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Five Frugal Things to Keep in Mind

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Have you got any frugal ideas in your thought with this 21st-century economy? We need a little understanding of living with nature to possess this habit.

Before jumping into my collection of five frugal things, let’s understand how we define frugal in our daily lives. Literally, it means that you are cautious whenever spending money or economic use of food, or (of a meal) cheap or small in amount. 

Money is still such a taboo topic to discuss in our society as it becomes exceptionally embarrassing when two people come together with different money etiquette. But we keep quiet about it, and we make assumptions as well as poor decisions.

You should talk as much as possible to loosen up your feeling with money. In this way, bit by bit, you’ll be better able to make critical money decisions from a rational point rather than an emotional one.

For your entire journey, one more thing to remember is that our destiny is never to be cheap but to maintain a well-designed lifestyle with a few frugal things in thought. To do that, we also need to recognize the definition of frugality in each moment throughout this post.

Let’s add up five classy frugal things to implement in your every working or non-working day while reading this blog post.

1. Solar Panels to Help You in Frugal Living

Data is saying that 11% of Indian family’s income goes to fuel and energy-consuming, although currently, the government has been putting relentless efforts for clean energy.

So, we must consider sustainable resources in the top five frugal things list, which are available in nature free of cost. A very low-cost infrastructure and a decent incentive are available from the government in our country to build your first-time renewable energy source.

The average cost in installing solar panels is approx Rs 7000-70000 only according to the 2021 Indian market, ranging from 1 kW-10 kW system size. 

The average 6 kW solar panel system installed anywhere in the country will save you roughly $1,500 on your annual electricity bill depending on your country’s incentive policy still and all it’ll be pretty much exciting and noteworthy.

This natural and eco-friendlier alternative will bring down your spending and offer your family to leave a positive footprint on the earth.

2. Cooking at Home With the Cheap But Healthy Meal Plan

Restaurants are expensive, including fast food (not to mention the health hazards). Brewing your own iced tea or black coffee is one of the great frugal choices. Brown bag meeting is always a stunning frugal confession in any workplace during lunchtime, associating with home-cooked food. 

Rather than canned food, make your leftovers to your favorite lunch option that you can get from the night before. For example, while you are making the delicious soup out of your choice at home, pack a whole bunch in different containers so that the fridge itself can also take part in your saving ceremony. And when the food remains good, one shouldn’t mind it in eating all week long. 

Whenever you are using homemade food, collecting coupons could add a considerable saving to your expenditure on groceries in your journey to be frugal.

Examples of few best printable grocery coupon websites include:

  • SmartSource
  • (also has an app)
  • RetailMeNot (previously RedPlum)
  • Betty Crocker
  • Pillsbury
  • Valpak (also has an app)

3. Use Your Kitchen Scrap to Save Some Expenses

Waste management is getting a big concern around all over the world nowadays. At the same time, we should remember that maintaining a healthy attitude can keep our planet waste-free and more resourceful for humanity. In nature, there is a consistent breaking and making that results in the degradation of waste materials to raw material for recharging its natural level in the planet.

Five Frugal Things to Keep in Mind 1

In our most abridged five frugal things list, you must have a compost bin to put all your organic garbage out of your kitchen to get the touch of nature and turn it into beneficial again. With this thought, one can easily make homemade compost which can be a real solution to your nitrogen-deficient soil. Once done, this free fertilizer can slowly release all the required nutrients to sustain plant growth for up to one year or two without any extra expenditure.

Leaves are all-time packed with trace minerals that trees draw up from deep in the soil. They also attract earthworms, retain moisture, and they’ll help make heavy soils lighter. Collect the fallen leaves, and instead of putting them out on your curb, keeping them for your gardens would be pretty much frugal.

4. Walk or Home Exercise Instead of Ditching a Gym Membership or Vehicle

Five Frugal Things to Keep in Mind 2
Nenad Stojkovic: five frugal things

To bring some lively fresh air in mind, every travel cost can be optimized by the nearest open place or park for kids to meet nature with its ever-changing sceneries. At the same time, we must have the mindset of staying more time at home peacefully with each other in our family. It also feels good.

Careful observations revealed that only 30% of people actually use their gym memberships anyway! Exercise at home or run in the park; save your money from that quite unnecessary spending. 

Aerobic exercises like swimming, cycling, and rowing that are cardiovascular in nature are aimed at slow fat burning. Those also can include forms like walking, jogging, or even repetitive “Surya Namaskars.”

We can also give off some best frugal alternative workout sessions with daily strength training or resistance training.

5. Facebook as Your Flea Market to Sell Any Handmade or Age-Old Untarnished Stuff

To be frugal, take your aged-old clutter and turn it into cash without any real effort. You can use online platforms like Facebook to sell your old things and free up space. 

But why Facebook? It’s simply because you need to be where most of your customers already are. According to Pew Research Centre, around two-thirds of U.S. adults (69%) use Facebook, and as of Q1 2020, there were 2.6 billion monthly active Facebook users (Pewresearch 2021).

Creating a business page is getting too simple day by day for a digitally intelligent person. By creating a Page, you will have access to advertising tools, insights about your followers, and the liberty to connect with a large audience section. Keeping your visuals at high with some spectacular photos and videos, your page could get shared 40 times more likely than content with just linguistic crookedness.

Apart from all, you can also engage in helping with other’s small businesses on their social media accounts very inexpensively.

Here, I ended up with only five special frugal things, but you can still find more frugal things with this link.

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