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Forget Running Back to the Office Just to Print Something

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There was a time not so long ago when printing could become a real ordeal. Those days, you had the choice of either tethering yourself to your office space, or having to lug around a bunch of extra equipment to make sure you could print what you needed. The very act of printing up a receipt or quote for work to be performed often imposed several logistical challenges in itself.

The world has changed. One of those changes is the difference between “at work” and “off work.” No longer do you have to let someone know you’ll run over a copy of something later. Now, you can simply print it up – without a bunch of logistical hassles or a ton of extra equipment weighing you down.

This Isn’t the Army

Military personnel has to carry around literally everything they need. In a scenario where pretty much anything can happen, this involves toting around, sometimes, an entire person’s body weight in equipment that the fighting person may or may not even end up using. For a long time, even the business world was forced to operate in a disturbingly similar fashion.

Before services like hereon offered great portable printing solutions, you had to either race back to your office space to print something, or to carry everything with you. This meant the printer, the cables, the paper, the ink, and a device that would support printing – which was usually a laptop, unless you actually had a desktop set up in your vehicle.

Fortunately, now, you can simply carry around a small, portable printer. It works using Bluetooth, so you don’t have to mess with cables. It also uses a rechargeable battery. You can take this printer anywhere you go.

This Isn’t Rocket Science

There was a time when setting up any kind of technology essentially required an engineering degree. To do virtually anything required a number of different connectors, software that may or may not need to be gerrymandered, and always having to buy one more piece to make the entire Rube Goldberg machine function.

Nowadays, a lot of devices need very little setup. There are few wires, and the software is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory floor. Given that Apple products are known to “just work,” this has become the common practice with modern printing devices. All you have to do is to install some software, ensure that the Bluetooth is working, and you can begin to print immediately.

Save Your Sanity

Plenty of people have gone gray before their time, simply because they have had to mess with overly complicated devices and logistics. The logistics of driving back and forth from your office or the print shop for basic printing has become obsolete – now that you can simply carry a printer with you anywhere. The old ways no longer apply. This added simplicity is a good thing for everyone involved.

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