for vehicles. Individuals watch movies from the privacy and comfort of their cars.

Indiana is a district within the US state in the mid-western and great lake regions of North America. It has 19 drive-in theatres and Drive-In Theatre Indiana is the 4th largest drive-in state in the country.

History of the Drive-In Theatre-

It was 6th June 1933 when the first drive-in movie theater opens, and it had been named as Park-In theaters, settled on Cresent avenue in Camden, New Jersey.

The term drive-in was introduced by Richard Hollingshead of Camden, a movie-buff and a sales manager at his father’s company, Whiz Auto Products.

Mainly he was aroused by his mother’s struggle to sit down leisurely in traditional movie theater seats; Richard then stumbled upon the concept of an open-air theater where people can watch movies comfortably in their own vehicles.

Afterward, he started experimenting in his house’s route with totally different projection and sound techniques, mounting a 1928 Kodak projector on the hood of his automobile, pinning a screen to some trees, and putting a radio behind the screen for sound.

He also inquires about various ways to protect against rain and other weather conditions and work-out the ideal space for the numbers of cars so that the screen is visible to all.

Richard Hollingshead received the license for the concept in the month of may the year 1933 and opened Park-In Theaters Inc. The idea gets on, and later Hollingshead’s license was overturned in 1949, drive-in theaters started popping up countrywide.

The popularity of drive-in theater struck after World War 2 and peaked in the late 1950s to mid-60s, with a total of 5000 theaters all over the country.

It became a portrayal of American pop culture and a habitual weekend getaway for friends, families, and couples.

Due to the oil crisis in the 1970s, drive-ins businesses faced a drawback, people started curtailing their vehicles, and small vehicles were not comfortable.

Nowadays, drive-ins are on top of people’s bucket-list; one of the main reasons is its a big icon of American pop culture, and it nostalgic to visit drive-ins.

Drive-In Theatre Indiana 101-

The majority of highways intersect at Indiana than any other state in the US. The state also has more miles of interstate highways per square mile than any other state. That’s why it is known as a ‘crossroads state.’

It’s clear from the geography of the area about the prevalence of Drive-In Theatre Indiana. During the 1950s, there were a total of 120 Drive-In Theater in Indiana.

Through passing years most of the drive-ins were either closed or blacked out. Nonetheless, it has 19 drive-ins in Indiana to-date.

Below are some Drive-In Theatre In Indiana:-

1) Starlite Drive-In Theatre Indiana-

The Barnhart family bought this drive-in theater is a family-owned theater, and the family also runs the KJB theater chain of movie theaters.

The Starlite operates seasonally, showing features on a single outdoors large screen; a patron can bring their own snacks and beverages. Pets, too, are allowed as long as they behave properly.

Concession Stand and Ticket Booth accept only cash during the payment. Starlite Drive-In Theater Indiana can intake around 400 hundred vehicles.

2) Canary Creek Outdoor Cinema-

Canary Creek Outdoor Theatre is one of the latest addition to Drive-In Theatre Indiana. It was first started in the year 2004 and is managed by Canary Creek Cinemas.

This Drive-In Theatre Indiana features a single screen that shows double features on a seasonal basis, opening in the spring season and working till the fall season. Sounds for the movie screen are provided through the car stereo.

Plenty of food, beverages, and sweets stall can be found at the concession stand, and restrooms facilities is a plus point for this Drive-In Theatre Indiana.

3) Auburn Garett Drive-In

This Drive-In Theatre, Indiana, was first operated in 1951 with space for only 150 vehicles. Nevertheless, the outdoor movie theater has been evolved along with time, and now it is sufficient for more than four hundred cars.

Auburn Garett Drive-In is open from April up until September. Before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, it is open only on Friday and Saturday nights.

Between these holiday weekends, customers can also watch movies on Sundays. The Drive-In Theatre shows double features and sometimes triple features with audio making its way through FM radio.

4) Tibbs Drive-In

It was the last remaining drive-in theatre out of ten in the Indianapolis area; the Tibbs Drive-In Theatre Indiana was originally started as just a single screen drive-in movie theatre in the year 1967.

Some additional work has been done in the past years for the drive-in enhancement, which includes two additional sizeable outdoor movie screens added in 1972. Another addition was the fourth screen in the year 2012, along with upgrades.

The Tibbs Drive-In shows double features of the currently released movies in the summer season, and it’s a seasonally running drive-in every year. Tibbs Drive-In open in the summers.

Audio is accessible through the FM radio, or the people can bring a portable radio to watch the film outside of their car.

5) Georgetown Drive-In Theatre Indiana-

The Drive-In was inaugurated in the year 1951 as an outdoor movie theater with just one screen. There had been an addition of one large outdoor movie screen, making it a twin screen drive-in.

The drive-in theatre shows double features; occasionally, it shows a triple movie on both screens during its running season.

Audio for the movie is accessed through FM radio. It also offers the traditional facility where a speaker is attached to car windows for customers more of a nostalgic experience.

Children can never get bored here because this drive-in has a play area that is open before and between the show.

6) Huntington Drive-In

This Drive-In Theatre, Indiana, is one of the oldest drive-ins; the outdoor movies first opened back in 1951 with the capacity to intake five hundred automobiles.

The theatre runs seasonally from April until October, based on the weather.

The Huntington Drive-In theater was initially open as a single-screen drive-in theater, but a second large outdoor movie screen was added in 2012.

It now shows double features on two of its large screen and includes a concession stand and a playground for children.

7) The Melody Drive-In

Yet another oldest Drive-In Theatre in Indiana has a gap go back to the year  1949. It has been quite fifty 50 years of its continuous screening.

The Melody options two huge outdoor picture screens and contains the most area of fewer than five hundred vehicles.

Operates seasonally and shows double features of first-run movies.

The facility has a concession stand that offers movie-theater snacks like nachos, chips, pretzels, and some different snacks, like breadsticks and chicken wings.

8) Centerbrook Drive-In Theatre-

Since more than sixty-five years of uninterrupted operation, working properly located in the town of Martinsville in Indiana.

This Drive-in accepts cash for movie bookings; however, the concession stand accepts Mastercard, Visa, and Discover cards.

It runs seasonally from April to September, screening double features of movies five nights a week. The Drive-in is closed on Mondays and Wednesdays during the operating season.

This Drive-In Theatre Indiana provides FM radio for the audio for movies, but on request, one can get a window speaker.

9) Holiday Drive-In-

The outdoor theater provides double feature screening on a single screen.

This Drive-In Theatre Indiana is located in Mitchell since the year 1962. It count-in as an old drive-in movie theater.

The Holiday Drive-In screen seasonally, providing an outdoor movie experience during late spring and summers and early autumn.

Plenty of delicious foods can be found at the Concession stand of this outdoor movie theater-like burgers, nachos, beverages, hot dogs, chicken tenders, steaks, cheesesteaks, onion rings, Philly cheesesteaks, fries, funnel cakes, mini doughnuts, shakes, smoothies, and variety of sodas.

The Holiday Drive-In Theatre Indiana screens movies on Thursday, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday.

10) Lake Shore Drive-In-

The Drive-in is another twin outdoor screen movie theatre that first operated back in 1949, again a veteran drive-in.

The Lake Shore Drive-In  Theatre, Indiana, is still working full-fledged as it did back in the year.

The outdoor movie screen is situated in Monticello’s town, opens on a seasonal basis every year.

Originally opened in 1949 as a single screen Drive-In Theatre Indiana, the outdoor movie venue now features two large movie screens and surprisingly features two shows at the price of one.

The drive-in has the capacity of up to 570 cars. 

11) Cinema 67 Drive-In-

This Drive-In Theatre Indiana has been maintained as a satisfactory single screen outdoor movie theatre, and it has a history of working continuously for more than sixty years.

Situated only five miles to the north from spencer, Indiana. It has been working under the same ownership for more than forty years.

The Cinema 67 dimensions of the outdoor movie screen are overwhelming with sixty-five feet in width, and it opens around April and runs till October.

Drive-In Theatre has been everyone’s favorite weekend getaways in Indiana for many years, and one should visit the above-mentioned Drive-In Theatre, Indiana.


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