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Fashion Tips For Curvy Women


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People who claim only skinny girls can look good need to come out of the dark well they have been hiding their heads in. beauty, fashion and style does not depend upon how broad your waist is or how thin your your legs are, beauty depends on how you dress and carry yourself.

Size is just a number

indeed it is, be it more or be it less, it is just a number and the said number not in a million years can brand how you look.

So here are a few tips which would help you look even more good than you do right now:

Pick Up The Right Dress

And this one goes beyond the size, whether you are curvy or you are super slim, picking up the right outfit will give you an edge and a foundation for your overall look. So, if you are a little “heavy”, you might want to wear those over sized t-shirts because you think it might chide the “area of problem”, but darling, it doesn’t. If anything, it makes you look heavier than you actually are. Instead, choose a dress that fits you perfectly.

Vertical Prints Can Save The Day

Okay, so there is nothing wrong with wanting to look slim, and if you find yourself wanting to look a little slim go for vertical prints instead of horizontal ones, the former tends to give an illusion of a slimmer figure.

Waist Belts Should Become Your Best Friend

Not saying that team a belt with every attire you wear, but if you are wearing a dress, a belt can enhance the beauty of the dress and your look. However, keep in mind to wear a belt just in proportion to your waist, a little tighter can make a bulge of fat show out and a little lose can make the whole look fall apart. So again, Stick to your exact size.

Go Straight When Going Ethnic

If you want to wear ethnic, straight Kurtis are the option there is. Team it up with fitted pants and you are good to go.

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