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Top 15 Mesmerizing Hill Places in Kerala!

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Are you planning a trip to some of the hill places in Kerala? Here you go. I visited Kerala two years ago, and I just couldn’t get my eyes off its beauty. I wanted to stay for a longer time, but sadly my trip ended sooner than I expected.

Even to this date, Kerala reminds me of the breathtaking tea plantations, the hot Spiced tea coffee, home-made chocolates, and the freezing climate. I wanted to wrap myself in layers of blankets but also step outside and feel the beauty.

Such is the weather of Kerala, South India. It takes you to a completely different world away from the hubbub where you can unwind and experience the ice-cold but soothing climate.

Top 15 Popular Hill Places in Kerala To Visit

1.  Munnar

Photo by Gaurav Kumar on Unsplash

Rolling green mountains, misty weather, and the tea estates are a real treat to the eyes. Munnar is one of the most popular hill places in Kerala. No wonder that this sleeping city is the go-to for a relaxed weekend with family for tourists.

Lodged at the Western Ghats, Munnar has a lot to offer. The scenic view is enchanting, and the climate is soothing. One can go on adventure activities or go sight-seeing to nearby places like Tea Museum, Mattupetty Dam, Eravikulam National Park, and more.

If you happen to visit Munnar when the divine Neelakurinji blossoms, they only get spectacular as you near the blue-violet hilly region. Undoubtedly, Munnar is one of the real gems of Kerala.

2. Wayanad

Photo by Ganesh Krishnan R on Unsplash

Visiting this place between October and March unfolds the magnificent beauty of this place. The green-clad mountains and the chilly climate of Wayanad are what attracts numerous tourists every year.

Trekking on the Chembra Peak and BhrahmaGiri will offer scenic views from the hilltop and is visually pleasing. Meenmutty and Chethalayam waterfalls are spectacular to watch. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a plethora of flora and fauna too.

One of the popular attractions is Eddakal Caves, known for its ancient Stone Age carvings and paintings. It’s a natural wonder and has a great history in this hill places in Kerala. Waynad is home to the largest and biggest Earth dams in India with Banasura Sagar Dam and Karapuzha Dam.

3. Thekkady

Photo by chi m on Unsplash

As it is, Kerala is for nature lovers, and it never ceases to cast a spell on us with its impeccable beauty. Thekkady is one such hill places in kerala with its breathtaking beauty and wildlife. It is home to vast spice plantations and aromatic tea.

A must-visit place when in Thekkady is the Periyar National Park and periyar lake. You get to seize unforgettable memories watching the animals and bamboo rafting. Apart from that, you can visit the spice gardens or simply head to a view point to watch the endless greenery of the place.

If you’re an adventurer, you can go hiking, trekking, or even boating. Winters and Monsoons are the best time to visit Thekkady to enjoy a pleasant trip.

4. Vagamon 

Photo by Arfan A on Unsplash

This mystic hill place in Idukki District is heaven-like. One can visit this enchanting place during weekends or during summer to beat the heat. The unending tea plantations and the grassy green hills paint a picturesque view.

This place between June to September is an outstanding beauty. This is why it is known as the Switzerland Of Kerala. Some of the famous places of attraction are Idukki Dam, Vagamon falls, Murugan Mala, Kurisumala, and more.

Vagamon is a perfect destination for those who wish to stay away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Photographers can capture the best view from every angle when in this magical hills. A trip to Vagamon will be unforgettable.

5. Ponmudi 

Photo by Thabo Gladston on Unsplash

Ponmudi is another best hill places in Kerala. The mist-blanketed hills and the tranquility is what attracts nature lovers to this extreme beauty. 1,100 m above sea level, Ponmudi is known as the Golden Peak.

It’s a popular romantic destination and also for trekking. Whether you’re inclined to go on a mini-adventure or just want to sit back and relax, Ponmudi is the perfect place for you.

Common sight-seeing places are The Golden Valley, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, echo point, Meenmutty Falls, and other mesmerizing spots for a weekend getaway. The diverse flora and fauna, the tea plantations, the endless hills, and the soothing weather are what make Ponmudi unique.

6. Ayyampuzha

Photo by Mukil Menon on Unsplash

Ayyampuzha is one of the hidden gems in Kerala. This less explored hill station is a beautifully painted picture to the eyes. One can go trekking and other adventure activities. It’s a perfect place for bird watching.

The minuscule waterfalls stay etched in your mind due to its beauty and offer a calming experience. This sleepy village is known for its tranquility and verdant hills. One of the most popular attractions is Ezhattumugham in Ayyampuzha.

While other hill stations are pretty crowded, this hill place stays away from the central city, which is why it is an ideal spot for those who love to connect with nature and stay away from the hubbub. It’s a must-visit for nature lovers.

7. Athirapally

Photo by Rashi Raffi on Unsplash

For those who wish to experience a blend of serenity and adventure, Athirapally is one of the hill places in Kerala for the same. You can get to view the magical frothy white Athirapally waterfalls after walking down for a couple of hours in the steep stairway amid the dense forest.

It is one of the biggest and the gorgeous waterfalls in Kerala. September to January offers a breathtaking view. At Athirapally, one can go night camping, trekking, campfire with friends and family on the weekend, go river-rafting, and more.

It is one such place for almost all types of people. Present in the Thrissur district, there are a bunch of nearby sight-seeing places to visit on a long weekend.

8. Idukki

Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Unsplash

The main attraction in Idukki is the Idukki Dam. It is the highest arch dam in Asia. The view gets spectacular as you near. Eravikulam National Park is one of the most beautiful Wildlife parks in Idukki besieged with tropical trees and a cool climate.

Other top attractions in Idukki are Hill View Park, Anakkara Falls, Ayyanppancoil Hanging Bridges, and more. Idukki is one of the hill places in Kerala filled with pine forests from all angles.

It is rich in its flora and fauna and tea plantations. It is worth visiting this place when in Kerala. The Idukki dam is the source of a hydroelectric power generator in Kerala.

9.  Lakkidi

Photo by James V Sajeeve on Unsplash

If you plan to visit Wayanad for your weekend getaway, you might come across Lakkidi, which is the Gateway of Wayanad. Like any other hill places in Kerala, you can enjoy a peaceful weekend in Lakkidi.

You can stay at some on the luxurious resorts and pamper yourself and experience the tranquility of nature. Mist-clad mountains, spectacular sunrise, calming climate, and Kerala’s unique cuisine will make your trip one of the best trips ever.

Some of the popular attractions are Pookot Lake and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The lakes in Lakkidi offer a stunning view where you can go boating, and the Pookot lake is a natural freshwater lake sprawling over more than 10 acres. Lakkidi is worth a visit.

10. Vithura

Photo by Akash Kannan on Unsplash

Vithura is a village near Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. Yet again, the hill places in Kerala never ceases to amaze us with its natural beauty with Vithura as the central spot for vacationists.

Environed by the Western Ghats, it offers an awe-inspiring panoramic view. Each beautiful hill station has a beauty of its own, keeping the lush green forests untouched. Since it is close to the capital state of Kerala, it draws many tourists.

The climate of this place is pleasant, and you can stay at resorts and experience a relaxing weekend when here. If there’s one thing about Kerala that always pulls the tourists is the weather. Not to forget the beauty of the place, no doubt it’s the “God’s own country.”

11.  Ranipuram

Photo by Amal George on Unsplash

By visiting Ranipuram, you get to visit two places during your trip. One is Kerala, and the other one is Mangalore. You can cover these two places as they are pretty close to this place.

The Ranipuram Hills is one of the major draws to tourists. Situated in Kasargod, you can experience a quiet weekend amidst nature and as well stay a day or two longer to visit the nearby beautiful places.

You can backpack and go trekking or wrap yourself in blankets and enjoy the beauty of this place by your balcony with a hot cup of Kannan Devan Chai. Since its beauty is similar to Ooty, it is also known as the ‘Ooty of Kerala.’

12.  Peermedu

Photo by Mohamed Jasir on Unsplash

Another one to the list of hill places in Kerala is Peermedu. It is located in the Idukki district of Kerala. You can unwind and sit back when in Peermedu. It’s yet another place with a pacifying ambiance near Thekkady.

Though it is a small hill station, it has plenty of things to offer. You can either decide to walk watching the green hills or go trekking to those hills as watch the beauty at a close range.

If you’re wondering how this place got its name, well, that’s because of a Sufi Saint named Peer Mohammed from this place. The various hues of green hills are breathtaking to watch while traveling on the road on a family holiday.

13.  Vythiri

Photo by Punid Ramesh on Unsplash

Love for nature increases if you happen to visit and stay in Kerala for some time. Vythiri is another best hill place in Kerala to experience the true essence of the place. Tourists from all over the world visit Kerala, and Vythiri is one of the top tourist attractions due to its untouched beauty.

Visit this place by road to enhance your experience. Lakkidi Hills and Pookode Lake are the come sight-seeing places in Vythiri. Tusharagiri waterfalls in Vythiri is stunning to watch and is just 5 km away from this place. There’s a lot to do in this place if you think it’s only a sleeping hill station.

14.  Matupetti

Photo by Gaurav Kumar on Unsplash

Mattupetty in Munnar is one of the gorgeous hill places in Kerala that leaves you stunned by its beauty. When I visited this place, I just couldn’t take my eyes off the spectacular rolling green tea gardens while traveling on the road.

I’m sure you would love this place to the fullest too. One of the principal sight-seeing places in Munnar is this. The Mattupetty Dam and the beautiful lake add extra beauty to this already ‘extreme beauty.’

You can click amazing photos here and also snack on the home-made chocolates or enjoy a sip of the authentic spicey tea or in Indian words ‘Masala Tea,’ or roasted corn. You can enjoy paddle boating and have a fun time with your family.

15.  Ranni

Photo by Firos nv on Unsplash

Ranni, known as Queen in Malayam, is among the top hill places in Kerala. It is in the same district where the famous pilgrimage site Sabarimala is present. It is known for its history, culture, and as always the climate.

Well, the climate in Kerala is one of the best, and if you’re visiting these places between September and March, you can enjoy your trip without ruining it due to the monsoon rains. The dense forest, everlasting hills, and gorgeous rivers reside in this place.

So, these are some of the stunning hill stations in Kerala to visit. If you plan a trip, do not miss out on these and make sure to add them to your itinerary. You can also keep visiting these places time and again to unwind and experience the beauty one more time.



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