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Food Crawl at Lavasa

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Since we were visiting Lavasa with the fantastic set of food bloggers, The Hungry Duo, we had to have a food blog of the time we spent in the beautiful town. Hence, here is an account of what we ate during our Food Crawl at Lavasa.

The Popsicle Place

Lavasa was as much of a food crawl as it was a holiday. We experimented with a wide array of food. It all started with these funny flavored popsicles by the lakeside in a cute little tent. It was called Becky Bees.


We had all sorts of flavors. Green Apple Lemon seemed everyone’s first choice. It was tangy and florescent green. It was a hit-or-miss case. Those who liked it loved it and those who didn’t, couldn’t wait for the swap. We also tried the Forest fruit flavor. This was a rich raspberry colored pop with an assortment of various flavors. One of my friends loved the Pink Grapefruit. It was juicy and almost like Forest fruit pop. The popsicles would have hit perfection if it wasn’t for the abundance of pineapple that made them hard to finish.

Happy Sandwich

We also visited the “Happy Sandwich“. This place was the one with the highest ratings in Lavasa. We had the Pudina Lemon juice there. It was basically chat masala, mint (loads of it) and lemon. It was almost like Virgin Mojito, except for the Soda.

food pizza

These people are the proud saviors of Jain people with their out of the world Paneer Tikka Pizza. Our pizza had amazing ingredients like cottage cheese, bell peppers, a spicy mayonnaise and a different assortment of vegetables that packed the pizza to become one beautiful delight.

The Proper Restaurant Vibe

We also gave a restaurant “Indulge” a try. It had a very pleasant ambiance in the mid-afternoon heat. We had the Manchurian. It was on a foundation of different kinds of vegetables like onions, capsicum, etc. They were moist and slightly spicy.

food manchurian

We also gave the Masur Dal Tadka a try. It was very spicy in the most delicious way. We had this with Jeera rice. The rice was excellent too with every grain standing out with a sprinkle of Jeera.

We tried the Paneer Butter Masala. It was spicy and buttery with an average Paneer. It did not have any vegetables, but the gravy was really good. The quantity was alright.

We also had Paneer Makhanwala. This had a sweet, sour gravy, and it wasn’t very spicy. It tasted smooth and delicious.

The Biryani here was dry in a very delectable way and was jam packed with veggies.

To conclude, we would say that the promenade in Lavasa is like a French Boulevard, and it demands one’s attention. Try out the variety and maybe make some amazing memories on your way.

– The Hungry Duo

Disclaimer: This article is solely the work of The Hungry Duo.

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