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Five Tips For Finding Your Dream Apartment 

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How To Find An Apartment For Rent

Finding an apartment to rent is not easy, finding one that is perfect for you and suits your needs is even harder. If it is your first time looking for a place to rent, fret not, there are many things to clear your list off before signing the contract, but as long as you stay organized and complete them one at a time, it will not be overwhelming, but can be satisfying once you sit down on the couch of your new rental place.

There can be many things to look out for before deciding on your new home, and here are some tips for you to make things a little easier on your plate. If you need help looking for the perfect apartment, here are some reliable apartments finders whose services you can use. 

Five Tips For Finding Your Dream Apartment  1

  1. Calculate what you can afford

In general, the monthly rent of your home can be around 20-30% of your salary each month, but should not exceed 30%. This ensures that you will be able to have the capacity to pay for rent for the following months, and also gives you extra back up money to tide you through rough times in case you lose your rental.

Take out some time to plan and get up to date with your budgets and spending to find out how much you can afford to pay at what price range of apartments you would be looking at, etc. There might be times where the apartment you want is a little off your budget, and if that’s the case, just refer back to your budget plan and see where you can cut back on unnecessary spending to make up to the cut.

There are many mobile apps or websites which are available for free to help you plan your budget and spending. Some even provide up to the specifics of labeling expenses such as phone bills and car payments. Try to find out how you can best lower your spending, especially with dining options, such as using coupons and vouchers, or as simple as choosing the most cost-efficient mobile plan to ensure you are not over-paying for your mobile phone usage.

2.              Find ways to make your rental cheaper

If you are in a tight budget for your rental, here are some tips and advice to consider which might help you to pay less:

Firstly, consider apartments beyond the city areas. Housing in the city areas can be very costly, and of course, is the ideal place to live in for convenience. However, it might not be the ideal if you are unable to afford to, or struggle to keep up with rent payments every month. So, open up to places in the suburbs areas which are still convenient for daily commuting, as they might be much cheaper than living in the city.

Secondly, take into account the costs of transport. Though living in the city would incur fewer transport fees, calculate and check for the transport fees for commuting from the suburbs. Consider applying for concessions or bus passes which can help you to make everyday commuting much cheaper even though you might be living further away.

Thirdly, find yourself a housemate. Just by getting someone to live in the apartment with you, you essentially reduce the rental by half. This makes affording the apartment even easier. However, there are also things to consider when getting a housemate, such as getting the owner’s approval for sharing the house, and also the need to get a housemate that you can click with.

Next, look up available grants on the Internet. The government and the housing board give out many grants to help individuals own their homes, so make sure to get a good check and see if you are eligible for the grant and subsidies.

Last but not least, learning to negotiate. This might seem easy, but it’s not. You need to research and come up with apartments with similar amenities to yours in order to negotiate more successfully. However, if the apartment is in a popular spot, it could be a little harder. 

3.              Make sure you buy your insurance

As always, it is important to buy insurance. Rental insurance would cover you just in case a robbery and break-in occur, or other unforeseen events. Not only does it help you, but it also protects your landlord to help them if there is any damage to their property. In general, rental insurance is quite affordable, so it would be a good idea to add them to your list of expenses for the new house.

4.              Request and check your credit report

Your credit report is one of the first things landlords look out for. They often check for any discrepancies and inconsistencies in your payments and overdue bills. So, make sure you have a good credit record and do your payments online to ensure a smooth sailing transaction for the house. You can request your own credit online at various credit reporting agencies, where they often can give you one free credit report per year.

5.              Start looking for your new home

With all the background checks done, it’s finally time to look for a suitable place to call home. Do not belittle this important task and leave it to the last minute, start looking for a place at least three months before your actual moving date. This would give you a lot of extra time to consider and choose your favorite.

There are many little things to consider when it comes to a new apartment, such as the price, transport costs, convenience, and safety. Try to look for apartments that match your budget, else if you find one which is out of your budget, you could be putting yourself in danger of being unable to pay for rents in the future. For transport costs and convenience, you have to take into account transport fees, and whether it could be more cost-effective to get a place nearer to your work. Safety is one of the utmost priorities. It is important to stay in a safe neighborhood, so that you do not have to worry every time you leave your house, or when coming home late.

Follow these tips for a stress-free move

Overall, there are many things to consider before getting an apartment. As long as you can live comfortably in your new home, all these preparations would be worth it.

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