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Favored Fitness Tracker : Fitbit Charge 2 Review

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Are you depleted with your old outmoded fitness trackers which only have scanty features and do not provide you cutting-edge technology based specs which will let you participate in the bout? Then you should search for one of the best fitness trackers of 2017 — The Fitbit Charge 2 which is you can afford with your income. The excellent companion app of the Fitbit makes it further more straightforward to suggest if you possess a Fitbit presently.


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You must be wearing a Fitbit right now then it can be a Fitbit Charge or a Fitbit Charge HR glistening on your wrist. So you should be aware of the recent most news that Fitbit brought its state-of-the-art model. After the release of its crowd-pleasing model Fitbit charge range since Charge HR, the Charge 2 is the first upgrade of that string. After the 2015 release of last Fitbit, it is the next faddish fitness tracker.


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In most of the cases, it has been found that the Fitness trackers which have a very large display used to look a little unwieldy for its bulging look. Then Fitness Charge 2 lacerates this perception showing up its large OLED display strikingly with satin and glossy design. The comfy black strap that comes with the band will never irk you for fixing it over and over again and with its surface texture finish effectuate the all over look. There are also some flaws with the device that it does not provide any safeguard from water splashes.


Design Pattern:

  1. The band is burlier than the previous ones which will be apt for your wrist.
  2. Bartering of bands is possible as needed.
  3. The Large screen display will provide more details about notifications and all.


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There are no such changes in design from other Fitbit devices with the Fitbit Charge 2 and it prominently looks a little like the by-blow of the Charge HR and Fitbit Surge.

If you are a fan of the pithiness of your favored device then you may not admire the Charge HR which has the much bulkier screen and comparatively it is quite preponderant than the others disfigure the look of the device.


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Though it is an OLED display the screen is still rather small and it is not colored. It would facilitate the task of reading all the information displayed on the screen and in addition, it is the touch screen, the debut in the Charge range.

Other Details:


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A button on the left side of the tracker is used as a functional key to carom over the menu options such as the window to another window as steps, time, pulse rate, and calories burnt. Long-pressing the button will show up some interesting features to mobilize and further customize the settings.


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The Fitbit Charge 2 consists of two section straps in the box even with small-scaled size. By trailing out the clip attached to it each portion of the strap can be disentangled for the purposes to switch the bands matching the trend.


The personalization of the device found out to be awe-inspiring. Besides those, it also has some flaws like some of the time the band goes non-reciprocative but after a few more clicks it works well.

While the assessment round of the touch screen sensitivity it has been ascertained that it is quite frigid for its passiveness. But it is not particularly so vexatious to handle – – some extra taps on the screen will accomplish the job in a little bit of delay.

The previous launch of the Fitbit Charge consisted of a strap took a very bad effect on the skins of a lot of people around. But this time after five climactic enhancements over years on the device the materials used in the straps for this device has been found complacent and non-backfiring to the user’s skin during the chemical analysis period.


Including the premium-feel straps for the Special Edition versions, the Fitbit Charge 2 will cost $179.95 with an elastomer band where the regular edition will be charging a notch under $150. There are a variety of leather straps which can be purchased severally from assorted colors available like in indigo, light brown, or pink for $69.95.

The price has been dropped since its release. Some of the wholesalers have dropped the price by a great percentage. The product has been scaled down by $20 at Amazon. Most strikingly, on the Black Friday 2016, the price slid down rampantly just down below that price. So before buying from any particular shop or any online forum, it would be quite efficient to look for the latest discount and by relating them you could find your favored deal if you are frugal enough.

Likewise, you can try some random stores when you are out to buy a Charge HR. Evidently, you will unearth some reasonably cheaper rate of $99. Presently, Charge HR is nonexistent in the market so as the price that the Charge 2 is offering is a notch upper than the Charge HR value, so it is better to buy the Charge 2.


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