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Folx Review for MacOS Catalina: Everything You Want and More

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The latest macOS update Catalina left users intrigued. Let’s be honest – uTorrent users were not happy after the OS update.

As you already know, uTorrent for Mac is a 32-bit app. What’s the big deal, right?

uTorrent will very soon release a new 64-bit update for Mac. But that’s where you are mistaken.

Folx Review for MacOS Catalina: Everything You Want and More 1

After the release of macOS Catalina, the torrent client made a shocking announcement. According to it, you won’t see a 64-bit version for uTorrent anytime soon. The only solution is upgrading from the application to the uTorrent Web for Mac. Naturally, this revelation sent shock waves among the massive uTorrent community. Active uTorrent users were quick to state that this was perhaps a bad move on uTorrent’s part.

In any case, the update forced mac users to find an uTorrent alternative. Luckily enough, a remarkably simple solution existed right in front of them – the Folx downloader for Mac.

Folx for Mac Users: Boon or Bane?

Eltima Software introduced Folx version 5.0 last year for 64-bit applications. It boasts several features, like setting download speeds and download schedules.

For Mac users looking for a new torrent client, it doesn’t get better than this. The Folx download manager is just what you need. It is the best uTorrent macOS Catalina replacement. Folx is a free application that functions as both a download manager and a torrent client.

Folx downloads torrents at lightning speed by splitting downloads into 20 simultaneous threads. Not only does it let you download torrents but also any YouTube video.

Following the Catalina update, Folx has become one of the most preferred software. Its user-friendly interface and many features make it a very robust download manager. The best part?

It works seamlessly with Catalina. So, if your search for an uTorrent replacement was still underway, switch to Folx.

Downloading torrents with Folx

Unlike most torrent clients, Folx lets you download content quickly and easily. Simply open the page with the file you want to download and click on the link in the browser. Folx starts the download automatically and comes with many options to manage it.

Imagine this:

You start downloading a large file and leave the desktop on for the download to finish. A few hours (or days) into downloading, the internet connection falters. The download reached 34%, however, thanks to the internet, the download pauses. After a few hours, when you check it, you realize it has stopped.

Folx understands the importance of time. Therefore, after any interruption the download auto-resumes. The auto-resume option is useful for people who don’t want to restart the download.

What we love about Folx

We all know the trouble of finding a downloaded file in hundreds or thousands of files. With Folx, users can assign multiple tags to downloaded files. This helps find the content in the downloaded files easily and accurately.

Folx 5 boasts many features, but if you want to upgrade, Eltima software has yet another solution. The Folx PRO. Folx PRO supports music integration and lets you search web torrents directly. Folx also allows you to download YouTube videos. If you only want the audio of a video to stream later?

You can do that too!

Our final verdict

Folx is a versatile download manager that serves as a torrent client too. After the macOS Catalina update, mac users started looking for a 64-bit torrent client. Since uTorrent has not released an update yet, there weren’t many reliable options.

Folx is the best uTorrent macOS Catalina substitute we have come across. It supports magnet links and allows proxy servers to download files. For those looking for a 64-bit torrent client, Folx is a great option to choose from.

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