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The Reality Shows- Brutal Scripted Realities

Anjar Khan, a 22-year-old participant one of the reality shows, almost drowned

Arshiya Chahal By Arshiya Chahal

Faith, A Bird That Sings When The Dawn Is Still Dark

Faith, the morning sun brings along the scent of my house, and

Aarohan By Aarohan

The Top 10 Feminism Myths: Debunked

We need to clear all the misconceptions and break those glass ceilings

Pragya By Pragya

Growing Up As An Object of Lust in India

Growing Up As An Object of Lust in India, to all the

Sruthi Muthu By Sruthi Muthu

7 Lines from Shantaram Will Change The Way You Think

Have you ever read a line from a book or a magazine

Varun Pandey By Varun Pandey

The Prime Minister : 12 Interesting Facts about Modi

Very few leaders in India have commanded the support and devotion of

Icy Tales Editorial Board By Icy Tales Editorial Board

Examining the Status of Women in India and the Empowerment Movement

The status of women in India is believed to have achieved equality

Vaughira By Vaughira