A Few Techniques To Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes

A Few Techniques To Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes 1


Tobacco addiction is something that is both mental and physical, and deciding to quit is a very long process. The long part being how to stay tobacco free without falling back into your ways. If you have taken the decision to quit, then the first part of your journey has already begun and once the race has started, it might take a while, but you’ll get to the finish line eventually.

We’ve compiled a few techniques that you can follow to build the foundation for your success in quitting smoking.

Throw Away All Your Smoking Equipment: A hard but necessary part of the process for those who might be attached, but having your lighters and cigarette packs lying around in places you can easily reach them doesn’t really show that you’re committed to quitting. Be bold and throw them all away, if you’ve decided to stop, then you don’t need them anymore.

Clean Up Your Environment: It’s very easy for the smell of tobacco smoke to trigger your cravings; one whiff and you’re feeling like there’s something missing between your fingers and lips, luckily you’ve thrown all your cigs away. Take up the time to make your home look and feel fresh. Wash your clothes and clean the surrounding areas so you don’t get to smell the smoke and reduce your chance of relapsing.

Engage in Regular Exercise: One of the most recommended ways to avoid getting back into smoking is exercise. Not only is this a key upgrade to your health, but spirited exercise is also a way to release dopamine just like you would get from smoking a cigarettes. But with exercise your health improves faster and you get to think less about smoking.

Lessen Your Caffeine Intake: Coffee increases your heart rate and you’re less likely able to deal with stress when you’re on caffeine, Nicotine reduces the effects of caffeine, which makes you crave it more if you’re a coffee drinker. Try reducing your caffeine intake so you don’t feel that need to suppress its effects with nicotine, you’ll definitely have more energy when you do as caffeine is usually responsible for not letting you get enough sleep.

Drink Lots of Water: Water is something that’s guaranteed to speed up your nicotine detox process; it helps ease your cough and flushes out mucus from your lungs. It is also a very good way to battle your increased appetite and wouldn’t really transform your eating habit.

Breathe Deeply: Stress is a major trigger that starts nicotine cravings, and an exercise like simply breathing will help you calm down and alleviate your stress mood. Besides when you used to smoke you had to breathe in deeply to inhale the smoke, doing that now not only fills your lungs with fresh oxygen but also mitigates lightheadedness, headaches and dizziness.

Choose a substitute: If the cravings get too much and you feel like you are no longer able to resist the urge to smoke, then you could try a vaporizer as an alternative to your cigarette. Rather than inhaling all the carcinogens into your system, try an induction vaporizer that uses heat instead of fire to create vapors and give you that feel of smoking without the rest of the harmful attributes that come from a cigarette.


When it comes to quitting, it’s usually a case of Different strokes for Different Folks as not everyone has the same experience. These tips might work for you but wouldn’t for someone else, so we recommend that you give them a go regardless and experiment to find other ways to make your quitting easier.


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