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Best Fashion Advice for Teen Girls: Guide 2021

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Fashion advice for teen girls


What comes to your mind when I say this word?



It is generally styling yourself, especially in terms of footwear, clothing, accessories, make-up. Mainly it refers to the way you groom yourself on day to day basis. Your fashion is how you carry yourself. 

When it comes to fashion, girls are like the synonym. And primarily teenage girls. Because teenagers like to be fashionable, be in trend. 

So in this article, we have come up with some great fashion advice for teen girls they should follow.

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15 fashion tips every teen girl should follow 

Tip 1- Be confident.

Confidence and fashion/comfort go hand in hand. Confidence is the key to making your fashion work.

Work with proportion. Balance your figure. Focus on fit, not size. Keep styles simple for maximum versatility.

A teenage girl on the verge of growing up, becoming a woman must be confident. And confidence can come from their fashion, their style statement. 

Tip 2 – Dress according to the situation/occasion.

College is one of the life-changing phases of life where we find ourselves in every situation, which leads to a different experience for everyone. The college experience has various shock factors for every teenage girl, depending on her position and attendance.

Some teen girls who decide to attend university far away from their hometown experience a significant culture shock when they arrive at the chosen school.

Have an outfit for every occasion. Style yourself according to the event. You will be judged according to the way you dress up. Always make sure you are in public light every time you go out. You should always dress according to your age and your body type.

Tip 3 – Choose relevant fashion, dress your age

By: Anna Shevets on Pexels

Teen fashion is pretty different from that of adults. Neither teenagers look good when they try out extremely mature-looking outfits, nor do adults make a great impression by slipping into any outfit meant for teenage girls.

So, there is a fine line between the worlds of both of these categories of women. Always try to maintain that. Adopting relevant fashion is of high importance where ever you go. 

Your first impression is significant, and it also comes from how you are dressing up. It’s not about the brands or price, but whether it is the proper outfit or not. 

We can’t wear anything in the name of fashion. That is the main point that has to be understood by every teenage girl. Dress according to your age. 

Tip 4 – Clothes should match your skin tone and body type.

Your fashion should always be about you. It should match your body type and skin tone. Always look for colours that match both. 

It doesn’t matter how pretty the dress is if it isn’t going well with your body. Choosing the right colour to match your skin tone can make your overall look. 

Knowing what works for you is the key here. The first step is to determine your skin tone. There are primarily four types, such as pale, dark, olive, and light. 

So look for which colours will bring out the best in you. For example, light shades or pastels are well complimented with dark skin. 

Tip 5 – Go for neutral tones 

By: Photo by Anna Khomutova from Pexels

Go for black and white. They make you look classy and trendy. Pair these neutral tones with accessories, high heels, denim jackets. 

Neutral tones generally include shades of gray, black, white, and ivory. These are classic colours that will never go of style. So, you can always pick them. 

You can pair neutral colours with anything and everything. They blend very well. And that’s a significant plus point. 

Tip 6 – Experiment with your clothes 

Experiment with what you wear. Choose such outfits that will make you stand out from the crowd. Make your outfit if needed. For many teen girls, fashion is an essential subject. As a teen girl progresses, between the phase of teenage and adulthood, self-expression is the key. Experiment with colours. Every look will be awarded.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with the shirt that you are wearing. Girls can be seen styling the same outfits in different ways.

The dress can also be paired with shoes. Your cupboard should have all types of jeans, shirts, gray pants, suits, and the rest, whatever is needed.

Tip 7- Develop your fashion sense with time

As a teenage girl, develop your sense of style as your keep growing. The clothing you opt for on a day-to-day basis creates an image of you and gives you a chance to make a mark on the world. It provides us with a glimpse of who you are and your personality.

You can try ballet flats to add a polished look for all your fits. Wearing colourful jeans with sunglasses will give you a classic look. Don’t worry about the sunglasses, and they go with every outfit. Make sure your sunglasses are trendy. 

Fashion is all about how you see it. How you choose to present yourself to the world. 

Tip 8 – Denim to the rescue

By: Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

A denim jacket is also a perfect option. It can be paired with a plain tee. It adds fun to your outfits. You can pair your denim jacket with sneakers to enhance your outfit’s look and make it more stylish.

This also changes into a cute outfit altogether. Blue denim jackets are an all-time favourite, so make sure you have one in your wardrobe. 

Teen girls can wear the jacket over a dress, over a regular skirt and top, over a vest and denim combo, over formal attire, or even as a buttoned-up jacket with a black pair of denim.

You can pair it up with a white crop top and a colourful and beautiful pair of tie-on sneakers. To enhance the whole look more, you can pair it up with a cap or sunglasses. These are the best teen fashion tips.

When it comes to the size, you can either go for a perfect fit or a size bigger as both will look great when paired up with other clothes, i.e., jeans or a simple tee. 

Tip 9 – Dress according to the seasons

There are many cute outfit ideas for girls which you can carry well according to different seasons, such as during the autumn, you can wear light colour outfits and pair them up with any of your cute jackets. In the winter, you can wear long shrugs and pair them up with a tee and can make your outfit look trendy.

Seasonal changes are significant for making a style statement. 

Tip 10- Get yourself a great haircut

By: Anna Shvets on Pexels

Experimenting with your hair can be fun, especially when you are in your teenage because you won’t feel like taking many risks after a certain age. 

So, get yourself a trendy haircut. Experiment as much as you can. Keep changing your hairstyle from time to time. 

Tip 11 – Accessories are essentials 

By: Photo by Pradipna Lodh from Pexels

Fashion is not just limited to the clothes you wear. Your accessories make an impact too. Never forget the accessories.

Styling your wrist with the right type of accessories is a huge fashion statement. You can try out different bangles, bracelets, watches. 

You can pick from a wide range of fashion: leather bands, braided bracelets, chunky jewelled bangles, wooden bangles, beaded bracelets, charm bracelets, wristlets, shell bracelets, and much much more and pair it up with anything.

Make sure that if your dress is heavy, don’t do too much. Just a pair of cute earrings will do with no make-up. Pair a simple tee with heavy accessories to balance the look.

It’s all about maintaining balance. If you are wearing heavy-designed clothes, keep your look simple with minimal make-up and accessories, and if your clothing is light, use more accessories. 

Tip 12 – Don’t invest so much. Fashion evolves with time 

As a teenager, chances are your style is ever-changing. You’re discovering new trends every day and how you like to wear (or not wear) them is up to you and the surroundings.

You’re experimenting with different fits for your body, and you’re letting your wardrobe evolve as you are also changing as a person.

So, it is meaningful for you to not invest too much money in certain pieces that you might not like in a year (or even a few months) from now.

Fashion is evolving every day, but some clothes are classics and you must have them in your wardrobe. 

Several women think that buying too many trendy fashion clothes will help in creating a fashionable wardrobe. Buying too much can put a hole in your pocket and on your budget, so choose and buy your clothes wisely and smartly.

Tip 13 – Plain T-shirts are a must.

By: Photo by Francesco Paggiaro from Pexels

Plain T-shirts, fitted blazers, studs, overcoats, and a bag are some essentials that every teenage girl should have.

These can be paired anyhow and will always look cute. These outfits won’t have to be given any second thought. Plain T-shirts will always stay in demand as it goes with every pair of jeans, shoes, and bag.

Tip 14 – Be comfortable in what you wear

Everyone loves to keep up with the latest trends and fashion, but always choose the one which makes you feel comfortable first.

There are no rules when it comes to fashion. You make your own rules here. But one thing to remember is, you need to be comfortable first with what you are wearing. 

Comfort brings confidence, and confidence is the key to everything in life. 

Tip 15- Focus on being fit 

To be fashionable, you do not have to be of a certain weight. Never look at your size, but look at how fit you are. 

To look fashionable, you do not have to lose weight. Do not believe in such myths. 

Fashion Advice For Teen Girls: To sum up

Fashion isn’t always about the dress you wear. It is about how you present yourself with comfort. Be presentable. Presentation is crucial. 

Fashion is how you choose to define it. Your style should be about you. Keep these fashion tips in mind, and grow beautifully. 

I hope this article on “fashion advice for teen girls” helps someone in need. 


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