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Fashion Trends We Are Likely to See in Winter 2021 

Fashion trends during winter
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Realistically, the top trends of the winter should absolutely be exactly what you want to wear. That being said, where can you get inspiration for outfits if not in articles such as this?

The trends for winter 2021 are starting to become much clearer and so, rather than have you trawl through a never-ending list of different runway images, videos and articles, it made more sense to simply wrap up what you are likely to see in winter 2021 in this easy guide. So, without further ado, here are the fashion trends that we are most likely to see in winter 2021. 

Bold and Bright

Every year it seems more and more that dark colours dominate the fall and winter months; however, it appears this year there could be some change in the works, as Crayola Brights have been catching the eye of consumers and critics alike at a multitude of different fashion shows. These look fantastic and add a bit more colour to what would otherwise be a rather droll and bleak winter collection. Not to mention, due to the versatility of colour, it will be okay to wear these everywhere. Regardless of whether it is out on the town, to a casino, or, if you are someone who prefers gambling online on the best casino site the internet has to offer, you can wear them whilst walking to a cosy bar or café somewhere. 

Logos and Monograms 

Yes, in recent years it seems that logos and monograms have only been growing in popularity. Fendi is one of the major labels that have begun to channel the retro look and it is now also being coined by the likes of Versace, Balmain, Loewe and Max Mara as it is getting used for a number of different winter collections. It is always exciting to see old trends come back and this new logo and monogram-infused array of designs brings back memories of the 80s as runway models take to the stage in head-to-toe monogrammed looks. 

Ponchos and Capes 

A lot of fashion lovers have been waiting for the past few years for ponchos and capes to make a comeback and now it appears they will be doing just that after what seems like an age of been subtly teased on runways all over the world. Famous brands this year including the likes of Prada, Burberry, JW Anderson and many more have showcased different iterations of ponchos and capes as a form of outwear. These designs have gone down incredibly well and so may just be what was needed to make a solid case for their return. 


There is no doubt that fashion is constantly evolving, adapting and even going back on itself as old trends come back and usher away new ones. Whatever you are comfortable in is what you should wear, though, going off some of the designs of major brands, the above are likely to come into force as the new fashion trends in winter 2021. 



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