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Piracy: The Unfortunate Truth

Piracy is defined initially as the act of robbery or criminal violence

Shaily Badonia By Shaily Badonia

Woman – Forgotten Passion and Dreams

A dream is not what we see with closed eyes; instead, it's

greeshma21 By greeshma21

India and the Right-Wing Politics

The following is an opinion piece by one of our writers, and

Pragya By Pragya

Live Today, Live in Now – New Oath of Wow

Oliver Wendell Holmes had said this to help us see everything in

Madhuri Naidu Chavvakula By Madhuri Naidu Chavvakula

UFO – The Great Myth or Reality

As said by a famous person, "Are we alone in this universe?

Rajorshi Mukherjee By Rajorshi Mukherjee

Facebook Scam: An Alluring Trap 7 Ways to Find Out

The first social networking site was which originated in 1997, followed

Madhuri Naidu Chavvakula By Madhuri Naidu Chavvakula

Peace – Why Should It Be Important?

Peace is purely a state of mind and an intangible element that

Twinkle By Twinkle

Literature – Here’s What Relatives Will Never Understand

After my tenth board exams, I had secured a percentage that was

Oindrila Gupta By Oindrila Gupta

If Language Divides Us, What Should Unite Us?

A language is essentially a tool that has two purposes. You can

Indranee Deb By Indranee Deb

Of Bright Circus Lights and Dark Tales

A circus is a place for dreamers. People who walk with glitter

Vinky Mittal By Vinky Mittal

10 Signs of Brilliant Minds

What constitutes brilliant minds? This is one of those questions that have

Nupur Chowdhury By Nupur Chowdhury

Conflict-Avoidant People: 7 Simple but Tough Problems

Conflict-Avoidant may manifest in the unwillingness to involve oneself in conflicts and

Nupur Chowdhury By Nupur Chowdhury

Life of a Scapegoat- 8 Questions You Should Answer

Most families in India aren't healthy families, but they project an image

Apoorva By Apoorva

10 Laws Which Will Easily Crack You Up

Making laws is a severe issue. It is on these laws that

Srijonee Basu By Srijonee Basu

Indian Education System : 6 Things That Should be Eradicated

Considering the increase in literacy rate in India from 12% in 1947

Icy Tales Editorial Board By Icy Tales Editorial Board

8 Surprising Things Artists Look At Differently

We live in a world shared by artists and logicians, there is

Shradha Ghosh By Shradha Ghosh

The Sex Taboo: Still exists in 2022?

If you look at the history of the world with scrutiny, you

Pragya By Pragya

The 6 Strangest Places On Earth You Should Know About

Our planet is very vivid and vast, with many beautiful places. But

rimu By rimu