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Lesser Known Remarkable People Who Died Young

Time is never enough, and age is not a limit. Right now,

Prakash By Prakash

Moral Science with Mother Nature

As most of us know, Moral Science is a subject that tells

Janani Ganesh By Janani Ganesh

From Rags to Riches: Stories Of 10 Women Entrepreneurs

Being a woman is a blessing that is bestowed only upon the

Sarnali By Sarnali

15 Most Witty Interview Questions

The word ‘interview’ should not scare one away, as it is a

John Ihejieto By John Ihejieto

10 Notable Personalities To Follow On Twitter

An anonymous quote goes something like this “It’s beauty that captures your

John Ihejieto By John Ihejieto

Youngest Single Parent: Story of Aditya Tiwari and Binney

Parenthood is Not a Biological Connection, It's an Attitude! Humanity took a

Shubham Awasthi By Shubham Awasthi

Is Death an Ultimate Solution?

“We need justice, not compensation. And for justice to be done, the

Maria Brony By Maria Brony

Small Teacher, Big Teaching!

One, who enjoys the journey, enjoys life!  For a traveler, journeys are more

Sayli Karanjkar By Sayli Karanjkar

With Love, Mother India

My Dear Child, Do you recognize me? I guess not. You, who

Maria Brony By Maria Brony

Letters to Santa—A Heart-Warming Tale

Fifteen years ago, the festive season brought with it an unusual sort

Radhika Sharma By Radhika Sharma

Real Life Is Unpredictable And You Need To Live It Awesome

Life is to be lived with no regrets! If I ask a

aparna gupta By aparna gupta

Living a Double Life: Beggar by Day, Student by Night.

Imagine a student sitting in a class, taking down notes during a

Sanaa Mehra By Sanaa Mehra

7 Best Quotes from Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy. This Shonda Rhimes show, with all the emotional drama woven

Anuva Agrawal By Anuva Agrawal

Defying Limits: Jessica Cox’s Story

Born with no arms, Jessica Cox is the world’s first licensed armless

Cicil Sandra By Cicil Sandra

6 Reasons Why Failing Is Not The End Of The Road!

Why is success big? Why is it celebrated? Is it because it

Shubham Awasthi By Shubham Awasthi

Remembering Nelson Mandela on His Second Death Anniversary

  Two years ago, on 5th December 2013, the world grieved the

Radhika Sharma By Radhika Sharma

What’s The Time?

Alright, I'll start with a brief story. Once upon a time, there

Chandresh By Chandresh

Invisible Damage

He has this strange ability, he can see the damage. How damaged

Chandresh By Chandresh